Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement

I’m willing to admit it I’m a sucker when it comes to the player in a video game getting their own space. That they get to customize and make their own. While many in Hogwarts Legacy were hoping for a housing system at some random hamlet. I feel the Room Of Requirement was a far better system that still fits quite well within the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Many players quite early on tried to rush to unlock the Room of Requirement once word got out what it was and what you could do within side it. I was not that big of a rush to get to it. Granted the minimum requirement for it is only level 6 and getting so far along in the main storyline.

I’ve had this room unlocked for quite some time. It has made me powerful by being able to grow herbs and brew potions. Along with things like capturing and collecting different creature ingredients to enhance my gear so I can be more devastating in the field of combat.

room of requirement quest.jpg

You ended up on a rather short quest with Professor Weasel as you explore the current state of the Room of Requirement. Looking around for a house elf in the current mess of students storing away and hiding things for far too many years in the current configuration of the room itself.

The idea behind Room Of Requirement is it “becomes” what the player needs. Need a place to be away from other students and brew some potions? You got it. Need a place to store creatures you help escape from poachers? Exactly you get a special area for those as well.

Best of all this place expands over time. The further along you get in the main storyline the more “need” you have for an even larger area. Even more strange of all you even get a house elf that is mostly there for changing the overall look of the Room of Requirement. He also offers some quests along the way as well that allow you to expand.

placing down a station.jpg

I never went that crazy about the customization of the room itself. My graphics card was already struggling to deal with this game as it was. I mostly focused on adding lots of stations for growing herbs and having brewing stations.

You can however remove all the painting and future already in the Room of Requirement if you wish. Along the way of playing Hogwarts Legacy, you unlock a lot of different decorations. Items that you can use to make this space feel like your own. I on the other hand cared more about performance.

brewing stuff.jpg

The room first starts quite humble. You more than likely have not unlocked many stations and herbs yet from buying at the shops in Hogsmeade. You also have not unlocked many future options as of yet by discovering them while playing the game.

If this was all we ended up getting I would have felt like it was ok. It’s been so long since a game like this has allowed me as a player to have my own space. I was just happy to get whatever I could get.

This however was just the tip of the iceberg. Slowly over time as I advanced in the game this place shocked even myself with just how big it kept growing and filling my needs.

another wing opened up.jpg

One rather interesting time I just came back from doing some main story quests. I was collecting some herbs and brewing some potions as I tend to do. I ended up walking up to a part I’ve not been to in a while and it expanded it into an entire new section.

I would later return and that now no longer new section would yet again expand. The amount of space they gave me to make my own and brew to my heart’s content was amazing.

Having more space to brew potions and grow herbs, however, is not the true magic of this place. There came a point where I was able to capture different creatures in the game. You however need a place to store them.

capturing a creature.jpg

I would go off on these rather crazy adventures searching for different creatures. You could say since I was using a knapsack that I was perhaps kidnapping creatures and relocating them to the castle. I’m sure the professors would not have liked that I was more or less operating a massive zoo from the Room of Requirements. This is however the biggest part of the room I found myself enjoying the most.

the first vivarium.jpg

One day after working on the main storyline and talking with the house elf the room itself expanded to have this quite crazy-looking doorway that lead into another area. These strange places would be known as vivariums.

I was even more shocked later on once I reached the cap of how many creatures you could have that this was just the first of many vivariums. You could also build in them as well if you liked. Again for performance reasons, I kept building to a strict minimum. It would be fun one day to come back with a better computer and build like crazy since I have most objects in the game unlocked now.

an amazing place.jpg

These vivariums were truly breathtaking. Just the first one which I would have been more than happy to only have one to use. I had quite a lot of fun just exploring around it before putting my focus on the real use of them and that is releasing creatures you rescued and taking care of them for free ingredients.


Even far into the game after I had massive stockpiles of different creature resources. I would often find myself wandering into a vivarium just to pet and feed the different creatures I had. How can you not want to stop by and spend time with a Mooncalf or Puffskein?
upgrade gear.jpg

I also felt this was an interesting way to allow players to enhance their gear as well. Collect enough mooncalf fur and you could add a little deference to your gear making it stronger.

traits to gear.jpg

At later stages of the game with better gear, it was worth adding traits that defined how you choose to play. Making this entire upgrade system quite a powerful tool to be used by the player.

I loved being able to increase my magic meter fill rate and do more damage with spells that I was always using. It was great that you were not just stuck with whatever traits you could find on gear you could swap them out or add ones you already had discovered and could afford the material cost of applying.

Over time the level and tier of gear I started to find would increase vastly. I no longer just needed the easy-to-catch and abundant creatures for their resources. My vivarium also filled up and I needed quite a large array of creatures.

beach viv.jpg

Thankfully the Room of Requirement understood these needs as I progressed along in the main storyline. Another one popped up this time giving me quite a tranquil beach area to set up and release creatures into.

This one I felt to be even more amazing than the first one I had gotten. If I was ever to try making my own house I think I would do so in this one. While the other ones you unlocked over time had their theme and were interesting in their ways. They were never quite amazing looking felt as this one.

vivarium upgrades.jpg

Over time as I acquired more and more wealth I was able to buy quite a few different objects to place in my vivarium. While I decided to not create individual pens to keep every creature in. I did like having some space that was divided up.

I also added in some creature comforts. One was a large food feeder so I did not have to sit there manually feeding everything in a single vivarium one at a time. Another was this giant ball that you could select different colors depending on which kind of creature you wanted it to be for.

I would sometimes just sit in one of these vivariums for hours watching my different creatures kick the ball back and forth. Eat food out of the automatic feeders. I would also go around collecting different furs and things for feature gear upgrades.

I’ll admit I was kind of shocked by just how much of this game ended up resolving around rescuing or capturing creatures depending on how you view it. Along with how much of the Room of Requirement revolved around the vivarium system.

breeding pen.jpg

At one point I expanded my operations out. After unlocking this bog of a vivarium I started to put up breeding pens. I no longer just wanted to capture creatures I wanted to breed them myself!

Final Thoughts

even more space.jpg

Perhaps the funniest part of the entire Room of Requirement system is not truly knowing if you have unlocked everything yet. Nothing like coming back after some insane adventure and being gone for a while. Just to get a cut scene of something new getting added or a room expanding. This kept me coming back to the Room of Requirement even when I did not need to restock supplies.

I also just loved to afk in the main room itself or one of the vivariums. As I never crashed in any of these areas so while it was amazing to look at. I also felt it was one of the safer places to be in the game to sit for a while and just be awestruck at how amazing it was.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.