Entropia Universe | The Everlasting Grind Of Spider Bombers

Grinding Spider Bombers till I had finished rank 10 of the codex ended up being quite a costly adventure. It was however one I was committed to finishing before moving on to other creatures. I ended up having nine grinding sessions over a few days.

Thankfully finding a decent location was already solved in my other post about these spiders. I just had to put in the hours to reach my goals. There is also at least some good news the markup on a few robot drops held around 104% markup ranged when I sold helping slightly the massive red line of losses.

making repairs Spider Bombers.jpg

One of the nice things about hunting around Camp Corinth is you are not going far to make repairs on damaged gear or to buy further ammo. Quite a lot of players usually end up stacked up here AFK. Some appear to be crafters while others I can only assume have fallen asleep at their keyboards!

This is also where I left off on my last journey of grinding these. I need to repair, restock, and record how the run went. I was then out grinding again. I was burning the midnight oil in both the game and real life. I always find it a bit strange when both colliding worlds end up being nighttime. As if both reached out and connected in some way.

Sometimes the fields of Camp Corinth had little activity in them. I more or less had my own rule of the place and I went around during different sessions to try and test out which level of these robots would best suit me. I was mostly looking for fewer losses if nothing else.

It has been a while since I’ve done some decent grinding on a lower-level gun and I got to say I rather enjoyed it. Quite a few times I’m usually off trying out whatever biggest Armatrix laser rifle I’ve unlocked taking my hunts to the next level.

While these lower-level codexes do not have a lot of skill gains. It also takes a lot less ammo to rank them up. These lower-level ranks were going by decently fast as well.

One huge thing I was after was increasing my Meta rank for main stat gains. I was not even up to one hundred yet but in quite a few grinds I shall be reaching it. While it is only a number and nothing of real meaning for reaching it. I do enjoy setting goals and reaching them over weeks and even months at times.

I wish I could say something exciting happened loot-wise during all of my grinding sessions. Outside of looting yet another Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-3 (L) knife along with 12 PED of ammo. Nothing did not even a single global or profitable run.

hunting higher level spider bombers.jpg

One strange thing did happen for a while. During one of my runs, I noticed there was no one else out there. I made my way to the back of the spawn where the highest level of Spider bombers are and had them all to myself.

While I did not need to switch out armor it did prove to be slightly more challenging than I was expecting. Without anyone else out there I would be forced to face the full respawn of an area. Leaving me with over double the normal repair bill.

After getting my fill of the higher-level Spider Bombers I decided I wanted to go back to fighting the lower-level ones. They were far more manageable to deal with in large packs. I also was not in the mood to heal much.

So I went back to where they should be in the field I’m in and there was nothing. I have no idea what happened to the spawn in the middle of the field. It was just gone. For all, I know some crazy player drove around in a car roping them all in so they could AOE a few of them down.

So I waited around. These robots don’t take long to re-spawn. There was yet again still nothing. There also did not seem to be a single player even coming out to check things out. After waiting around for a bit I went back to the part of the higher-level spawn I was killing.

I wiped out that group back there. I was half expecting them to not re-spawn if this area was having an issue. They however did so I just kept at it grinding away.

After a while, I ran out of ammo and it was time to make my way back to the repair and noticed some patches of the spawns were back. As I cleared them out it seemed more and more of these robots flooded back into the area. Whatever odd thing took place was soon forgotten about as I went on my way to continue grinding.

Final Thoughts

Spider bomber rank 10.jpg

In the end, I believe I killed around 1,572 Spider Bombers. This is just an educated guess based on some numbers I pulled and the amount of ammo I burned while hunting them. That number I feel better conveys the kind of grind I was involved in.

At least I had a big enough stack worth of robot parts to sell. Nothing worse than sitting on a bunch of materials for months or even years wondering if you will ever farm enough to put up on auction to make a little off it.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.