Might & Magic VI | Clearing Out Remaining Of The Frozen Highlands

While I had cleared out some of the Frozen Highlands while I was rushing to get to the dungeon Icewind Keep. There was still a lot left to work on. Along with some nasty areas I wanted to deal with now instead of dealing with negative side effects every time I went past them.

Town in Frozen Highlands Might And Magic VI.png

Frozen Highlands has three separate areas of towns and houses in it. Each of those towns is surrounded or has archers that can get dragged into the towns. Making it quite a trick when trying to kill them as you don’t want to mistakenly hit a town person that will ruin your reputation as they die with a single hit.

I went around to the first two towns. The main one that I would get ported into is called White Cap. Along with a smaller town that was just a short walking distance away. I went fully around them to take out any arches that were standing guard.

I also cleared out anything that moved between the two towns. While at this stage of the game, I more than likely will always have flying buff on us. It is just nice knowing I would not have anything trying to take a shot at us.

In the smaller town to the north was the shrine for endurance in the town itself. It was however not April at the time so I could not use the shrine.

Once that was down I ended up going down south a bit. I had some unfinished businesses down there to take care of. Along with a few stragglers along the way I found.

Frozen Highlands Might And Magic VI.png

While I had done a decent job as I was willing to do at the time of clearing out around Icewind Keep. There remained some rangers along with a lot of nearby camps. These rangers would oftentimes run up the mountain behind the keep to live another day.

The day for that to come to an end was now. I was more than willing this time around to spend the mana on flying and time to cash them out of the mountains. I wanted them gone till this zone would re-spawn.

The next part was perhaps dealing with the hardest part of the zone or at least the most annoying. There is a mountain range between the two towns on the one side and a major one I would end up going back to a few times for quests or skill upgrades.

clearing out harpy on a mountain range in Frozen Highlands Might And Magic VI.png

That mountain range is just covered in harpy hags among other types. I can just never fly from one town to the other across this mountain without my entire group getting cursed. Curses make casting spells fail at a higher rate. Making it even harder to cure when the caster can’t get a successful cast off to cure themselves let alone the rest of the group.

Harpy also flies making them sometimes hard to even hit let alone go after if they try and flee. So I walked along the top of the mountain range clearing them out the best I could. I'm sure a couple of them escaped in my attempt to cleanse the area.

I at least know for a fact since I’ve had to make many trips between the two different towns. That the main path I take is now free of harpy when I fly over the mountain range. May I never see another one of these creatures again but I know I will later on.

This was also not the only spot that had a lot of happiness around it. There were a few camps of them throughout the map. Once I started fighting any of these groups of harpies I stooped even trying to cure being cursed. As it was quite pointless.

This also removed my ability to effectively clear out pockets of creatures on the map quickly. Since I would have to give up using spells with a wide area of damage. Instead focusing on using my older methods of ranged bow attacks or downright melee when things to way too close.

At the very least now. This place is as clear as I can get it without having to go around and rounding up anything that escaped my latest attempt to cleanse the place of any red dots on the mini-map

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.