Hogwarts Legacy The Third Trial

This was perhaps the most bizarre trial of them all. The experiences I encountered from doing this were quite unexpected. This left quite a memorable impression on me as a result of it.

We went off to the Map Chamber and got to interact with yet another keeper in a portrait. They were at one point a headmaster at Hogwarts themselves. So their trial was hidden up in the headmaster's office.

Getting up there, however, was not going to be an easy feat. At least that is what I thought. As I had no clue what the password was to even get into the headmaster's office. Not to mention what would happen if you ended up running into him.

Even more strange is the conversation I had with Professor Fig who seemed to have such a plan for a day I’d need to break into the headmaster's office. He had a polyjuice of all things not only ready to go but of the headmaster Professor Black.

Professor Fig also had made it so the headmaster would be out of our hair for the entire thing. Which was perhaps best for everyone invoked. I could not imagine if we both ended up waking into each other.

Talking with other professors as professor black for The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It was rather creepy walking around as Professor Black. I do however love how the journey went from going around looking for Professors Black’s house elf to get the password. I kept running into other people who wanted to have conversations.

I had an encounter with Madam Kogawa who demanded that Quidditch be reinstated. For the most part in the chat options, you had to select from when talking to the different people I did my best to pick the most pompous jackass response possible.

It seemed when I did not go that route the game would have the person I’m talking with a bit confused about the response I was given. Almost like they knew Professor Black would never say something nice or respond in a certain way.

Thankfully with my other conversations with Professor Weasley or anyone else who came along my path. That it did not matter so much how I replayed. I have no idea if you can fail this part of the mission or not. Perhaps just picking the right dialogue came naturally and a little too easy for me.

talking with the house elf named Scrope.jpg

The most awkward thing was trying to get the password out of the house elf named Scrope. I did not know the password or any of the hints the house elf was even trying to tell me. Even worse the password was in French and I had to get the house elf to say it in French!

I for sure thought I was done for. It however appears not only was the house elf willing to give me the password. The house elf was willing to never tell Professor Black about the conversion in the first place. Almost like this was not the first time this elf was been asked such things by Professor Black.

After that, it was off to the headmaster's office. Shortly after my conversation with the elf, the polyjuice was starting to wear off. I was rather thrilled I’d be making the rest of the journey as myself. I ended up getting up there without any further issues.

in headmasters office The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The headmaster's office and sleeping quarters were quite a cool area. It even had some stairs on the outside of the castle going up to another level. I would also learn after testing it later on that I could just fly up those stairs to get back into the office without having to go the long way around or needing to know the password in the first place.

Up there was also Niamh Fitzgerald's portrait who is the lady that was running the third trial for me. After a short talk with her, I was able to go use a book that would transport me into the trial itself.

start of the third trial was strange Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This is where things got utterly strange. This part of the game has quite a different appearance and feel to it. They first start you off in an area of just blankness almost like you had died or something.

The entire thing ended up being about The Tale Of The Three Brothers. Since I’ve read the Harry Potter books I knew what was coming. While it would have been amazing if I had not. I still rather enjoyed that they fit this into the game.

walking around invisible The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The first task and perhaps the most annoying of them all. I had to avoid running into death or being spotted by anyone else in the story I was in. I was wearing a magical cloak but if I got too close I would be seen. I would then be killed.

As a result, this one took a few attempts. I have no idea if having talent points into invisibility would have helped in this or not. If it did I’m rather glad I at least had the first talent point. As I could not think of doing this if it was even harder.

finding death in The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

They made this entire thing quite creepy and scary. I still get goosebumps even thinking about this. This was death and I ended up meeting him a couple of times in my journey.

mysterious wand The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

All I can say about this one is to take your time. Sometimes I would have to wait quite some time before I was able to make my move forward. Getting caught would send you back a bit. So trying to rush this part had a bigger consequence than waiting for people to move and for that perfect opportunity to get by things undetected.

Once I got to the end of that I found a wand. The next segment allowed me to use combat. I no longer had to remain stealthy. Everything and everyone wanted to kill me for the wand I had found.

getting to use a powerful wand in combat The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While there was quite a bit of combat. I was more than ready for it. I did enjoy this portion of the trial the most. I was also at this point using the change in the artwork and found it to be rather interesting to see how different things would look.

finding Niamh Fitzgerald The Third Trial Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The last one was a stone. It brought back in a way dead people. This allowed me to find Niamh Fitzgerald.

Shortly after that, I was shown more memories of a situation unfolding. I then got to return to the Map Chamber. This is where I got to meet the fourth keeper. That is however a story for another.

Out of everything I have done so far in this game. That was quite a strange experience. I found it rather different and quite fun. Shame I did not get to loot any chests along the way. At least I got to enjoy a different element of the game that I did not know existed.

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