Entropia Universe | The Tale Of Aurli And The Chip Drops

Needing a bit of a chance of pace and scenery I headed off toward Crystal Palace Space station. I wanted to finish off rank 10 for Aurli which I was getting “close.” I also wanted to get some progression in on my long-term goal of unlocking the Cave.

I’ve been itching for a while now to spend a few days up at the space station. Since it’s only a couple of minutes away from planet Calypso making supply runs for guns and gun amps when needed was not going to be a big deal.

I was not sure how much time I’d have for Entropia Universe I thought it would be a decent idea to camp up at the Crystal Palace Space station. I ran off buying a couple ArMatrix LR-45 (L) guns and 37B. I would have preferred 42B amps they are a bit costly for a few extra points of damage so it did not seem worth it.

Oddly enough I had left Crystal Palace before finishing off rank 7 of the codex back in January. During that trip I was just up there for a day. While I had come close I was not in any rush to finish it off.

I would be spending most of my time up in the station in Dome 1. up there would be facing weak, watcher, and soldier maturity levels of Aurli. They have between 1,530 to 1,840 health. Quite a lot more health than the usual stuff I have plans to grind for Codex levels this year.

To give you a comparison the Atrax I hunted had between 270 to 670 health. Meanwhile, a lot of the stuff for codex grinds I’ve been doing had 300 to 500 health. So these Aurli are quite a lot more health, health regeneration, and dealing damage capabilities.

Aurli rank 7 codex Entropia Universe.jpg

That also means when I do get a rank in the codex for Aurli is going to be so much better. It did not take me long to finish off rank 7 and pick up 9.56 PED of Dexterity skill. That would however be the only quick level I would get since I was just a couple of kills away from acquiring it.

In my normal hunting cycles to keep track of things I tend to bring along 200 PED of ammo most of the time. Since Aurli spawn quite fast and it can be hard to move around in the domes on Crystal Palace I usually brought around 400 to 600 PED with me every time I left the center part of the station and into one of the domes.

That and ArMatrix LR-45 (L) chew up ammo at quite a high rate. Despite that, I would only be getting by my best guess 37 kills per the normal amount of ammo I tend to bring. That in itself is not going to cut it here since I ended up needing to kill around 1,406 Aurli to finish off rank 10.

At least the nice thing is when you get killed or teleport back to the main center of the space station. It’s just a couple of steps to a repair station or terminal to buy more ammo. This made those kinds of things quite easy.

However, if I needed more guns I’d be flying back down to the planet. There were none at the auction house or in any of the shops there that I could use. I understand as this is where ubers tend to go hunting some big stuff in the cave I can’t even access yet.

That was also the other reason I wanted to come back here and do it on occasion. I slowly want to work on unlocking the cave. That will require an insane amount of Aurli killed. When I started this grind I’m not even sure I was 25% into that mission. It’s kind of hard to tell. I just knew I had a lot left.

I’m also not in a huge hurry to get into the cave. While I’ve never seen what is in there. I know at least some of the names of the creatures there and at my current gear and skill level. That cave is not a place I would do well in.

At least since I returned to the game back in 2022 and even since my decently long trip up here back in June of 2022 I’ve grown a lot in skills.

Back then I was killing these with an ArMatrix LR-35 (L). The gun I’m using now not only requires 10 levels higher in the skills to use it. It is two gun tiers above what I could use for that trip.

That would kill Aurli this time around a lot faster. Even more so since they do regenerate health. So that will even cut my costs down per amount of ammo spent on each one of these things slightly. Which is amazing.

On top of that since I’m killing them faster this time around I’ll be taking less armor decay and even needing to heal less as well. All of these things end up helping me in my favor.

Even more so since my evader progression although I don’t quite recall what it was back then. It has increased at least a little. Along with my health. So not only am I taking fewer hits. I can better survive critical hits as well.

I only ended up dying not on purpose three or four times. I recall when I hunted these back in 2013 long before I started to create content. That these things killed me and killed me often. This also won’t be the last time I bring up 2013 as I go over this adventure I went on. It’s kind of funny how things end up a full cycle.

There was also another reason I was up here. While you can get some decent markup on some of the more uncommon or even rarer loot. Another player I follow what they do in this game ended up confirming they looted a TWEN event gun on another planet. Up till this, it was unclear if other planets other than Calypso could even get any of those special drops other than the Unreal Tokens.

uber cheker.png

If that was all not enough. You know I love to have endless reasons to go and do something. As I tend to do I was taking a look over some data points regarding Aurli and a few things stood out to me. First, while it does not ensure or mean it has to it had been a few days since the last uber loot (1k or bigger loot). Second, some people were going insane hunting on Aurli.

For those not in the know the last time I looked at the data was like hmmm?!?! I ended up bagging myself my second-highest single loot kill I’ve ever gotten up to that point in Entropia Universe. You can read more about that in this Hunt For HOF series.

I’ll save you some time now. I did not get Ubers while up here hunting Aurli. While that is a bit of a shame. I ended up doing quite ok for the amount of ammo and guns I burned through. While I was not in the green it was a lot better than my last week-long trip up here. I also hunted a lot more since things were going much better.

Aurli Weak 51 PED.jpg

My first global trip put me into a decent high sprite. I ended up looting two Aurli Bone Pieces. I was hoping this was a sign of more things to come. It sadly was not. They ended up being a bit harder to get than I was expecting.

In comparison that day trip I spent up here rocked the socks off my entire trip in terms of markup per ammo spent. Which just goes to show how lucky I was on that day. I was going to have to fight for any look with markup I was going to get on this trip.

Aurli Weak 53 PED.jpg

Sometimes when you go on such a massive hunt like this. You sometimes wonder if it was a good idea. I can tell you I was starting to have a second thoughts when I was this far into the hunt to only just be getting my second global of the trip. It was also another small one.

At least during those two cycles, I got globals in. I can say I’ve run into some nasty times hunting Aluri in the past. While this trip would not be void of that occurs. It was not as bad as that rut I found myself in during my other week-long hunt up here in the past.

Going out and getting a 50% return back on ammo sucks before including armor decay, healing decay, and weapon decay. These are however level 33 and up creatures so that comes with it. As such, I was not shocked this ended up happening during my next hunting session.

It was so poorly I decided to dip out for a bit. No one seemed to be acclivity hunting Aurli at the time anyways. Which in a way despite that this place tends to only have a couple of players if that even in dome one let alone elsewhere. That they must know something I did not. So I took a much-needed break.

Looting a Regeneration chip 6 Aurli Entropia Universe.jpg

After a bit more hunting I ended up getting a 63 PED global with my first usable item dropping. It was a Regeneration Chip 6 (L). While it did drop max TT at 22.50 PED. They don’t have a lot of profit in them. I ended up selling it for 111% with the auction fees cutting into my bottom line a bit since it has such a low base.

This also would not be my last time looting a Regeneration Chip 6 (L). I was rather happy they sold fast enough that I did not need to relist them back up for sale. I don’t recall getting a lot of these in the past. While I would have preferred bones over these at least it was something.

Bio ID verification drop from Aurli Entropia Universe.jpg

Quite a while later I ended up getting another strange piece of loot. This time a Bio ID Verification chip. While the weekly markup on these is only 105%. Since each one is 16 PED if I got enough of them it is worth selling them.

I think I’ve only ever looted one of these before. It is a bit hard to tell. I did search my storage and I did not see any other of these. It is always fun when you get an item and you have zero clue what the heck it is used for or perhaps even does.

After doing some poking around I discovered you need 200 of these things for the Mission Galactic Stage VI. That is one mission chain I’ve not done much with and who knows if I’ll ever do. I doubt I’ll ever loot that many myself I just hope this is not an item that I end up holding onto for years just to dump into the vendor one night for the 16 PED.

Final Thoughts

Always fun when you get to learn new things about a game you have played for quite a long time. The grind that is going to be required to reach rank 10 of the codex is going to sink in quite far in the next episode of this mini-series.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.