Hogwarts Legacy Slowly Turning To The Dark Magic Side

As a Gryffindor, I was going to stay far away from unforgivable curses. I however wanted to know how further interacting with Sebastian Sallow would go. I should have known better. He was willing to do anything to cure his sister after all.

For quite a while I was avoiding Sebastian Sallow. He and his best friend Ominis got into some kind of fight and I wanted nothing to do with any of it. However, as I complete more and more of the game. The little reminder in the mission log and on the map that I had an owl from Sebastian. That he wanted to talk to me got the better of me.

talking about the dark arts Sebastian Sallow Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I thought why not just go hear what he has to say? I’m sure it’s just going to be no big deal yet again. I do have quite a lot of fun on the adventures I go on with Sebastian Sallow anyways. So I went to go hear him out.

It ended up being on the topic of dark magic. Ominis's family was filled with dark wizards and he wanted to stay far away from the stuff. I felt that was a smart play. It was not long before Sebastian Sallow wanted to know if I knew any dark magic myself. I of course did not at the time.

Like quite a few conversations I end up having with different students at Hogwarts that was the end of that for some time. I later would receive yet another owl that Sebastian Sallow wanted to meet me outside of the Slytherin common room.

Since I never venture on that side of the castle and was wandering where their common was anyways. I thought why not. I was correct in thinking I would find some side challenges to work on along the way in that area. It helped finish off some stuff I was missing for my field guide.

talking about Salazar Slytherin Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Sebastian Sallow then wanted me to convince his friend Ominis that we should try to learn everything we can about Salazar Slytherin. That this might lead to a way of curing Sebastian Sallow’s sister. After having some time to think over it decided why not. We were safe in the school anyways right? What could be so bad here?

Since my character is rather persuasive it did not take long to get Ominis to see things our way. Rather Sebastian Sallow's way. I should have stopped right there and not gone further. I however wanted to know if there was a hidden section of the school in the very corridor we were in.

Turns out the hidden door was rather poorly hidden. There were some unlit braziers in the corridor and all you had to do was light them to open the hidden door. I mean really if it’s that easy I’m shocked more students have not found the place by now. So how dangerous could it be?

Once we got down there we found some rather interesting letters. Turns out Ominis had an aunt who went missing. She was working on trying to solve the puzzles that we are now facing. While this was a bit alarming there was no turning back at this point.

Ominis spoke parseltongue to open the next door for us. From there on out it was up to me to solve the puzzles to keep us moving forward. They did give some hints if you were not moving along fast enough. As if they were any help anyways I was the brains of this operation.

Snake lock puzzle Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The gates forward were locked. They had these kinds of timed locks that you could rotate that had different symbols on them. If you got the lock combination wrong the snake would bite you. While the first bite would not kill you. It did not take me very long to work out how to solve the puzzle.

The gates as it turns out had the symbols that the locks needed to be set to unlock them. There were a couple of gates. At one of the gates, I had to go around a long corridor to find the code. It however was not hard to work out that combination was to be used for that gate.

door that required an unforgiveable cures to open Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Then we found ourselves in quite a bind. We were locked in a room with quite a scary-looking door. There was also a note on the ground from Ominis's aunt saying she could not move forward and there was a pile of bones.

At the very least I thought now Ominis knows what happened to his aunt. Not like it helped the situation any. As it turns out there was only one way to open the door. A way to ensure the person was willing to do whatever it took to get to the next area.

The only way forward was to cast the unforgivable curse called crucio on another living soul. At least unlike Ominis aunt, we were not trapped down here without someone to cast it on. It is however the torture curse.

Ominis wanted nothing to do with it at all. He just wanted to stay there and die. That was however not an option. So it was up to Sebastian Sallow and myself to decide our fate on moving forward.

I had a choice to make Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

The next part I found to be a rather interesting way the game decided to handle this quite dire situation. I got a choice to learn the curse myself or not. I also got the choice for either Sebastian Sallow or myself to have it cast onto. Meaning the other would have to cast it.

Since I am Gryffindor and was going to try and stay as far away from the unforgivable curses. I turned down the invitation to learn the spell myself. That also meant I would have to be the one it was cast on.

I’m willing to admit I was kind of tempted to learn Cruciatus Cure and then have Sebastian Sallow cast it on me. As I did kind of want all the spells in the game. I however never wanted to use it. I decided I just did not need the temptation of it sitting in my spell book.

Once the deed was done the door opened. My character seemed to have suffered greatly but we otherwise got the door opened and were permitted to move forward.

Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I would say near death and the great pain my character suffered was almost worth it. We got to find Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium. Where the house founder himself spent a lot of time working on plans out of the seeing eyes of the other founders.

While in the Scriptorium I ended up finding a book that contained all kinds of not-so-good things. Sebastian Sallow on the other hand was quite thrilled to see it as he was hoping we found something like that. He suspected the answer to curing his sister could be within the pages of the book.

Final Thoughts

giving the book to Sebastian Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

While this time around I resisted the urge to learn an unforgivable cures. This mission is what set off a chain of events that took me deeper and deeper into dark magic. It perhaps would have been wise to have ignored Sebastian Sallow owl for the remainder of the school year. Only time will tell how this ends up going for the both of us.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.