Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Mine

Any time I find myself on a mission with Sebastian Sallow I expect there to be lots of trouble and nothing good to come of it. This time around we were off to the Overlook Mine to find a piece of canvas. It went a lot better than expected.

clearing out a camp In The Shadow Of The Mine Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It would not be a mission without Sebastian Sallow if there were not lots of extra killing just to get to the dungeon. He also loves to remind you that everyone you kill deserved it. I’m starting to think he has a little too much fun killing the “bad” guys.

This was quite an active area as well for a bunch of side challenges. Since we were already on a blood-lust spree I thought why not check out the nearby vaults and look for some chests before heading further in.

It also rather helped that some of them were not that far away either. I even managed to pick up a collector's chest on my way to the entrance to Overlook Mine.

search the cave In The Shadow Of The Mine Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Once inside we were greeted with a proper mining tunnel feeling. Thankfully there is no such thing as cave-ins or anything like that. This place ended up being a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be as well.

I cast the spell Revelio to have a better look around for anything that was close by. I instantly became rather sidetracked once we got up to the larger room that had a giant cavern hole in the middle of it. As I could see quite a few things close by to loot.

For the most part, I was just finding small piles of money that were left on the ground. While sometimes it is tempting to just leave them behind. I prefer when I cast Revelio that nothing comes up so I know I did not miss anything interesting. So I looted everything I can get my hands on.

Not to mention some herbs tend to grow in caves as well. I thought I might as well stock up the best I could. I never know what herb I’ll be randomly needing at some point. Since there seems to be no limit on how many of those you can loot I went for every single plant I could find in this place.

Things started to get a little more interesting once we got up to some warning danger signs. Not like crossbones and skulls are enough to scare me away. The moment I laid my eyes on such a sign I want to investigate what kind of danger would lurk further ahead.

Along the way, we came up to a broken bridge. One simple cast and it was repaired as new. Allowing us to pass with ease.

running into spiders in In The Shadow Of The Mine Hogwarts Legacy Overlook Mine.jpg

There were naturally lots and lots of spiders in this cave. Some giant nasty matriarchs as well among quite a lot of smaller ones. This place was decent at ranking up kills for the spider defeat challenge.

We then came across an easy little puzzle. I just needed to move a platform around with Wingardium Leviosa. Then use Leviosa to make it float to give me the little extra space I needed to make my climb up a wall a lot easier.

unlocking a gate puzzle In The Shadow Of The Mine Hogwarts Legacy Overlook Mine.jpg

There were also quite a few spider webs in the area. One of them ended up covering a target that if you hit all three of them within a certain amount of time have the gate unlocked. The spider webs are easy to clear with any spell that causes fires.

Up ahead from that was a chamber that I got to explore a bit looking for the item we were after. The amount of rubble and other little things in this dungeon made it a great experience just to explore around and look at all the tiny little things going on.

Once I found what I was looking for. There was a short chat with Sebastian Sallow. I then found there was an archway that took us back to the Undercroft. Which at this point might as well be considered our crime little hang-out place.

placeing the second portrait into the triptych In The Shadow Of The Mine Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

To my shock, things went great and nothing bad seemed to have happened during this entire run. I always kind of expect something when it comes to dealing with Sebastian Sallow. We have at least now found our second portrait. We would soon be off to find the third.

I dare say I’m starting to enjoy my adventures with Sebastian Sallow a lot more than the other students you get to go on missions with outside of the school. If he was not always obsessing over finding a solution for his ill sister and willing to do whatever it required to try and find a solution. I have a feeling we would be the best of friends. Even though we are more or less in opposite common houses.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.