Entropia Universe | Chasing the Argonaut The Hunt is On!

One of the nice things about the level of Argonaut I was hunting is they don’t have a 50 PED minimum global it is a bit lower. So on occasion, I would get a nice little swirly of lights when I looted something almost decent. If I had to guess it looked like it needed to be at least 25 PED in loot.

It was on those runs I could guess that I would come out slightly ahead on. While I did have a couple of eight to ten PED looting along the way. I usually did not have enough of them to be in the green without getting a global.

It was at least another round or so before I finished off getting to rank 7. While I had anatomy selected when I took the screenshot I did select down to pick dexterity again. That 1.87 TT ended up giving me 17.546 Dexterity. While not a huge amount it was all starting to add up.

another global on argonaut.jpg

It was then perhaps two more grinding sessions before I ended up getting another global. This was one of those rare occasions once it was time to make repairs and resupply that I took a slight loss.

I however did end up looting quite a few tier components during that run. While they don’t have insane markup since they are quite a low level. They almost alone made up for the ammo losses.

Back in the day one of the reasons to hunt Argonaut was for the Iron drops of all things. It had better markup back then at least when I was grinding Argonaut like crazy. Nowadays it’s nearly worthless. I only ended up looting about 40 PED of iron during all my grinding. Not nearly enough to sell on auction to be worth the fees of this activity alone.

After a bit more grinding I had finished off codex rank 8. Picking myself up 1.4 PED of perception. I already have so much perception it did not do much for me. It is however the only selection I can pick that would help me with my professional goals.

Looting a Corrosive Attack nonchip 1 L in Entropia Universe.jpg

One of the reasons I was also hunting Argonaut was because they have a chance to drop a mind force chip that I would not mind getting my hands on. Sadly the one I was looking for did not drop. I however did get a Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1 (L).

While it had a 125% weekly markup on it. With how low of TT value these things have. You don’t make a lot after auction house fees. I was however rather pleased that it did sell when I listed it. Nothing worse than having an item you won’t make much off fail to sell with you now being out the auction fees with nothing to show for it.

Along the way, I ended up getting a few perception checks. Quit a few times it would lead to me finding something in the area that had a bit of an above-average loot. Other times I would find a rock or fruit in the area to loot.

There then came a point where I had cleared out an entire area. Then killed its re-spawn. I searched and searched. I was half tempted to let it go as perception checks can be a fool's error at times.

finding a mining claim.jpg

I however decided to drop a double mining probe right at the spot where I get getting a perception check on. Sure enough, there was a claim there. While nothing insane it was slightly above average covering my costs. It was also an enmatter that I had no idea you could find in this location.

As far as what it was. I have my reasons for blacking out in the screenshot what it was. I am willing to say with how aggressive and dense Argonaut is here it would be a rather annoying area to try and mind at a large scale.

Any time you can walk away from this game learning something new is both an amazing opportunity and a fun one as well. I will admit I hate trying to mine in areas that have Argonaut so it’s doubtful I’ll be coming back here with D-Class amps carpet-bombing the entire area. It was however something I made sure to take note of.

After that, it was back to the good old grind again. It was not till I was in my next hunting round that something again interesting occurred. A 35 PED global. While it was the biggest global I got that day the global I got on these the day before beat it out by a couple of PED.

Yet again nothing of interest at least markup-wise dropped. While I don’t expect at a realistic level to find any of the special event items dropping during the current event going on. Since they can be from any creature there is always that small hope this may be the time.

After a couple of kills right after that, I ended up finishing off at rank 9. Picking myself up 1.64 PED of perception. I was now in the home stretch of just wanting to grind one more rank before I’d move on to thing else.

All in all, this might be a creature I end up returning to at some point. Since I can grind the codex to level 25 before I stop getting gains for the Meta codex as well. I would not mind looting that mind-force chip I’m after.

25 PED global.jpg

That rather particulate run ended up being my biggest loos wise. As I ended up hitting yet another global. While nothing massive I’ll take the 25 PED knowing the run was now going to be in profit.

At one point I got rather tired of grinding Argonaut and just needed a short break. I went out and bought some D-class amps and had a nice profitable mining run elsewhere. At some point, I’m going to try and write up the insane mining journey that I’ve been keeping rather hushed about other than showing a little bit regarding what you can find on other planets and some sneak peeks on Twitter. This is however not one of those times.

I then later returned feeling quite refreshed and ready to finish this thing off. With how decent my former run had gone I was not that shocked to return to my final two runs before finishing this off to be losses.

Final Thoughts

rank 10 argonaut.jpg

In the end, I managed to get to rank 10 for Argonaut picking myself up 0.9375 PED of Alertness. While that is quite a lot less than the other rewards that skill is also a lot harder to come by. As such I ended up gaining a lot more of it.

Admittedly though for the rank 10 rewards, it is tempting to pick some of the others as well. Every time I am almost tempted to take evade or even bravado. I also really do need a lot more first-aid skills for healing. I am however sticking to my goals.

I ended up grinding these out for nine sessions. In terms of just ammo costs, I was only down a mere 4.61 PED. This is before including decay costs and any markup. So while it was a tad of a loss it was not that bad.

For a while, even during these runs, I was trending a bit positive in TT before including decay. Something I don’t tend to see a lot unless I loot something decent. This time around I however did not. So it was a pleasant few grinding sessions at the very least.

I also believe I killed around 1,812 Argonauts. I was glad this was not the 10k iron challenge as I would only just be getting started. After all that grinding I did towards the end of last year there would be no way I’d be up for such a challenge.

From the 5 codex levels I ended up finishing off for these I picked up 7.3475 PED of skills. The auction house value for those skills was roughly 104.51 PED based on some numbers I have in an excel sheet that I’ve not updated in a couple of months.

While I did not get an insane amount of skills out of this one. It was quite a fun adventure. It is also one I’ll admittedly miss as I loved hunting in this location with how dense the spawn was here. It is going on my list of things to come back to at some point and get further grinding on one day.

For now, however, it was time to move along to something else to hunt. At some point, I do need to find a fresh creature I have almost no codex on that is lower in health. For now, however, I’ll keep working on ones that I’m getting close to ranking 10 on that won’t require an insane amount of grinding. At least no more than what I’ve already been doing for each creature.

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