Hogwarts Legacy Keepers’ Caverns

Keepers Caverns in Hogwarts Legacy is where it all comes together. Everything in the game for the most part was leading to this point. It was time to go off and defend the last remaining container of Ancient Magic.

Before running off and doing that. There was one thing I had to do leading up to this. While it’s tempting to say there was a fourth trial leading up to this moment. It was so short making a single article about it seemed not worth it. This game for whatever reason has quite a few moments like that where they are rather short.

Graphorn Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

You more or less had to go out and capture a Graphorn that is known as Lord Of The Shore which up till this point I was rather looking to acquire one of those. You then can ride as a non-flying mount and go break down a door. You then watch some memories and get sent back to the Map Chamber.

You then find out all the trials are meant to lead a person on a certain path of knowledge. They want to make sure that Ancient Magic is not going to end up in the wrong hands. As it has in the past which is their now greatest secret they have been hiding and slowly showing you memories of.

The four artifacts that I collected one from each trail up to this point now needed to be forged into a special wand that would grant me entry once I was deep down into the chamber.

Crafting the special wand Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

So I was off to Gerbold Ollivander to have him craft such a wand out of the parts. Ollivander found it to be quite a strange thing to make a wand out of but he managed to do it in the end.

Victor Rookwood Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

After leaving his shop I was ambushed by Victor Rookwood. I had quite the battle with a bunch of his Ashwinder minions before facing off against him. Our magic then became entwined as the beams connected and I ended up winning the fight.

I then headed back to the Map Chamber to find out that there is not only a massive storage of Ancient Magic below Hogwarts this entire time. That the entry into that dungeon was in fact below the very floor with all the stars on hiding it.

Into the cavern Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

The star map then vanishes to leave a path for me to get down to the door into the dungeon. This time however I’m not going it alone. Professor Fig joins along with me and he has sent an owl off to the other teachers that Hogwarts needs to be protected.

I then start clearing my way forward taking out loads of Loyalist goblins along the way. Along with their trolls and anything else they could toss at me. There were no more puzzles, no more nonsense, just flat-out killing in every direction I pointed.

We were on a mission and nothing was going to stand in our way. Expect you know loot! Yes, I did stop to loot anything and everything I came across. I was not about to let it rot away.

Professor fighting off some goblins.jpg

At one point we arrive at a giant cavern. The goblins just start to pour in. In such numbers that while I’m sure I could manage it would be quite a tough fight at best. That is when the Hogwarts professors start to show up as reinforcements and help do battle.

It would be the professor's job to fight the goblins back to allow me to move forward and reach the final storage container of Ancient Magic.

giant titans Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

We then reached a door that was being guarded by two giant titans. Thankfully I did not have to fight them off. My character pulled out the special wand that was created and they allowed me access beyond.

I kind of also found it to be a bit of a shame. I’ve killed thousands at this point to get here since the start of the game. I doubt even something as big as those things could put a stop to me.

They certainly did not stop Ranrok from getting to the storage of Ancient Magic. As he was there just as I was about to go up to it. Which seems to defeat the entire purpose of all of it in the first place if someone could just go around.

Rankrok as a dragon Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

Rankrok then consumes the Ancient Magic and gets turned into a dragon. It’s a bit of a shame I did not have lots of Ancient Magic to use up. As that would make this fight go a lot quicker.

We then had one epic fight. This felt like a real proper boss fight. It had different stages and we even moved around to different areas.

popping magic bubbles Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

Throughout this fight, there would be different colors of magical bubbles that I had to destroy before I could deal with him. The color they have respected is the kind of magic attack that would destroy them. So I ran popping bubbles and waiting on cooldowns. While trying to avoid getting killed.

I had also used up the last remaining amount of Ancient Magic I had at the time to do some massive and quick damage to Ranrok. I do kind of wish I came in here a little more prepared. I was a bit concerned about running out of healing potions.

the final dragon getting taken out Hogwarts Legacy Keepers Caverns.jpg

In the end, we defeated Rankrok. You might be wondering why I said us. Well that part I won’t spoil it as of course they had to kill off one of the professors in the progress and I won’t be saying which one of them got killed. I’m sure it’s not hard to work out which one did.

After that, there was a short ceremony by Professor Black not having a great speech about the professor who died. With another professor forcing him asides and doing a proper ceremony.

Then the game season changes to spring! I then am told I have reached the end of the year. It was now time to do my last field guides and anything else I wanted to work on before taking my O.W.L. exams.

End of the year Hogwarts Legacy.jpg

I think it’s great they allow you some time to just go around and do whatever you wanted. I could almost see a lot of players focusing only on the main storyline the best they could. Then enjoying the rest of the game as most people would who want an open world.

I rather loved the ending for the most part. I kind of wish the final dungeon was a lot longer and more to it. At least I got a proper boss fight in. I am however long from being done with the game. I have a lot of things to do since I’m going to try and get as many achievements for this game as I can stand. This however will require playing some other characters in different houses as well.

I’m not sure yet if I want to fully replay the game over. From my limited understanding, some of the other classes do get to do a couple of different missions. It might be fun to see what I missed by being in the other houses as I would love to explore some of the other common rooms as well.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Hogwarts Legacy.