Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood Castle And The Second Trial

With what little so far has been known to me about ancient magic. I was quite looking forward to running the second trial. I was hoping it would start to lead to some answers. As well as create some interesting challenges to get through the dungeon.

Rookwood Castle And The Second Trial in the map chamber.jpg

After some time has passed and I worked on the main storyline it was once again time to return to the Map Chamber. While there I was greeted by two of the four portraits. They started to discuss the second trial and showed a location.

The first part was to head over to Rookwood Castle. While there I could see a few of the games villeins had already set up at the place. Ranrok was talking about how Victor Rookwood had failed to take me out early on in the game. That everything was his fault.

Nothing like having two murderers trying to blame the other one for not killing you yet. I would think at this point a normal person would have just stayed helped up at Hogwarts where it was nice and safe. I on the other hand had a second trail to find and complete. Things would only escalate from here the deeper I would go into the game.

I was tasked with trying to find the entry into the second trial. Where I would have to yet again go it alone. Whatever it was I was hoping I was ready for it. I had run quite a few side missions and challenges to increase my levels and the armor I had. Hoping that would help somewhat.

inside the second trial Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood Castle.jpg

Once inside the inner castle, I had to find Charles Rookwood’s portrait. He is related to the other Rookwood that is trying to murder me. It seems those two see things differently and took quite different paths in life. One wanted to help me the other wanted to murder me.

The place itself was quite a run-down ruins of a castle in many of the different areas I would go around exploring. Even the rooms that were still standing were often covered in cobwebs to give a feeling that no one has been down there in quite some time. I was rather fond of exploring this place as it was quite different from the usual caves I’ve been in and out of recently.

Once I found Charles Rookwood’s portrait he went into how much more dire the situation was than the keepers had thought. They never expected anyone but those who can see ancient magic to even know about the stuff. Let alone an evil goblin of all people trying to seek out the mystery and have the power for itself.

exploring around the second trial Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood Castle.jpg

I then got to proceed to enter the second trial itself. Like the first trail and many of the other dungeons, I explored regarding the keepers this place was quite immaculate in places. It did however feel a little darker than the last trial

archway that changed what realm you are in Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

This place again had many of the similar types of puzzles I ran into in the first trial. This included the archway that allowed you to pass through what I’ll refer to as the red or the blue realm. You often had to pass through both sides to work out the puzzle.

This one there was a ledge I needed to get up onto. There was a pillar I needed that was in one realm but not the other. So I just had to drag it through the archway and bring it to the other side so I could use it.

There was then a bit of clearing and walking through some hallways before I got to the next bigger puzzle. There was an archway that had a blocked path forward with a giant pillar stuck in the middle. When looking through it the other way both sides were blocked off.

using the cube to move the bigger pillar Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

Nearby was a cube over a gate. I used Wingardium Leviosa to pull the cube out over the gate. I noticed the smaller cubed seemed to want to stick to what was blocking the doorway for me to get through. So I ended up using the smaller cube to push away the larger barrier that was blocking my way forward.

moving a ball around that changed the elevation of the walkway Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

After that, I came across another interesting puzzle. This giant ball that I picked up would cause the floor I was standing on to change elevation. The trick was to place it in a way so I could reach a side chest that I went after.

I’ll admit I did fail the jump to get to that side area a couple of times. You had to jump onto a smaller block. Missing that smaller block and you would end up getting reset and re-spawned back at the start of the room.

a fight Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

There was then quite a nasty little fight. This place is after all protected by a few things that are meant to keep unworthy out. I only ended up using one healing potion and held onto the little bit of Ancient Magic I had not used my large damaging spell to quicken the encounter.

large pillar puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

Perhaps the puzzle that stumped me the most happened to take place not long after. I needed to get ahead. However, the giant pillar itself was too massive for me to move. The pillar was also too tall for me to climb up.

On top of it, all the archways rotate. With another platform on the top that I needed to get up to. It however needed to be in the correct rotation as well.

The trick I worked out was while on one side of the archway, the giant pillar turned into a smaller one. You then could at least move it. You then had to rotate the archway so the longer platform side would be extended. But you could not have the pillar close otherwise it did not work.

getting up to the platform Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

You then used the ledge to jump up to the second pillar. Which worked out to be the correct height once you moved it in its smaller form to the floor level. It was then just a matter of jumping to get up there.

With this one having so many moving parts. It took a couple of attempts and testing things out to see how it all would fit together. Thankfully it did not take too long before I was able to move forward yet again.

There were then quite a few more hallways. A little bit of combat and some rather easy puzzles to solve after that point.

Fighting the Pensieve guardian in Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

It then all came down to the final boss fight for the trial itself. A Pensive Guardian was protecting the end as my final challenge. This is when I wished I had a lot more Ancient Magic with them than I did. If I would have gone out early and gotten the max amount of Ancient Magic bars you can have. This would have been a rather easy fight.

Instead, there was a lot of me rolling around. Burning healing potions. Along with trying to get in damage when I could. In the end, I managed to pull a win out. I was however not expecting it to be as hard as it was.

The biggest thing is the guardian was changing up orbs. Despite rather failing to catch in on how to destroy them by simply target aiming at them and dealing enough damage. I at least survived. This was also something I would now know going into further combat situations in the future.

After that, it was time for another Pensieve. As yet another guardian choose to share select memories with me. After that, it was time to head back to the Map Chamber.

season change to winter Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood The Second Trial.jpg

The season in the game then changed to winter. While I was a bit concerned about the performance hit winter might bring. I ended up not having a lot of issues. Since I rather enjoy winter I did spend a decent amount of time exploring the game and doing other things with it feeling so icy cold.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.