Entropia Universe | The Hunt For A HOF Araneatrox Part 1

These nasty-looking spider things have been on my list of creatures to do some heavy hunting on for some time. They can be quite challenging and I never really had what was even needed to think about trying them.

I’ve hunted them a bit in the past that usually did not go well for me. Not that long ago I ended up skilling enough in my gun skills to start using an Armatrix LR-40 (L) gun. I also bought myself a set of ghost armor.

Both of these things made hunting Araneatrox a bit more reasonable. There are still a few upgrades and even higher skills I would like to have before undertaking such a task of these. I however had quite the reason to hunt them.

hunting info.png

I did some digging around of data sets and realized as the days went on no one had gotten an “uber” aka 1k PED kill or bigger on these in some time. You can see a while back some large loots were acquired off these. They also seem to give 6k PED in loot on occasion.

So I decided to do quite a few hunting sessions on them over a few different days. Araneatrox being level 52 and up can be quite a costly adventure if things start going south quickly for you. I however noticed as the days went on more and more people seemed to be interested in farming them daily as well.

In Entropia Universe, it’s not long-term luck that gets a player anywhere. It is noticing trends and being right. This adventure I would either be going down in flames or I might be right about. I could also be right and someone else would get something massive.

I felt however it was the prime time to give these a real try. If nothing else the increased amount of players who are starting to take notice and hunt them daily could end up being a good thing for me overall. As loot could end up being decent.

hunting araneatrox.jpg

I’ve hunted them before when you would not see a single person in any of the areas I knew about. Loot would always be not that great and after a while, I’d give up and think about trying them again one day.

That day has now arrived. I decided to switch it up from the normal spot I’d tried before and go elsewhere. While I don’t usually hunt on player-owned land areas. The number of people I would always see getting globals on the Takuta Plateau always interested me.

I tend to stay away from player-owned land areas as most of the time they have a tax set on them. Making it even harder to have a decent run. I have noticed in the past though if enough people are hunting in an area it can sometimes be worthwhile.

One of the benefits many players enjoy of hunting in maintained and owned land areas is the high density of creatures. They usually also provide pure spawns of the creature in question so you are not having to fight multiple different creatures in a small area.

Takuta Plateau was a massive land area. I flew around it for a little while trying to find somewhere. Anywhere to hunt safely in. While I can take them down at a decent rate getting multiple Araneatrox can cause disaster rather fast.

One thing I did not like about this place is just how far away a revival point was. Even at full health, a single critical hit can sometimes be enough to kill me. Most of the time I’m not even in full health either.

Getting killed here would be a decent fly-back. If anyone else was in the area the creature I was hunting would for sure be back to full health. This is why many players buy different-range teleportation chips. I have never invested in any kind of mind-force tools. So that was not an option for me.

I was finding it rather hard to find a decent spot to hunt at. I’m all for some decent density of creatures so you don’t have to run all around to find something to hunt. These are however still quite the challenge for me to deal with even if I only get one.

found a spot.jpg

I did find a decent little spot. It had enough room that I could run back to get the needed damage done on an Araneatrox. By the time they got to me as long as I got a critical hit or two in they did not have much health remaining.

Even when it did not always go the way I wanted I felt as long as I got them to 50% health remaining before they reached me. It would not be that bad. This is a feeling that ended up holding up quite well on these hunts.

Hunting something this high level did remind me quite a few times how lacking my healing abilities are. At some point, I do need to invest in a good healing device or mind-force chip. With them costing many hundreds of dollars or more I’d rather spend that money elsewhere enjoying the game than putting that much into a single item. As it would take quite a long time for the cost savings and amount of usage I’d get out of it be worth doing so.

After quite some time in this area, I ended up getting one Araneatrox that would spawn within aggression range of me being in this circle opening. Then it ended up being two that I needed to keep an eye out for the respawn.

After a decent amount of hunting at this spot the room, I needed to move around in became no longer. I ended up flying around again trying out a few other spots. Those other spots were usually short-lived. I might get a few kills off and then I’d get an add while fighting off another.

This spot was also a lot further than I’d have liked to fly to from the revival point. While did only die a few times here. It starts to add up after some time.

Final Thoughts

the final Araneatrox.jpg

After a lot of searching, I did settle for another spot along a river. It was rather close to the edge of the land area as well. Giving me insurance of space that I felt I needed. I would sometimes see other players at this spot on the land area as well.

Like all hunts, I would get down to the final few pieces of ammo on me. It was then time to call it for now. No HOF on this trip and the loot was rather poor as well. I took a bit of a loss on this one.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.