Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 A Close Call Ending

One of the downsides to being a little light on funds in Entropia Universe is moments like these where you are getting close to finishing off an event. Your wallet is almost finished off as well. I could not afford to spend any further money this month on this game either. So this final countdown of points ended up being a little more nerve-racking than I was expecting.

Things were going somewhat great till around this point in the funds I had to run this event. A little while back the extender I use on my gun broke. Those like the guns and amps since it was (L) can’t be repaired. So that was over a 200 PED investment into another one typing up funds.

At the time I picked up that extender, I think it might be like 107% markup so 214 PED or so. I do miss the days were I was getting them for around 103%. I did not think it would be that big of a deal. I had been doing quite decent on loot.

I was however now coming off a bit of a bad end of run from the last post. My gun and amp were also about to break. So that would be another over 220-230 PED I’d have to type up in limited item investments.

Thankfully I did have 200 extra PED I had set aside just in case I’d fall into having to tie so much up into items. My shrapnel stack to convert into ammo was however getting quite light.

It did not help any that my entries for 200 PED cycles of ammo only including ammo looked like this: -59.61, -66.69, -16.54, -46.21, -6.36. This put me into having less than 200 PED of shrapnel and having to buy normal ammo from the vendor to keep going. Dipping into the last couple of PED I had for repairing armor decay and other things.

Then my scope and two lasers I have on my weapons hit zero TT. Thankfully they were repairable since they are unlimited. That was however another 20 PED that I ended up tying up into those. I was rather tempted at this point just to run without them. I however decided if they broke again I’d have to leave them off.

Even worse my unlimited little healing device Refurbished HEART Rank VI that been doing all the healing this entire event for me also broke. I think I put 3 PED of repairs into it. Things were starting to get quite down to the wire.

Easter robot codex rank 15.jpg

At the very least I had finished off rank 15 of the Easter Codex. I picked myself up at 4.01 PED of alertness. This would also be the last rank of codex I would end up getting. As Rank 16 and up required quite a lot of grinding. Something I’d save if I end up doing Easter Mayhem next year.

I recall killing off the boss warlock. Getting something like 2 PED in loot and just thinking I’m screwed. Those things were not cheap to kill. Had finished it off on normal ammo as it was about time to go make some repairs and convert what little shrapnel I had remaining.

The points at this point were also stalling out. I had maybe a single 100-point killed from a random robot. Just lots of 1-point kills if even that. I had hopes I’d have been finished with the next couple of hours with a luck and I could not even get up to 6.2k points.

It must have been so bad that a lot of players had stopped hunting Eastern robots. I would notice from time to time quite a lot of globals on just different creatures. Like the loot pool had turned rotten and everyone was off hiding from the smell of it or something.

183 ped left of ammo.jpg

I however kept pushing on. You can see here in this screenshot that I had just covered all the remaining shrapnel I had left. I was down to just 183 PED of ammo. I had enough PED to buy 17 of the normal ammo that however was about all I had.

154 ped of ammo left.jpg

It was yet another bad round. The shrapnel had looted now only converted into 154.79 ammo. I was no longer going to have enough to hunt in 200 PED worth of ammo at a time. As I was out of PED as well.

At least when my gun and amp broke. I had one final replacement of each one on me. This in part is why I was down to my last money. I suppose I could have opted for many lower-level guns and just sat in the Annihilation 01 instance hunting the smallest Easter robots possible.

39 shrapnel looted.jpg

I then got what I considered to be a critical moment. I was considering just calling it a day and coming back 12 or more hours later hoping the loot pool was not going to be so bad. I looted 39.55 PED of shrapnel off a single kill.

While that was not a lot in itself the average loot I was getting would not have been enough to cover the round. It would at least help put me close.

A couple of kills later I finished off the second to last tier of the bronze mission. That gave me 10.9 PED of ammo. It was badly needed. It was however with a couple of other small loots enough to turn the tide.

I ended up partway through converting shrapnel into ammo when I could and recording it down so for my recordkeeping I could keep things in 200 PED chunks. As I did not have enough at the start of each round to do so. I ended up with a small +1.28 Run. Follow by another +3.25 run. Then another +41.9 run.

21 robot looter profession.jpg

The stress eased away a bit once I got to hit the level 21 robot looter profession. I don’t know why. It was just nice seeing my robot looter go up another level. At that point, I was also at 6520 out of 7k points. Things were getting quite close.

I was still having to fight it out 1 point at a time. No massive amount of points was coming my way. Thinking back now I’m kind of glad I did not get some massive 2,500 points or something kill right at the end. I think that might have tilted me a bit as that would have been a massive waste of points.

114 ped kill.jpg

I then looted a 114 PED kill. This put me back over having 200 PED of shrapnel again. It allowed me to crawl out of what felt like a hole. For the rest of the final hunt, I was no longer thinking I was going to run out of ammo.

86 ped global.jpg

A while later when I was down to my final 146 points I needed I got another global. Not as big as the last one just 86 PED. It however allowed me to keep climbing up.

Final Thoughts

mayhem bronze done.jpg

The final kill that sent me over 7k points also had 40 PED of shrapnel for loot. On top of the 10.9 PED of ammo, 22 Mayhem tokens, a mask, and a pet from finishing Mayhem. I had made it.

I have never been much of a pet user in Entropia Universe. Like many, I was expecting the pet to be rather boring. I was shocked to see there was critical damage and auto looting if I level it up high enough. Pets however consume food that you have to buy or craft yourself. I have no idea how much it would cost to level up or even if it would be worth the hourly cost to maintain. It’s however nice to have. It also makes me wonder what kind of effects the higher Mayhem mission ended up rewarding for those who reached the end.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.