Entropia Universe | Checking Out The Robot Invasion

With the robot invasion event going on I thought I’d check out a couple of the 14 invasion locations and see what kind of trouble I could get myself into. I don’t usually hunt robots so I’m not the best suited to fight them. So I’ll be looking for stuff on the smaller side.

I’m more of an animal creature hunter in Entropia Universe. That means I have quite a lot higher animal looting skills and evade over robot looting and the defense skill for them dodge that most of them have but not all. I also don’t have any gear that more set to deal with penetration, burn, and electric that many of them tend to use for damage types.

Big Bulk.jpg

The first spot I checked I suspected would be way too high of a level for me. I however wanted to see what the bigger players were hunting. I headed off to Ashi and it did not take long to find a bunch of Big Bulk robots.

These things at the lower end have 5,600 health. They are also quite different from a lot of other robot types as they just deal with 100% impact. Even my best armor would stand no chance of dealing with something this massive. Let alone how long it takes for me to deal with 5,600 health with the best guns I could even use.

Many players were hunting in groups or had a hired healer from what I could tell while flying over the area. Events like these can be great for players who wish to sell healing services to other players in the game. However, for something like this, you would need some amazing healing and quite an investment in healing devices to get hired.

Quite a few years back I tried to get into the healing service industry. I did not have that great of a healing device or a high-level parametric profession. While I did get a couple of healing jobs it was a lot of sitting around leaving messages in chat and looking for work. In the end, it did work out for me but I can understand why some players focused on healing activities at the higher end in Entropia Universe.

exploring around Atlas Haven Entropia Universe.jpg

Next up I thought I would try a spot that had a much higher chance of being something I could hunt-- Atlas Haven. I ended up doing a fly around the entire town there and was rather pleased at first at what I found.

There seems to be quite a wide range of different robots at this location. You had things like level 20 Drone Coordinators, Level 4 JamRaiders, and even some higher-end stuff like Second Entity.

If I had some better armor something like the Drone Coordinators looked rather reasonable as they don’t have that much health at the lower end. I however don’t have gear really for burn and penetration damage. They dealt quite some massive hits on me when I ran into them just in my adjusted pixie armor.

As far as the Second Entity them having 1,800 health and up put them out of my league. I was not looking to hunt anything that big and don’t even have on me a gun for the job. Let alone the armor yet again due to the robot damage it deals.

JamRaider  Entropia Universe.jpg

This left me with one possible target I thought I was going to grind out for a bit. The JamRaiders only had 40 health or so and I have some smaller guns on me that do the job decently well for quickly them within a reasonable amount of time.

Getting killed by a Haywire Entropia Universe.jpg

In reality, I ran into some issues when attempting them. First, they don’t seem to move so getting to them to loot looked like an issue. As each group seemed to be guarded by a higher-level Haywire JamRaider that made quick work of me.

While I never use auto-loot pills I felt perhaps this would be a situation for using them in. While it seemed like the plan might just work. That is when I ran into some other issues.

One was players just flying till they found a patch of them. They would then land and get out to one-shot any JamRaiders on the radar. They were quickly just wiping out each group leaving me nothing to kill.

hunting jamraider Entropia Universe.jpg

So I went around flying a bit more till I found a patch of them that looked like no one cared too much about. That is where I ran into the other issue with Atlas Haven. That being all the other higher-level robots in the area. A lot of them are within shooting range of most spots I could find where I would want to pull from.

The only safe space would have been sitting right in the middle of the JamRaiders if it was not for the higher-level one in there that I stood no chance of dealing with. So after a few attempts, I had to give up this area at least for now.

It would have been nice to work on the codex for JamRaiders but I’d need a different location. I suspect there could be other locations that would be better with them in it. As such, I thought I’d check out Camp Corinth next as that area tend to have lower-level stuff during most of these events.

Fighting Spider Bomber Entropia Universe.jpg

Turns out Camp Corinth had exactly something I was looking for I just did not know it yet. There were no JamRaiders there and I won’t give up trying them again in Atlas Haven or finding another spot for them in the future. What I did find in Corinth were Spider Bombers.

Entropia Universe is often a game where you just got keep searching. If you don’t find what you were looking for the first time around if you just keep trying you might end up finding something.

The only downside to Spider Bomber for me is they deal 100% electric damage. While I did have some higher-level armor that had some decent electric resistance that felt like it would be way overkill. While the adjusted pixie I had on only provided a small amount of electric protection for dealing with level 4 robots. it was good enough for me.

killing more spider bombers Entropia Universe.jpg

These things were also highly aggressive so it was hard not to get a bunch of them to dog pile on you at once. There were also a lot of players in this area and it seemed the going tactic was just to walk around till you had a few robots on you then kill them.

While I did have a little bit concern of about what kind of repair bill I would end up racking up doing this. It ended up only being 0.45 PED in armor decay after using 200 PED of ammo. That included the damage I took from exploring the other locations as well.

Otherwise, these things were perfect. I ended up using an amped ArMatrix LR-20(L). I also had a finishing gun to take off the last sliver of health so I was not overkilling by too much. I might even be tempted to go with a slightly lower-level gun but the LR-20 is what I have a few of at the moment and they were good enough.

looted some robot low-loss links Entropia Universe.jpg

The more common robot loot also has a little bit of markup on it. It’s not an insane amount since everyone is getting lots of robot drops. It is, however, a lot better than less than 101% on a lot of loot you tend to find hunting other things as far as common drops go.

Final Thoughts

Castorian Pioneer EnBlade looted Entropia Universe.jpg

This seems to be a robot I’ll be doing a couple of grinding sessions on at the very least. Since I don’t know anywhere else these can be found outside of such an event I’ve added them to my goal of getting a bunch of creatures to codex rank 10.

In my first hunt on them, I managed to get to rank 4 and 70% into it. So that seems like a rather realistic goal to set. As long as this place does not get too overcrowded.

As far as the hunt went it did not go that well. Zero globals. While I did loot an (L) knife it’s not worth much. Including only my ammo costs I ended up being down 17.8% which for how low level of creatures these are I was not expecting to be that high. That however seems quite normal and on par with how hunting can go.

I’ll be grinding these out for at least a couple more sessions till I finish rank 10 in the Spider Bomber codex. I’ll then move on to check out some other locations and see what other kinds of robots I can hunt at the lower levels.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.