Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas

Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy can be quite a fun challenge facing many different creatures in short successions of each other. They can also be quite different the further into waves you go as you are dealing with more and more. In this article, I’ll be taking a look at two of the Battle Arenas. In the first one, I went into early not prepared and in the second one I show how easy they are when you come ready for them.

Perhaps the hardest part is trying to find them. They don’t show up on the list of things in an area when you hover over a region. While they do have an icon that shows up if you have discovered them. It can be quite easy to miss with how busy the maps are. I show where each one is under their sections.


Breaking the jars to get into the battle arena Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

You will notice when you arrive at either of these that you can’t just enter the Arena. You will also get an icon that will pop up showing x/ 20 jars. If you look around you will see a bunch of jars you can break with any kind of damage. You can also cast Revelio to find the jars.

While it is possible to enter them and win without doing a lot of preparations as I have done in the past. I find these to be quite easy once you are properly prepared.

First and foremost is maxing out how much Ancient Magic you can hold to five bars. That makes managing and using Ancient Magic inside these arenas quite easy to do. I have a guide on Ancient Magic if that is something you still need to work on.

You should also go out and fill up the magic meter to whatever max you can. You will want to go in with all of it ready to go for any tough creatures or moments you find you need help.

Next, you should bring the max amount of healing potions you can which is 25. Once you die you fail and there are five waves in the arena.

You will also want to bring along the max of any plants or potions you prefer to use in combat. Having Chinese Chomping Cabbage or Venomous Tentacula with the trait upgrade to break shields is a plus. Also having things like Focus, and Thunderbrew potions can come in handy.

Once you are ready you just walk up to the statue in the middle and press F to start the Battle Arena.

Battle Arena In North Ford Bog

Battle Arena in North Ford Bog.jpg

The first Battle Arena you are more than likely to come across is in North Ford Bog.

This I ended up doing quite a lot sooner than the second area. I had no idea at the time what I was walking into. As such it was quite a struggle to win and I ended up burning through quite a lot of potions. It was however possible.

one of the wave in North Ford Bog Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas.jpg

This area felt like it had a little more room to move around in. Here you end up facing quite a lot of Ashwinders, spiders, and trolls. This one has five waves to it.

I ended up doing a lot of rolling around trying to stabilize myself and deal with the situation. I became quite overwhelmed quite a lot of times in this one since I was not ready for it. I thought dealing with 7 enemies in a single round was bad enough.

the final wave of North Ford Bog Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas.jpg

As the waves went some of them had ten enemies in them. Thankfully they slowly start to spawn at first. At least giving you a fighting chance. You can however see I ended up using 24 of the 25 healing potions I had when dealing with all the waves.

I would say this first example I gave is what happened when you just jump in not ready at all. It was still possible to beat this. It however came down to the line many times with me almost getting defeated over a dozen times. Not the recommended way to do it.

Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region

Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The second Battle Arena can be found in Feldcroft Region. This one I did this at a much later level and I came prepared. This arena battle was a cakewalk. I only ended healing just once out of playing things safe.

first wave in Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

In the first wave, I ended up facing an Armored Troll. While I could have one shot killed the troll if I wanted. I ended up saving my Ancient Magic. I however would have been fine to do it here. This also could be a great oppperunity to use Avada Kedavra if you have it unlocked.

One important thing to notice is any Ancient Magic you fail to collect before the next wave starts ends up being wasted. You also are not getting much of a break between waves. It’s so quick you are not even getting back to full health before the next wave starts unless you use a healing potion.

Wave 2 taking down Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The second wave I was dealing with Mongrels. There were seven creatures I had to take down in this wave. I did some shield blocking and some rolling around. I ended up taking very little damage and quickly took them down.

third wave Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

In the third wave, you were dealing with nine creatures in total. They do slowly spawn in as you kill giving you a chance to not become overwhelmed. You are dealing with things like Dugbog, and Ashwinders.

If you start to struggle during this round now would be a good time to use 1 Ancient Magic taken down. You will also want to roll around picking up any Ancient Magic you can to refill the bar. Since I was killing things so quickly I did not see a need for this.

While you could also deploy a plant or a Thunderbrew potion here to help with all the creatures you are dealing with. I feel saving those for the next wave will be more helpful.

wave four Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Wave four is when things start to get a bit dicey. You end up dealing with a troll, Mongrels, and spiders.

Since the troll was going to be the biggest issue in this wave I quickly took him out with Ancient Magic. Everything else I quickly mopped up.

Final wave Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The final wave ends up slowly coming in. You first think you are only going to have to deal with six creatures but that quickly grows to twelve.

This wave ended up having two trolls in it. I used Ancient magic to take them both out quickly. I also spawned in two Venomous Tentacula to help deal with so many enemies. They also helped break the shields since I have the talent for it for dealing with the Loyalists.

In total, I was able to beat this arena in just 4 minutes and 3 seconds. I only used one healing potion and two plants. I also did not use any unforgivable curses but that could have been another option when dealing with things like trolls. I however did not need to do so. I also had two uses of ancient magic left.

Battle Arena in Feldcroft Region Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I’m sure I could have done this quicker as well. This was my first and only attempt at this arena. These are quite easy once you are higher level, come in prepared, and have learned a lot more about the basics of combat in this game.


The reward for beating the arenas is a cosmetic item In the second area I ended up getting a Ashwinder Outfit. After beating the two you also get Rise to the challenge achievement which only a small amount of the player base at the time of writing this has acquired.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.