Might & Magic VI | Icewind Keep

Icewind Keep can be quite a worthwhile dungeon to clear out in Might & Magic VI. Most notably if you wish to increase bow skills to master you need to complete the promotion quest for rangers. There is also a lot of money and experience to be had.

First, before I could even work on clearing out Icewind Keep one of the conditions I like to ensure for myself was yet to be met. I like the outside of a dungeon to be as safe as possible with anything that would attack cleared out.

That proved to be quite difficult on the western side of the map in Frozen Highlands where the dungeon is located. There were a lot of camps of creatures that are all just on the edge of each other that if you need to move around a bit you end up getting aggression on a whole mess of stuff.

I ended up having to clear a path right from the main town in Frozen Highlands down the dungeon itself. As it was just too hard otherwise to try and jump into the middle of a pack of creatures without taking on some heavy damage.

Once that was done however it was time to venture inside. While I would not need to do a full dungeon clear to get the quest item I’m looking for so I can learn master bow on all my characters. I get around to doing so anyway after I secure what I needed.

door to Icewind Keep Might And Magic VI.png

While from the outside this place looks like one challenging promotion quest. It is quite created around the idea that someone with ranked bow attacks would be coming here to clear the dungeon. As such that is the mindset needed to as safely as possible clear out some insane amount of packs of creatures.

As you walk in there are two side areas that have a couple of creatures to clear out. There is quite a lot of open room to move around in this dungeon. As such it is best to take advantage of it.

Outside of those two open rooms, everything else is either closed or locked. So if you don’t go around opening anything else you have a lot of safe areas to kite around in.

door with hole in it in Icewind Keep Might And Magic VI.png

In the middle of the dungeon is a giant chamber that has huge amounts of Ogres and other things to kill. There is also a hole in the bottle middle of the door. You can attack anything that gets too close to the door and they won’t attack you back if you are at a slight distance.

So what I did was move around the edges to get aggression on what was inside that room. Then try to lure them to the door so I could kill them. On either side of the door inside that room has two hallways each with some wall extended to keep anything from just going to the door to get killed.

If you move around to the left or right of the door in certain spots it will get things like the ogres to move over those humps that tend to hold them on either the left or right side. Once you get the hang of it is quite easy to get stuff to the door to clear out.

Once I killed the bulk of them it was time to open the door. There were a couple that ran away while on low health. Along with some stragglers that just did want to come down to the door to meet their fate.

Along the middle section of the dungeon are two long and wide corridors. Each of them has a door at the end of them. That door opens to some creatures that need to be killed.

opening the main door with levers in.png

Then two further rooms. One will have a lever in it to activate. The other is a small amount of loot. When you activate both sides the door in the middle will open. If however only one of the two levers is pulled down it remains shut.

Once I had one lever pulled I went to the other side of the dungeon and did the same thing. Clear out the room, take some loot and pull the lever.

4 wooden door now open Icewind Keep Might And Magic VI.png

I then went back to where the giant wooded door was. Now with it gone. I clear out the couple remaining stragglers using the long corridors the best I could to keep a safe distance from getting hit.

I then charged forward getting aggression on a bunch of stuff that was sitting on the right-hand side. Once I had cleared those out I went further in till I got aggression on a bunch of stuff. I ran back out to one of the leavers and pulled it back up. That shut the giant wooden door.

I now also had aggression on most of what was sitting back in there and off to the sides as well. I would run up and down the outside of the middle section of the dungeon when I needed to get aggression on creatures.

After that, I’d do my best as before to get them to come up to the wooden door with a hole in it. I’d then shoot them down. Repeating this process a few times and reopening the door to get further aggression if ran out of things that would come to attack me.

Once the bulk of them was dead. I went back into the middle of the back room. I finished off what was remaining and looted what I could in the room with throne chairs.

5 throne area in Icewind Keep Might And Magic VI.png

The final thing I needed to do was flip the switch to open a hidden door on the chair on the right. It is the shorter of the two chairs which I assume would have been the queen's throne chair.

6 keys and loot in Icewind Keep Might And Magic VI.png

The room that I now had access to had four chests inside to loot. They were filled with fast amounts of stacks of gold and many decent items. As well as the keys I needed to speak to Erik Von Stromgard about.

Before I left I opened all the remaining side doors I had left shut. I cleared out everything that was inside them and I checked all the beds for some nice amounts of gold.

After I spoke with Erik Von Stromgard I headed off to find and speak with Desmond Weller The Instructor in Kriegspire who trained all my bow users to master. At master rank, you shoot two arrows at once thus doubling my ranged damage output. Now that is sweet!

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.