The Acceptance Of Dark Magic

While this game claims there is no moral system there is just something about accepting to learn unforgivable curses that change things forever. I organically was not going learn any of them during my first playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy I however had quite a change of mind the deeper I went into the dark.

talking with Sebastian Sallow Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It all starts back with the sense of the crime. Naturally, I’m talking about getting an owl from Sebastian Sallow and him wanting me to meet him in the Undercroft. I had a feeling things were not going to end well. I however went for it anyways.

Sebastian Sallow had been studying the book we had found on our last adventure. He was now quite certain about a relic it talked about and how it would solve his sister's issues. He was also wanting to keep things from his best friend Ominis.

As with any case of trying to keep things from his friend Ominis. He was lurking in the shadows and now knows that even I thought it would be a good idea to keep things from him. What little trust I had in him seems to have now been broken.

Regardless we were off to find this relic Sebastian Sallow had read about in the book. It happened to be in Feldcroft Catacomb of all places. Not that far in fact from the house Sebastian Sallow and his sister live. That should be a big enough omen for me to stay away.

spiders in Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

We entered in and this place was crawling with spiders and spider webs. I was more interested in finding every piece of loot I could. I did not care if we found the relic or not as I assumed we were not going to sell it for a load of money.

Despite how many of these dungeons and caves I’ve to wander through now. I do love to just stop and enjoy the look of them. The way the different light from the torches and sometimes natural light from above. The mix of dirt, stone, and plant matter. I feel rather a at peace just looking around.

using bones in the room to move forward and unlock the door Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

We then entered a rather large chamber. There were large piles of bones everywhere. It turns out the way forward was magically sealed and the bones were the key. So I used Wingardium Leviosa to pile the bones around the doorways to form archways that unlocked the doors.

We also found some letters talking about the relic itself. It seems we were not the only ones interested in it. The person prior though who ended up sealing the place shut seems to not have made it back. They also left the relic behind.

We next came into a rather nasty-looking room. It was filled with Devil's Snare and required a bridge made out of bones to be constructed to get across. Using Wingardium Leviosa to drag the bones around ended up creating a bit of an issue with some of them getting stuck. Thankfully I was able to free them with Accio.

another large room in Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Next, we came into another large chamber. This one required bones to be placed around the doorways as well to unlock it. There was also a side area to go down and explore. I decided I wanted to see what kind of trouble I could get up to by checking out the side area leaving Sebastian Sallow behind for a short while.

With all the spiders in the dungeon. It seemed like a good idea if I could control the bigger ones and have the fight along our side for a short while before we could have to take them out ourselves.

learning imperio Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

It was at this point I decided that the Imperio's unforgivable curse would be worth knowing. I could have said no and turned down Sebastian Sallow's offer. He was however starting to make a lot of sense about learning at least a spell like that.

This also means that my original goal of refusing to learn any of the unforgivable curses if given the option now has been broken. I no longer have that ethical feeling to turn down such power. I’m now more willing to wield it if need be.

It was quite a powerful spell to have. I tested it on some larger spiders and watch their alleys turn on each other trying to kill each other. We then killed what was remaining before moving up and repeating the process all over again.

Imperio has a decently long cool-down rate. While at the time I put it on my main hot bar for spells. I later bought with a talent point the fourth row of spell slots. I had quite a few unused points at the time anyways.

Along the way, I even found a nice golden chest with a pa legendary item in it. I would not know if it was amazing or not till I got back to the Room Of Requirement later on and identified it.

archway of bones Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

We then kept moving forward finding yet another door that required bones to be piled around it like an archway. Looking back now these archways give me the creeps.

the room with the relic in it Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

We then came across the room that had the relic in it. That is when I found out that Sebastian Sallow was holding back some information from me. As I found a letter that told me the relic required a dark sacrifice to make it work. It was however too late now I was already in the thick of it.

On our way back out we ran into Ominis who had been trailing us the entire time. He had come to put a stop to this. He was not happy that we came in here and it seems the friendship between Ominis and Sebastian Sallow was not going to survive this.

cast spell Imperio on Ominis Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

So I do the only thing possible. Of course, I clued Ominis in on the plan. Sebastian Sallow also knew what I was about to do as well. I cast the spell Imperio on Ominis to force him aside and allow us to pass.

The new plan was to go get Sebastian Sallow’s sister and bring her back to the Feldcroft Catacomb. As it seemed the relic would only work inside that dungeon. While almost back we discovered that the town of Feldcroft was under attack.

Feldcroft under attack Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Sebastian Sallow in an attempt to save his sister ended up casting an unforgivable curse on enemies to keep him from killing her. Despite her being saved using such a spell was unforgivable as that type of magic implies. The rest of his family was not going to have it.

Needless to say, that spiraled the situation quite out of hand. Sebastian Sallow was told he was no longer welcome back at that house and he have to go find his place to live. On top of that if either of us is ever caught using unforgivable curses again Solomon Sallow would report us.

While this news was quite devastating to Sebastian Sallow. He still refused to give up on using the relic in some way to cure his sister. So he devised a plan to try and lure her out to the Feldcroft Catacomb. I would later find out that this

If I thought things could not get any worse was I ever wrong? I was hoping there be some kind of decent little ending for this entire thing. I guess when you play with dark magic there are only sad endings.

ominis going back into the Feldcroft Catacomb Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

This time I ended up going back into the Feldcroft Catacomb with Ominis. It turns out Sebastian Sallow had been messing around with the relic without anyone else around. He was now commanding the dead.

The Feldcroft Catacomb this time was filled with Inferius. It is no wonder they both could tell something was not going well inside. So Ominis And I cleared a path back to Sebastian Sallow who was quite deep in.

News has however arrived at Sebastian Sallow’s former caretaker who showed up. He destroyed the relic which sent Sebastian Sallow into a rage. We ended up having a duel to the death with Solomon Sallow. We survived and he did not.

fighting Solomon sallow.jpg

Of course, we told ourselves it was self-defense. While true it was a murder there was a little option at that time to do anything else. That is what we get for playing with dark magic. A family now without even a father figure in it. Making things far worse than if I had never gotten invoked in any of this.

To make things even worse Avada Kedavra was used to take Solomon. Since I was already involved in quite some dark magic. I decided I wanted to learn Avada Kedavra as well. I later went on a massive killing spree using it to take out every troll I could find living on the map.

learning crucio Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

Later on, I would return to the Undercroft. Since I already knew two of three unforgivable curses I agreed to learn the last one. The first one I turned down that I allowed to be used against me earlier on was- Crucio. I now know them all.

I would, later on, receive yet another owl from Sebastian Sallow to meet him again in Undercroft. This would be the last time I would ever speak with him. He seemed dead set on trying to make up for what he did. I fear he is still to this very day searching for a cure for his sister who suffers random pains. Who only knows what dark terrible roads he is willing to walk down trying to find it? I may never know.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.