Might & Magic VI | Clearing Out Blackshire

Blackshire is one of those outdoor zones where clearing starts to get rather interesting. While half of it is not so bad to clear out. The other half would prove to be quite the challenge. Since I had many dungeons I wanted to start running in the area soon among other things to do here. Now was an as good time as any to clear it out.

While I could get to the zone by horse or even slower walking. An amazing thing about this zone’s town is an option you can select to teleport to using the town portal spell. This zone also gives you access to two other zones that you can’t take such speedy travel methods.

As such this is just a great place to have cleared out and any issues are taken care of beforehand. While one of the zone lines is not that far away the other one requires flying to get to it with ease as it is quite a dangerous part of the area to head into.

Town of Blackshire might and magic vi.png

While the town here is nothing massive. There are a couple of quests to pick up. One of them would require traveling to a few other zones which I’ll be completing along with a lot of other random quests later on.

Blackshire also has the shrine for December giving you +10 to magic resistance. This shrine is one of the easier ones to get to. It is just right outside town up a hill that if you kept walking down you would end up in another zone.

This place even has a circus. It’s rather wild all the things this place has got and how far it is into the game. While other outdoors zones have next to nothing.

running into some wolf man in Blackshire Might And Magic VI.png

Many places like the circus are covered in wolf man and dust devils. While the dust devils are not that hard to take out. The wolf man on the other hand takes a bit more effort to remove.

As I was clearing out the zone came across a fountain. Usually, I try and stay away from them as most times they can poison or kill you or even age you. While this one made each party member that I had a drink from it sick that I would later cure I also gained +5 to intellect and personality stats permanently. Making this quite the find to get.

I then went around the remaining half of the zone that mostly had wolf man in them and finished clearing them out. Along with making sure the areas around the dungeons were clear as well.

chest in Blackshire Might And Magic VI.png

Along the way, I kept my eyes open for any chests to loot. Some of the chests in this zone were amazing. Like this one where I got a bow upgrade. Along with quite a lot of gold.

There however became a point where I had cleared the east side of the zone. What was left was the desert side. To even get to that part of the zone I would have to fly over a mountain range that was diving this zone into two.

fire lizard Blackshire Might And Magic VI.png

I ended up landing on top of the mountain range to get a decent look from the top at what I would be facing. Down below was a dragon-looking thing. The game calls these lizards and one of them was a fire lizard at that.

This is where things escalate a bit in difficulty. While these are a lot easier than what I would be facing if I kept going in this direction into the sands into the next zone over called Dragonsands. I would have to take things slow and do a lot of healing along the way.

I would also do my best to only get a couple of these lizards if they attacked me at one time. Even more so the fire lizards tend to hurt a lot.

These lizards are guarding some massive chests to be looted. While some open zones in this game seem to be cheap on how many chests you can even find let alone loot. Along the mountain range on the desert side, I knew there would be a few chests to loot.

an amazing chest find in Blackshire Might And Magic VI.png

This one was perhaps one of the better ones on that side of the zone. As far as I’m aware that is the best helm and cloak you can get. Along with if they have enchants that are worth upgrading into. Some of my characters for instance have lower-level armor pieces of gear that have an enchantment on them I’d rather have over more armor.

I would end up doing quite a lot of battling back and forth between the lizards in the desert and taking a break. Resting out here was not always the best idea.

While I could have rested at an inn I had cleared around at one point. I did not want to add that many hours to the game just to get further mana.

obelisk Blackshire Might And Magic VI.png

The last great section of the desert I wanted to clear out was this part. It had an obelisk into the pocket of the mountain range. It also had quite a few packs of lizards guarding it.

While I could have flown in and attempted to make a run for it to get credit for clicking on that obelisk. It would have taken time to find the correct side of it. I would have taken some heavy damage before I would have accomplished doing so.

Instead, I decided I did not want to make things harder on myself if charging in there would force the groups of lizards to combine. I slowly worked on clearing them many times getting aggression from two different packs of lizards at once.

While it took a few attempts I managed to get there in the end. I reached the obelisk and got the credit for it from this zone. While I sometimes have forgotten to pick it up in some zones. This one happened to be in a spot I was going to clear out anyways.

This was such a rewarding outdoor zone to clear out I can’t wait till it resets. I however think this is one of those that take a very long time to do so. It might not reset before I consider myself having beat the game. While in the meantime many other zones will have reset quite a few times before that occurs.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.