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Might & Magic VI has a lot more to the game than just dungeon running and clearing out new zones to explore. There are oftentimes a lot of side things that don't make it into a post. Along with training for new levels, skills, buying upgrades, and so forth.

While sometimes I would include in my adventures some of the other side stuff I ended up getting into while going to or from a dungeon. A lot of the time it just gets left out. I just did not feel it fit with the general theme of that post or it was something that required interaction with quite a few zones.

1 Magic Shrine Might and Magic Vi.png

One perfect example of this would be shrines. While in some posts I’d talk about going to a shrine if I happened to be in that zone during the correct month in the game. Most of the time I’d be in a zone and it was not that shrines month to be activated.

There are twelve shrines in total one for each month. I finally have them all now collected. Gaining me a lot of +10 to all my stats forever such as might, intellect, endurance, cold protection, magic protection, and so forth.

pedestal Might And Magic VI.png

Then I had quests like statue placement quest. I had to go into the zones Bootleg Bay, Sweet Water, Dragonsands, Mire Of the Dammed, and Kriegspire and find a podium in each of them. Then place down different statues on each of them.

You might have noticed this included going into a few zones I’ve yet to talk about and won’t for quite some time. I also did not feel like making a short post just showing five screenshots of each statue being placed was a worthwhile post.

There were also quite a few zones I’ve re-cleared since they have spawned yet again. Even a couple of dungeons have re-spawn and I quickly cleared them out sometimes ten times faster than my original first-time clearing speed.

Making it quite worthwhile for how much loot I can quickly get out of something. In a lot of the lower dungeons I just run around with a ring of fire and spam as I clear. Killing everything in sight.

obelisk Might And Magic VI.png

Each of the outdoor zones also has an obelisk in it. While I’ve talked a bit about them in some of my early posts. It was not worth just waiting around forever till I got to some of the end-game zones a long time from now.

Instead, I fired up flying and I went and ninja picked up those obelisks. The reason for that is there is some massive loot you can collect after you get them all.

This was well worth doing as quickly as I thought I could get away with it. After I clicked on all the obelisks I went over to Dragonsands where the treasure is hidden.

treasure Might And Magic VI.png

I ended up getting the 250k gold that I needed at the time. Two diffident end-game spells one for light and one for dark magic (you can only get one of each in the game). I also picked up three artifacts called Morgan(+20 fire, air, water, earth magic), Igraine (+25 body, mind, spirit magic), and Guinevere (+30 light and dark magic). Those are quite powerful to have.

Every so many days in the game I would go around to all the different shops for weapons, armor, and schools of magic that my characters have. A lot of upgrades and spells I’ve been on the hunt for a while now. It however takes some time to find such things.

circus Might And Magic VI.png

There was also one quest I was waiting around for the right moment to start. I had been avoiding talking with Nicolia Ironfist as you agree to help him get out of the castle only for him to run away to the circus from your group.

His father is the King and then won’t allow anyone into the castle till the child is found and brought back. This would prevent me from progressing on any quests I might have from time to time that I’d need to do. Creating a bit of an announcement.

The circus also moves around to different locations depending on the month of the year it is. So I simply waited till the circus was in Bootleg Bay which is the next zone over from Ironfist and then I quickly started and finished this quest getting it out of the way.

I’ve never been one to play circus games. I know you can take the tokens earned and turn them in for armor and weapons if I’m not mistaken. Perhaps at some point, I’ll give it a proper try.

6 picking up master skills Might And Magic VI.png

There was also just a lot of running around and getting my skills to the master level. That would mostly require them to be at the right skill level and for me to already have acquired an expert skill level. Sometimes that is a little more invoked than that. Other times they just wanted 3k gold or whatever it was.

Each of my characters has a dozen or so skills. While not all of them are levels to master. That is a lot of just running around to one person at a time in this game that will teach a single master skill.

longfang witherhide Might And Magic VI.png

Then there was a quest like this one that had me enter a dungeon cave with just a single creature in it. Sure killing Longfang Witherhide was a lot harder than a normal standard creature. I however did it in a single attempt.

There was also another dungeon called Devils Outpost. While it had quite a few devils in it to kill. This took almost no time whatsoever to clear out the single room in the place. Not worthy of a single post either.

I also used flying to go around many of the higher level maps that will be ages before I’ll be fully clearing them. I ninja the chests for some quick loot. Ended up finding a couple of upgrades but most importantly a lot of gold for a bunch of spells I’m missing.

I also can not forget what was seen on the cover of this post. Me casting Armageddon a skill that deals over 50 points of damage zone wide in any outdoor area. It is known as a town killer and it sure did kill all the towns folks when I cast it.

At the time I needed max negative reputation. It is almost shocking you can achieve that with just a single cast of a spell. It was not a cheap spell to buy either and perhaps the only time I’ll ever cast it.

9 savings house Might And Magic VI.png

All these things and so much more make Might & Magic VI such an amazing game. There always seems to be something else I could be doing. A lot of the time in between the more fun stuff of clearing out a dungeon or finding phat loot.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.