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Many out there have been asking questions regarding if entering an event like Mayhem was financially a wise move to make in this real cash economy game called Entropia Universe. I’m rather happy with the results. However, it did take some of my liquidity and tie it up in needed skill gains, tokens I’ll be holding for the long term, and other things that I’ll hopefully be selling soon enough.

While I won’t be saying how much I spent on this event. I did get a 93.6% base return including a 101% markup on converting shrapnel into Universal ammo. Along with including the ammo from completing all 10 stages of the silver Annihilation mission. This is not including markup paid on items just the base value counted.

I did have a slightly higher return amount during the early start towards the middle of the event. I however started to take on some strange losses I was not expecting that I think was a result of me using a UL amp instead of just an (L) one.

I also have quite low mutant looting skills which have a small number of returns. They are not normally something I hunt and I’ve been gone so long from the game. I mostly missed out on the whole looting skills for creatures.

I however did so much hunting that my skill is almost caught up to my animal looter skill. It might have only been level 17 or 18 when I started this event gaining quite a few levels. While that is not a huge increase it was at least something.

Halloween Strongbox.jpg

During the event, I looted a total of 265 Halloween Strongboxes. People seem to value them between 1.4 to 2.5 PED each. I would put the chance of getting sales more on the lower end if I wanted to sell in the short term. While I did open some I’ll also be holding onto the remainder of mine for now. I might sell them later on if prices spike.

strongbox loot.jpg

The Strongboxes I opened cost a $1 key to open. I mostly got skeleton clothing that has a base value of 10 PED (1$). They have very little markup on them since it’s quite old clothing. I at least now have a full set granted it’s not all the same color. I’ll be TTing the rest to break even on the 1$ cost of the key.

While I usually hate these kinds of things in video games. One of the better methods to avoid fees while depositing into Entropia Universe tends to be strongboxes. You get at least the base value that you spent on the key ($1) out. With a very slim chance to loot rings that range from near-worthless to hundreds if not more dollars when they are special boxes like these Halloween ones and people want the ring.

Mayhem Amplifiers.jpg

I also looted 3 amps out of them. The amps themselves sell for around 700% markup currently. Putting me into the profit range for the cost to open and the value of those boxes. If I hold off till the current supply of them dries up a bit these appear to have the trend of getting into 800% markup out of Mayhem sessions.

One big reason to open these boxes is however for rings. There is a slight chance to get the Halloween ring which has some sales of 15,000+ PED or other rings that are worth a lot less. I did not get any ring at all. Darn!

I also looted 100 Mayhem Tokens. Most whales in-game will be opening an insane amount of boxes trying to get Rare tokens.

Mayhem tokens.jpg

In total from this event, I looted 1,679 Mayhem tokens. These tokens cannot be directly traded. You can however buy certain items from the Mayhem vender and then trade those items to other players. People tend to value the tokens between 0.6 to 1 PED each.

For now, I just stacked them with the other Mayhem tokens I looted back during Easter. I have yet to decide if I’ll convert them into pills if the vendor has any left between item restocks or anything else I can and sell those items. I could also just hold onto them for now and wait and see. These tend to be something you spend years gathering and then buying something out from the Mayhem vender.

The event also drops rare Mayhem tokens. I ended up looting zero of them. They can also not be directly traded but are used to buy higher-end items like unlimited weapons and armor from the vendor where you also need massive amounts of the normal Mayhem token as well. People tend to value them the best I can tell between 3k-10k PED. Just looting one of those for the amount of grinding I did would have been worth the cost just not one I’d get to cash in for quite some time till I got further tokens to do so.

Halloween codex.jpg

One of the big things for me was I started this event without ever ranking up the codex for Halloween Mayhem Creatures. While there are two ranks I did not screenshot or write down how much skill gain I got out of it. so I made an educated guess on those parts.

In total, I got 113.14 PED worth of skill gains. The skills were anatomy, perception, and alertness. If I wanted to buy those skills off the auction house from other players it would have cost around 1,470 PED to do so.

If I was to one day chip out those skills and sell them I would not be making a 1,470 profit. They require an Empty Skill Implant (ESI) to imprint the skills on which is quite costly and I’ve yet to loot once since I returned to the game. They have become quite rare.

These however were not my only skill gains during this event. I was running for all but the final hours with 50-100% skill increase pills. The only issue is I don’t know the exact amount of value in the skills I acquired. To do something like that would require a lot of manual work beforehand or paying for a third-party tool another player made which I did not do either.

the wounding skill.jpg

What I do know is I started this event without wounding skills. Towards the back half of it, I ended up unlocking it. Throughout the event, I level it up to 1,525 points which has a base value of 7 PED. It tends to have a markup of around 1268% for a value of 88.76 PED. For many skills, I more than likely tripled that amount.

That was just one skill and one that I was not leveling up the entire time or one of my main ones. So just the amount of skilling I did alone not including codex gains would have been quite a large amount of value added to my character.

Armatrix LR 40.jpg

Ultamtently I ended up unlocking the ability to use at max an Armatrix LR-40. I not only gained the over 1.5 levels I needed to do so for Ranged Laser (Dmg) profession. I ended up gaining another two and one-third levels of it. I doubt I would have done that this year if it was not for this event.

Output amplifier component.jpg

I also looted 179 Output Amplifier Components that have a base value of 71.60 PED with a monthly markup of 147.91% I might hold onto them or decide to sell them at around 140%. Not including auction house fees that will next me a small extra 28.64 PED.

Mayhem Helmet Female L.jpg

There was also the Mayhem Helmet (F, L) that I looted. It has a base value of 72.77 and I’ll be asking for around 150% markup on it. So an extra 36.38 PED. While again not a lot with how rare it was to get one of these at least I can get some decent markup on it.

horn and mask.jpg

I also did get Silver Skull Face-Guard (M) and Silver Ram Horns as mission rewards. They each have a base value of 1 PED. While people do try and sell them for between 8 to 17 PED each. There is very little sales volume and I would not want to sell them anyways.

To try and put into context just how much hunting I ended up doing during this event. I ended up getting 29 globals off the Annihilation Zombies alone. The main third-party website that keeps track of those kinds of stats suffered a massive outage during a large grinding part of this event and only ended up recording 19.

29 globals not including the ones I got from the boss. Would make this my third highest global on creatures of all time. Being one short of the second highest amount of globals I’ve gotten off a creature. With those other creatures and many more that I grinding off on again since 2011 at the very least. With me taking quite a few breaks in between. This was quite the insane grind on a single creature.

For many, their goal during this event is to just farm Annihilation 1. They are aiming to break even after including Halloween Strongbox prices and market speculation on the value of the Mayhem tokens if they convert them over to sellable items. Many with multiple-year plans to get all the tokens needed to loot an uber item off the vendor for selling.

Those kinds of players tend to have a lot higher looting professions than I did and quite some insane guns to be able to pull that off in some cases. I am by no means an uber in this game so that was not a goal I had even a little bit.

Just including those kinds of metrics I came within 0.94% of breaking even if I go for more of an average on the price of Mayhem tokens for speculation. Once you include skill gains this became quite a worthwhile thing even if I slide the value of the tokens more toward the cheaper side of things.

While this all sounds wonderful for those paying close attention and who have read a few of the posts you know something is missing from my calculations. What about the markup on the (L) guns, healing (L) device (one of mine is UL thankfully), and (L) gun amp? Ahh shoot. That puts me a bit away from what some of the bigger players were pulling off.

That ends up moving my losses to 1.6% before accounting for skill gains assuming I take the average for token prices and other things. While I was paying slightly higher prices than I would have liked I also lucked out and got some amazing deals during this event.

If I would have stockpiled beforehand that would have reduced things by a couple of percent on the buying side of things. It is one area I could have improved my numbers. Regardless once I add skills I still came out way ahead even if I value tokens on the lower end.

There was also an inefficacy I have discovered in my setup that I can correct without spending extra money. I’ll be taking that knowledge forward with me in future events like this that would have closed that gap by about half.

There are also some other improvements I could make that should have a further positive impact overall for me that are not that out of reach. I just need to have some amazing mining runs at some point to cover those costs to acquire some further upgrades.

Finally, due to the higher level gun I can now use thanks to my skill gains during this event. I was able to take advantage of a situation I noticed. It ended up working out quite well for me. That alone just about covered my losses incurred from this event if I did not include the Halloween strongboxes, (L) armor piece and Mayhem tokens. More on that will be shared at a later date.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a net positive thing for me. Just the amount of skills I gained alone would make me want to do it again. Granted not right away. For now, I need a bit of a rest from what was a crazy two-week event.

The next event I’m aware of will be Mayhem Christmas. While I will make plans to check it out. I’m unsure yet if that will just be a couple of days or if I go all out as I did during this Halloween Mayhem event. Either way, I’m sure there will be some fun to be had.

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