Entropia Universe | The Tale Of Aurli And 10 Years Later

I was shocked. What an ending this trip ended up becoming. I bet many if asked what they were doing in a game 10 years ago don’t recall let alone know which game they were even involved in. It all came back around in this one.

rank 9 Aurli codex Entropia Universe.jpg

After some globals and a whole lot of killing later. I finished off rank 9 of the codex. This got me 8.36 in Perception. None of the other possible codex reward options interested me. My perception is starting to get to such a high amount that much only got me 39.57.

I was now in the home stench and quite a stretch it was going to be. The amount of progress I got towards the codex per kill crawled almost to a standstill. At least it was still moving enough that I noticed when I looked up to check on it.

kreltin rank 2 Entropia Universe.jpg

Oddly enough I would end up getting another codex level a bit of time later. It was however not going to be on Aurli. Once in a while, you get random spawns of the other creatures up in these domes called Kreltin. Before I head home I’ll go into their dome for a separate hunt.

Kreltin is quite an ugly thing to look at. They can also drop quite an insane healing device. They tend to get hunted a lot less since they don’t drop the Aurli bones. There is however another reason to still hunt them. For now, I have zero plans of trying to get them to rank 10 since that would require a lot more grinding and costs than I’m willing to spend for the time being.

Perhaps one day. For now, it was time to get back to grinding more Aurli and taking out the very occasional Kreltin. For whatever reason, I just find it rather relaxing to be in these domes looking off into space. Although these Aurli is quite tricky and loves to just mob you.

There came a point where things were getting a little suspect. I was considering just calling it for a day or two. I’d go out hunting and if I did not get a global I’d be down by over 50%. However, if I did get a global they were quite a lot bigger than I’ve been seeing.

Since there seemed to be a chance for some huge global to be going on. I decided to take the chance. Quite a few times people have reported in the past the worst loot they have ever seen right before something massive hits.

Aurli Weak 71 PED.jpg

Will it be what I was looking for, however? Oddly enough it was almost not going to happen. I was doing a run and at the start of it, I got 71 PED global. I felt that was not too bad. I even managed to get myself another BIO ID verification chip from that one.

I was clearing alone one of the sides till I got to the back. There seemed to be some decent loot but outside of that global nothing that interesting. It was also getting quite late to the point my mind was starting to wander into rolling hills and a rather flat pillow that I would not give up for anything.

I was not paying as much attention as I should have. I ended up getting a couple of adds on me while I was working toward the back half of the dome. I did not think anything of it till I noticed I had an Aurli Soldier on me. They can give me a bit of trouble.

Well, that one did. It killed me only after I got a couple of hits in on it. While I managed to have taken out the add first. I did not realize I was around half healthy. That is when I was taken out by a critical hit.

I looked down at my ammo and realized there was not much left of this run. I was going to call it a night. I however just can’t stand doing that. I however felt there was not a great chance I was even going to find the Aurli Soldier that took me out.

It had a good chance of regenerating back to full health if I did not get to it quickly enough. This is why people prefer to use teleport chips to get back to a location they are killed at.

I however could not just leave things like that. I ended up running back and almost the entire way back was clear. Some of the re-spawns wander off the edge of the dome and out of aggression range like a tiding pool of water.

Once I got back there. I realized it did move. I also was not going to get a clean pull on it. I however went for it anyways after taking out one Aurli I thought would be a troublemaker.

I focused on the Aurli soldier despite having an add on me. By the time it died since this was a horrible spot, I ended up having yet another add rush in on me.

Aurli Soldier 193 PED.jpg

I went to move around to start attacking the first add that was on me. At the same time, I went to click on the Aurli Soldier and I got a 193 PED global! That more than made up for the second half of my run being rather lacking in loot.

While that was the end of the ammo I had. I reached into my ship storage and pulled out a backup of 200 PED of ammo I had. I noticed after killing the adds on me that not only was I getting perception gains but I started to get a rather funny feeling. I guess you could call it gamer intuition or instantly at this point I’m not sure which is a compliment anymore.

I decided even if this extra 200 PED of ammo ends up going poorly. It should be near a break even. I put a marker down around where I got the perception again and I started to clear out a couple of Aurli.

Not even 3 minutes later I downed an Aurli Weak that had 212 PED of loot on it. While the rest of the run ended up being trash if this place was going off like this I was willing to blow a little more since I was already in the green for this larger then average session of mine.

Along with this loot as I’ve been saying for a while my curse of armor drops continues! I looted a Hermes Headpiece (F,L). I can’t use female gear arrrrrggggggg!!!!!!!!! At least it dropped full TT. I can only hope this one sells as I’m starting to get quite a few different pieces of female gear I can’t sell and I’d love the 114% markup or so on it.

What is most interesting about getting a 212 PED loot was only so clear to me. I found it a bit funny I had to laugh just a bit.

top 20 showing.png

Back in 2/17/2013 yes over 10 years ago and some change. I was up on this very space station. While I was in a different dome hunting Kreltin. Who was kicking my behind as I had zero and I mean business being up here with the gun and armor I had back then.

I ended up getting a 222 PED global from a Kreltin. For quite a while that Kreltin was decently high on my top 20 all-time biggest loots by TT value. For now, at least it looks like it’s going to survive being my current 17th biggest kill at the time of writing this.

Then you have the Aurli kill I just got that was over 10 years later. It did not beat the Kreltin kill. It landed right behind it at number 18. That I find just to be crazy. I’m also kind of saddened that even made it into my top 20 let alone the other one is still there.

I do have some decent hopes it won’t be that hard to sell the headpiece. Since it has quite high amounts of burn, penetration, and shrapnel protection. This would go great for any female higher-end players engaging in the robot invasion going on Planet Calypso down below me.

going back to buy some guns in Entropia Universe.jpg

At this point, I’m so close to being down. Yet I’m out of guns. So I need to go down to the planet Calypso anyways for a gun resupply. I also decided it was not worth it yet to pay the 7 PED teleportation fee to get down to the planet.

While I would be flying through some loot-able PvP space. I decided to take non-lootable stuff like the headpiece I loot and some of the chips. I could at least get those up on the market and try and get back some PED to ensure I can keep going.

I ended up taking a bit of a breakdown at the planet. I checked in on the current robot invasion going on. I decided I did not want to get sidetracked too much but I did gather some intel I’ll be using later on. After a short break, I was back at the Crystal Palace Space Station with a gun and a new amp.

It was time to finish off rank 10 of the codex for Aurli. I also had assumed since I just got some decent loot and it looked like the space station was rather dead. The last few kills I would be needed were going to be some dreadful loot.

Aurli Weak 85 PED.jpg

While it was kind of awful I did end up getting one final global of 85 PED but it at around even for that session. Which I was more than grateful for as I was just looking to wrap this up and head on off.

globals weekly getting onto the board.png

That ended up being my last global on Aurli for this entire trip. That also means I did not get an uber which I did state quite early on in this adventure. Overall I ended up getting 15 globals during this trip which for me is quite a lot. It even put me on the weekly global board. Not that I get anything for doing so. My 15 holds nothing to the guy who has been going ape up here with over 100 making him one of the higher-ranked hunters during the week in the game at this time.

rank 10 codex for aurli.jpg

A few kills later and rank 10 now done. I picked up 4.78 PED of Alertness. It was about time to pack up and head home. I just had one last thing to do before heading out.

Final thoughts

final few kills of the adventure.jpg

All of this ended up putting a nice dent in the number of kills I need to one day unlock the Crystal Palace Cave. It looks like I’m now around 50% there. Between that and gaining just a couple of ranks in the Aurli Codex, I ended up cycling through 7,600 PED of ammo. Which I ended up doing in 19 hunting sessions.

Hopefully the other codex I choose to work on for quite some time will not be so intense or long to complete. I’m sure at some point I’ll be back up here again chipping away at my goal of getting into that cave. Who knows if that will just be a day trip or a bit longer? All I do know is I have quite an insane amount of grinding left to activate such a goal.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.