Might & Magic VI | Temple Of The Sun

Riches galore in this quick dungeon run. I was over in Bootleg Bay looking for the shrine of might and I happened onto this tiny island with Temple Of The Sun on it. I thought why not check it out?

Temple of the sun door.png

I was quite interested in the door into the Temple of the Sun. That just screams a dungeon I want to go and explore. This one only happened to have a couple of rooms and that was it.

As soon as I entered the dungeon I got hit with so many spells from monks I Instantly turned around and headed back out. I cast all the buffs and protections I could on my group. I then tried to visualize in mind my what I had seen for the slight moment I was inside.

hiding in a small cubby spot in Temple Of The Sun Might and Magic VI.png

Then I re-entered. I ran as quickly as I could into one of these small cubby areas that have a desk set up in them. The walls helped provide the much-needed cover that I needed to have a chance at clearing this dungeon.

The first few monks that wanted me gone moved around and within line of sight for both sides to open fire. I was able to take a couple of them down without too much trouble.

getting hit by incoming damage Temple Of The Sun Might and Magic VI.png

After that, I quickly moved up to the next cubby the best I could. I was getting hit from a few different spots and these monks were doing some decent damage to my party.

Once I had the monks that were hitting me from this spot cleared out. I started to peak out a bit trying to lure a couple more to move up my position. I could not move up any further and keep the kind of cover I was having as the next area was more open.

At one point I had a few monks split up. I thought they were running towards the door as they were almost dead. Was I ever shocked when I went in thinking I was about to get a quick kill on a master monk to find it was almost full health? I sure was!

While they were hitting my characters they would sometimes weaken them as well. Thankfully I had the cure for weakness so that was not much of an issue. As while there is a baa church outside to get heals from I believe it’s really bad for the reputation to pay them for heals.

After I took out what I could and was out of mana and getting low on life. I ran for the exit. I tried to rest right outside of the dungeon but that failed. My sleep was interrupted by an ambush. Thankfully I was able to fight it off. I then moved a bit away from the dungeon and found a safer space on the tiny island I was on to rest up for full health and mana.

I then went back in and fished off a couple of remaining monks. Some of the monks I looted ended up dropping amulets and rings which caused my eyes to flicker hoping some of them would be decent once I identified them.

Minotaur King Temple Of The Sun Might and Magic VI.png

I then ran into the next area of the dungeon where a Minotaur King was standing. These things are nasty and the battle against them ranged on for quite some time. Just a couple of hits from it could knock out some of my casters.

As I was kiting it around in the largest area of the dungeon and it got stuck in one of the cubbies. While it was still screaming DIE at me every time it tossed a spell that failed to do anything at one of my characters. I opened the full fire of everything I had.

lots of chests to loot in Temple Of The Sun Might and Magic VI.png

I could not wait to get into the room of the Minotaur King. It was loaded with a bunch of treasure chests, barrels, and bags. Some of the chests did some minor damage to me on my first failed attempts to open them. It looks like I’ll need to up my skill in traps.

The loot in there did not disappoint either. I ended up filling up just about all my character's inventories. Taking many new upgrades for myself with plans to sell what I did not want.

cardinal cloak of protection Temple Of The Sun Might and Magic VI.png

This cloak might have been my biggest find. +10 to all Resistances. While sure +7 armor I think is only the second-best kind of cloak in the game if I’m not mistaken. It could with the kind of special it had last me quite a long time. The armor on it alone made it my current best-looted cloak.

The helmet in that chest also was not bad either. I ended up giving it to my druid. She had quite a bad helmet still.

I then went into the last room. There I found another chest and a drawer with a lot more gear inside it. Among the items I found was a Sacred Chalice which my cleric needs for her final class promotion. I’ll be heading back to Free Haven to place it in the church there before getting my reward at a later date.

After that, I left the dungeon. I then headed out for the shrine which was the whole reason for being in Bootleg Bay in the first place. After I reached it I got a nice got +10 might for my entry party.

All in all an amazing run. I ended up making almost 10k gold from loot and found four upgrades for my characters. It was also quite a small dungeon. One I would not mind clearing out again one day I hope it will not take years of in-game time to reset.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.