Entropia Universe | Planet Arkadia Aakas Mini 02 Instance

One of the fun things about the instances on Arkadia is that there are different difficulty levels. While the higher-level ones cost more to run they can also be more rewarding. For some fun and to see ideally what difficulty I should run. I decided to give a few different ones a try.

key for Mini Arkadian 2.jpg

For this one, I picked up the level 2 key. It was still rather cheap to pick up off the auction house. I ended up running two of these to get an idea of the cost and what to expect from running them.

Both runs ended up costing me 70 PED of ammo to run each. This was quite a jump from Aakas Mini 01. this is also why it was a good thing to not just jump into higher levels hoping for the best.

I had little idea how much they would end up costing to finish. The last thing I wanted to do was jump into one of these and then realize I did not have enough ammo to finish it. That would be quite a waste since I would not be making it to the boss at the end.

While the instance itself will have the same layout. I have found what creatures you might find inside and even the level they will be to change somewhat.

ub codex.jpg

Quite early into this run, I ended up hitting codex rank 4 for Ubo. I ended up going with a small amount of perception as a reward. These things are quite low health to kill in general so I am not expecting that great of a codex reward.

Codex is still surprisingly one of my main reasons for running these instances. Arkadia remains a place I lack a lot of codexes on the lower end. While I don’t see myself maxing any out to level 25.

It should be rather cheap to pick up a bunch of the lower levels for quite a few different codexes. That in itself can go a long way to covering the costs of these activities. While the rewards are just in skills. I’m quite a long way off before gaining lots of different skills is no longer so appareling in this game.

Like my runs before in the lower instance. I have two hours to get to the bottom and kill the boss. I ended up bringing in quite a lot of ammo. While there is a trading terminal in some locations to buy more ammo. I always want to play it on the safe side.

ubo vesicle.jpg

I also started to notice a few of these runs now. Sometimes I’ll enter and one of the creatures inside seems to be giving out rarer than usual loot or bigger loot in general. I ended up looting some Ubo Vesicle (eyes) during this run.

While these things have a low TT of just 04 PED. If I could get enough of them selling them at 250-400% markup is not a bad way to go. That is one thing I found to be rather interesting during this run. Finding some higher markup items that were doping.

I do know Aakas in general have some rather rare and pricey items that you can get as loot. I’m just not sure if I can get them in the mini instances or at the level, I’m running them in. The other type however can’t be done without being at a party.

Since I’m mostly a solo player in this game. That is not an option as most of my friends are not active at this time in the game. They are all waiting for the next major event in the game.

yarrijax thorax.jpg

The Ubo Vesicle was also not the only possibly high markup item I ended up looting. Among many other things, I found a Yarrijax Thorax. It is quite hard to understand if they are just so rare there is little trading of them or if people, in general, don’t care or have much of a use for them.

If a single Yarrijax Thorax was going for around 12,000% markup that would be 30 PED each. Just looting one of these during an Aakas Mini 02 instance would more than make up for any losses from a single run.

getting to the mini boss.jpg

Since I was starting to get a general feel by now of running this instance. I was able to get to the mini-boss at a decent rate. This one did not drop any arkoin which is a bit of a shame as this and the boss tend to be the major creatures where you have a chance to get a lot of it.

On my second run of these Aakas Mini 02 instances, the mini-boss ended up dropping 237 arkoin. Both bosses however did not drop any at all. The bosses on both runs were quite a dreadful loss that ended up accounting for these runs before markup was negative.

Final Thoughts

clearing the hallway.jpg

I at least did pick up a few more codex levels from all the creatures in this level of instance. The number of arkoins ended up being decent just due to the single mini-boss drop. I however will need quite an insane amount of them to get anything off the vendor. Just running these 02 instances will not be worth my time.

I also found this to overall be quite another easy clear. For the most part, I used a Z12 Barbarella and EWE LC-1000 Frontier to do the main clearing. I only pulled out an ArMatrix LR-35 gun for the mini and the boss.

I also found I only needed to do a small amount of healing wearing adjusted pixie with some 2A plates in them. While it was tempting to try it with some lesser armor you end up running into so many creatures at once in an instance like this that I’d rather not skimp too much on the armor side of things.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.