Might & Magic VI | Clearing Silver Helm Stronghold

With Silver Cove cleared out now it was time to hit up one of the dungeons in their Silver Helm Stronghold. I’ve been wanting to hit this place for a while now. So I’m rather thrilled to do so now.

1 Door Silver Helm Stronghold Might And Magic VI.png

I don’t know why but out of all the dungeons I’ve run this has perhaps the most welcoming door into the dungeon. It just seems to send me vibes of heroes welcoming a home of warmth and pride. In reality, I’m sure this place is quite cold, I’m an unwelcome guest, and there are no heroes that live in this place by choice.

Silver Helm Stronghold can be a bit of a rough place to get a decent foothold into. You have a bunch of heavily armored fighters and swordsmen you will be dealing with a right as you take just a couple of steps forward. There is four little side dead-end corridors right off the entryway.

You then walk into a larger room that is just overflowing with creatures to take out. This place has quite a heavy melee attack to deal with. Without a lot of space in many areas to take advantage of all that melee with some ranged and spell attacks.

2 clearing out a praying area in Door Silver Helm Stronghold Might And Magic VI.png

Even once you do get a little bit of a foothold on this place it’s not going to do you much good. The main room then breaks off into three other areas you have to clear out. Some of them are rather short like this area to pray in. While others are quite lengthy.

You can see just how crammed some of these areas in this dungeon can be. That is quite a lot I got aggression on. I then had several sharp turns to try and make some distance and divide up what was able to follow me.

Even then it was not that far till my back would be up against the dungeon exit. Thankfully I knew the outside of the dungeon was clear so if I had to jump out to heal or have the party rest for a moment. I always had that option.

3 Ghost Of John Silver Helm Stronghold Might And Magic VI.png

Along the south path that goes quite deep into the dungeon, I noticed the wall looked a bit funny. This starts to be part of the game where you can uncover not always an NPC to recuse but one that had already died and is mostly willing to help you with some information.

These places I’m entering are higher-end dungeons. So it is not that shocking anyone who would have been brought to them would more than likely not have survived for years quite a long time. Not to mention many of the people who end up in places like these were trying to attack them themselves for one reason or another.

Ghost of John Silver gave me a little bit of a backstory to some things. He also brought up things like the Ankh which I was in the search of here.

I would also find a letter in one of the chests as I sometimes do in these dungeons. Giving a little more backstory about one thing or another. In this case, it was a letter congratulating a person on their promotion and the evil deeds they did to get it.

4 treasure room in Silver Helm Stronghold Might And Magic VI.png

Many times the fun part in larger dungeons is trying to find any hidden passageways if there are any. Some dungeons are loaded with them while others seem to lack any that I knew of. A hidden door I found in Silver Helm Stronghold ended up leading me to this side area that had two chests in it.

This is why it is always helpful to talk with NPCs in games even if they are just ghosts. While I do tend to click on a lot of walls and look for signs there might be a hidden door somewhere. Getting the tip-off from the ghost about it makes it quite easy to find.

The Ankh I found itself I would later return to Anthony Stone in Frozen Haven. At the time I was looking for ways to up my reputation so this quest helped that along but not quite enough to what I needed it. At least I got the standard 5k gold and some experience for turning in the object as well.

After that, it was back to clearing out a lot more hallways and side rooms. You can see quite a few swordsmen decided to chase after me after leaving the spot I looted the two chests at.

5 Silver Helm Stronghold Might And Magic VI.png

While my party was starting to take on some damage with mana getting low. I did not end up taking as many mana breaks as I thought I would need to for this place. It seems I picked a decent level of skill and gear to come out here to run this.

6 final room in the dungeon Silver Helm Stronghold Might And Magic VI.png

Eventually, I would end up getting down to the final room in this dungeon. The loot here was nothing that amazing. While I did pick up around 20k gold including a bunch of stuff I sold. I did not find any upgrades worthwhile.

Before leaving of course my people had one last nasty fight. That left them all insane! Thankfully I can cure that myself. That is if my cleric wants to cast the spell even. I’m sure with a little bit of rest they will be fine and in fighting form to clear another place soon.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.