Might & Magic VI | Working On First Tier Of Class Promotions

In Might & Magic VI there comes a time when you want to upgrade the characters in your party to higher-tier classes. Oddly enough the game kind of lacks explaining to the player the full benefits of doing so. It is also interesting that not all class promotions are equal in the side benefits they provide or how difficult they are to acquire.

Up till this point, I had already completed two class promotions. One of them was a class not in my party the paladin. That in itself required finding the correct damsel in distress.

For the most part, getting a class promotion increases that class in the party stats like health or mana. It also in certain situations allows everyone in the party to train any skills that might be locked away by a promotion requirement.

Recently I found myself in Free Haven yet again with a giant bag of gold. This time around I ended up buying flying. This I felt would enable me to get into some rather nasty zones that I might struggle to clear. This would also cut down a lot of time spent moving around individual zones.

While previously in Free Haven I also upgraded my Knight to a Cavalier. This involved getting the quest from Chadwick at the castle which I did the first time I entered Free Haven. This time around I just had to find someone who would nominate my knight to get promoted.

This ended up being not only easy but something I just ran into. While exploring around at some point I ended up at an Inn in Free Haven. It just so happened that I talked with Osric Temper who gave me the nomination.

I then just had to run back to Chadwick and I was done. Nice and simple. I did not even have to spill any blood at that point to finish this since I had already cleared the zone of Free Haven to get to either of these locations.

Priest class promotion.png

Next up I decided I would put the flying spell I now had to good use. The cleric's promotion into a priest requires a rebuilding of a church (temple) in Free Haven. To pick up the quest I needed to make a trip to Anthony Stone in Frozen Highlands.

Frozen Highlands is quite a nasty little zone. My entire group got cursed flying away from some rather nasty things. At least none of us got killed on that dreadful and cold trip.

I then needed to find a stone cutter and a carpenter. The stone cutter was only a couple of homes away from the church that needed repairs. The carpenter on the other hand required a lot more checking into houses to find.

hiring both people to repair the church might and magic vi.png

Both of these people also needed to join my group. This is somewhat why I never both hire NPCs to come along with me. As many times I’ll join someone that needs to join my group as part of a quest anyways. In another part, they usually take cuts of the gold I find and I’m greedy.

Once I got them both I just needed to walk into the church to drop them off. I then went back to Frozen Highlands to talk with Anthony Stone and get the class promotion to a priest.

There are also some promotion quests worth doing even if you do not have that class in your party. The church that was just repaired as far as I’m aware has the only priest that can bring destroyed characters back into the game.

While I hope to never need such a service. It is worth having this unlocked now when I don’t need it. Rather than later if my healer's bodies get destroyed or I don’t have a spell that can bring back other characters in my party. Nothing worse than seeing half your party not just dead but all that remains is just a skull head for their photo remaining. As their bodies have been destroyed. Wondering what you are going to do if anything to bring them back.

The promotion of my sorcerer into a wizard required drinking from a fountain in Bootleg Bay. While Lord Albert Newton the quest giver is in Misty Islands I lucked out with a boat ride to Bootley Bay.

4 Finding the fountain and returning to be promoted to wizard.png

After I drank from the fountain I then used a spell I had bought that takes me back to a fountain I had just visited in a prior town. I feel I lucked out on that one as it took me right back to Misty Islands. Making this promotion quest one of the faster ones to finish from when I picked it up.

The final promotion I would be doing for now is my druid. This promotion you just can’t do at any point in time. You have to go to an altar during an equinox or solstice time and pray at an altar.

Thankfully for this one, I noticed I was about over a month out from it being December 21st in the game for the Solstice. So by the time I had finished off some of the other class promotions, I was nearing time to finish this off as well.

Both the person to pick up the quest and the location to finish it were in Silver Cove. This is a rather nasty zone to be in and I’m thankful to have the flying spell book.

I tried to do some hunting while in Silver Cove to burn some time but that is quite a tricky thing to do. It is filled with gargoyles and a few times I had to run off to a healer to save my party. While I killed a couple of them I simply lack the damage and spells to fully deal with them.

Circle of stones.png

In the end, I wait about two weeks at an inn paying every night to be extra safe. I then flew out to the alter a day beforehand. I just had to be extra careful to not get aggression on any gargoyles nearby and I finished the quest.

I also noticed while there a sword stuck in some stone. I had enough might to pull it out with my knight. It ended up being quite a massive upgrade for my knight not only having +12 damage but having an extra 8 points of poison damage. That is quite the weapon to have.

electricity resistance shrine in ironfist.png

All of this traveling around and even waiting took many months’ worth of in-game time to complete. During that time I even stopped by Ironfist to pick up the +10 electricity resistance permanent stat increase boot from the shrine there. As I had noticed when I was close to that zone it was that time of year to visit that shrine.

With all of these done now at some point I’ll need to start working on the final class promotions for my characters. That is however something I’m not going to start at least for now. As I have many other things I’m looking to accomplish in the meantime. Along the way, I should get some of those promotions completed as well.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.