Entropia Universe | Day Trip To Crystal Palace

It has been a while since I’ve gone hunting in a dome at Crystal Palace. While I only flew up there for a short day trip I wish it could have been for months. I don’t know what it is but I just enjoy hunting in those domes Aurli.

This ended up being quite a decent little trip. Since I’ve last been here I’ve increased in skills by an insane amount. It ended up having quite a huge impact on how the hunt went.

hunting a aurli soldier on Crystal Palace.jpg

While a lot of players will refuse to hunt in a place like this due to the 4.5% tax. I ended up finding the amount of markup I looted to not only markup for that. It also made up for my extra costs to fly up there and back down to Calypso after I was done.

For my first little hunting sessions up here I ended up just going around the outer edge of the dome. With an ArMatrix LR-45, I was clearing at a decent enough speed that I could make it around before re-spawns.

It use to be for me that getting a re-spawn on me would be quite the challenge. Since I’ve increased my evade profession by a few levels since I was last up here. Not only was getting an add a lot easier to deal with. My repairs were also a lot lower as well.

Granted it also helped that I had a higher-damage gun as well. Still, the amount of decay I was expecting from wearing gremlin armor with 5b plating was less than expected. I even healed a lot less as well. Making those costs for this hunt more reasonable.

some small loots at crystal palace.jpg

I also seemed to have come up here when the loot was decent. I ended up getting a few mini little loots like this one. While an almost 27 PED kill is nothing that amazing. Add a couple of those in a hunt along with some other loot and things are looking up.

None of those items that dropped during that screenshot are the reason you came up here though. I turned the shrapnel into more ammo after this run in between repairs. As far as the oil I’ll hold on to that and bring it down with me to sell later on Calypso.

One thing I did end up getting to drop a few times while up there that I don’t tend to see a lot off Aurli were tier 8 components. While the daily markup on them took quite a hit as I can only assume a few were dropping elsewhere off other things. The weekly was still at around 450%.

There were some things I got a decent chunk of that doesn’t seem to have much markup. One of those items is Aurli Chitin Scales. I ended up looting over 25 PED of the stuff while up there. After it failed to sell once I ended up TTing it.

At least the couple of times it did drop it did so with almost an equal part of other loot. So who can I complain about after getting some 20 PED or higher kills. I even had a little cluster of decent loot while I was making my round around the first dome.

Aurli bone Piece Crystal Palace.jpg

The real reason I was up here was for the Aurli Bone Piece. At 169% markup for the monthly and just getting 2 of these in a drop had a base value of 14.80 PED total. Every time I got these to drop like that I could hear the sound of money at 12.5 PED per one.

I ended up looting over 10 of those bones up there in quite a short time. That is almost more than some trips I’ve taken up here in the past that lasted many days. That is quite a lot of markup just made off bones.

clearing out the middle in Crystal Palace.jpg

After making a lap around the place more than once. I did just sit somewhat in the middle for a while. Since my ArMatrix LR-45 has some decent range on it. I did not have many issues with re-spawns.

Grinding out Aurli for the Access Crystal Palace Cave mission is one long-term goal I’ve been working on since last year now. While I managed to move the progress bar slightly it was not a lot.

I think I would need to spend at least a month or two up here if not longer to finish off that mission. It is still an end goal of mine to one day get access to the cave. The question remains of what I’ll be able to hunt within that cave not having insane gear. That is however something to think about long down the road.

Aurli Weak 147 PED.jpg

While up in the dome I did end up getting two globals as well. While one being 50 PED of shrapnel was not that interesting. I also did get 147 PED global with 2 more Aurli Bone Pieces in it.

This also happened during one of the rare times I had an add on me as well. So the 147 global somewhat shocked me when I was up there hunting very late into the evening and was so focused on getting down the add and not getting killed.

Final Thoughts

hunt almost done Crystal Palace.jpg

With all the markup I ended up looting while up there. That ended up making this trip a slightly profitable run. While nothing insane it sure did make for a fun time. I was needing a break from grinding other stuff and coming up here even for such a short amount of time is always nice.

Perhaps next time I’ll be able to stay a bit longer. I would love to at least get a couple more ranks on the codex. This day trip ended up being so short I did not get a level of the codex. My gun was however near breaking and I was out of ammo by the time I left.

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