Might & Magic VI | Dragoons’ Keep

Might & Magic VI has several artifact items to find and I have been on the search for a while to get some of them. While some have known locations they can be found at. Others have a slight random chance of doping elsewhere. If memory serves me right Dragoons’ Keep should have one I’m looking for and that was my goal for running this dungeon.

Dragoons Keep Might And Magic VI.png

I love how Dragoons’ Keep looks from the outside. It always makes me somewhat wonder what am I going to find on the inside of that dungeon where they put wings around the doors on the outside.

The place itself is filled with heavily armored soldiers and up. Along with the random rat or two. While this dungeon rather lacks much diversity it more than tries to make up for it the large number of creatures you run into.

This is also one of those dungeons if you understand how some basic things like doors and opening work. That you can have quite an easy time clearing it out once you get to that part. Otherwise, there will be a bit more struggling than required.

Dragoons Keep Might And Magic VI.png

When you first enter this place you are greeted by a small entryway with nothing about to attack you. I ended up going down on a door on the left first. That is where I ran into some rather tough veterans that have some decent amount of health that I don’t deal a lot of damage to among other things.

This opened up to a long corridor with a bunch of side rooms to clear out. While some side rooms were quite small mostly serving as a place for the creatures that live here to sleep in. Others were quite vast as if they were large dining or preparing areas.

The first large room I ran into ended up opening up the second door in the entryway. I love it when the game makes it appear you have a choice of going down two different directions but either way it would have sent to you the same path at some point.

That also makes it quite easy for me when clearing out a dungeon. I hate running into a full dead end and having to run back to the start of the dungeon. Just to go down the other path. At least in a game like Might & Magic VI, there was usually a reason for going down a certain path for it to just end up a dead end like you finding a button or something to click.

Along the way, I would find some chests to loot. For the most part, they were rather basic stuff found inside them. The mini-map was also littered with blue icons to indicate loot sitting on the ground to be found.

Dragoons Keep Might And Magic VI.png

The long hallways made for an exciting killing field. This place gives some amazing advantages to a range player. The only downside to so many side rooms was sometimes creatures would like to hide in the other rooms or as they are fleeing use them to try and escape me.

Nothing escaped me for long in this dungeon. If I had to run after a creature I made sure to take it out with vengeance for wasting my time. They could have made it easier on themselves by not trying to flee.

Eventually going down the north tunnel you end up in a medium-sized room. From there you go down a small number of steps. While there are some medium-sized corridors down there to use for ranged combat. I find they are not the best option.

Dragoons Keep Might And Magic VI.png

As there is this wooden divider. When you press the button the door opens. There are also some rather large slots in it to shoot from that the melee creatures in this don’t can’t damage you from.

Even more interesting is you can press the button even if you are on the other side as well. Meaning you can control this door opening or closing from both sides!

There were three more rooms to open and pull from heading north. They were filled to the brim with creatures. I’d get more aggression on them than any I did not kill on my way running back to the door. I would finish off there once I was on the safe side of it and managed to close it.

The fun part is on your way back to get out. There are a bunch more creatures to pull from in a room I had skipped over. While you have to be a bit quicker at betting past the door and reaching to the other side so that you are only just in the range of the button. You can close the door and have risk-free kills.

The last room in question in this dungeon is the treasure room. It had two tables littered with gold bags rewarding sometimes 100 gold each. I ended up getting a little less than 3k gold out of the final room.

While that amount is not anything large to me anymore. I still have quite a few pricey spells to buy. I also needed gold to buy some training for my next level-ups as well.

Dragoons Keep Might And Magic VI.png

The chest in that room also had the artifact called Mordred. While you can’t enchant artifacts to have extra damage. They come with some added and usual special abilities. This one allows you to drain your health to heal like a vampire.

Some artifacts in this game are wanted by other NPCs. While Zoltan Phelps in Free Haven was looking to have this dagger returned since it was stolen from him. He let me keep it.

While this was not one of those artifacts I felt like I had to have. As it is not that powerful for my build. It is at least nice finding these when you can. I am however in search of more powerful ones that will be quite the game changer for the character in my group that had it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.