Entropia Universe | The Tale Of Aurli And That Feeling Of A Long Grind

I’m sure many gamers know that feeling once you realize you have found yourself in yet another long grind. Thankfully this was quite an enjoyable one. Well, I somewhat had an idea going into this that it was going to take some time. I found it rather shocking in the end just how much ammo I ended up using.

Aurli Rank 8.jpg

By the time I finished off rank 8 of Aurli. I started to understand I got myself into quite a massive grind if I’m going to make it to rank 10. At least the codex reward here was amazing with 7.17 PED of Perception.

To truly understand how long of a grind I was about to continue. Take a look at that progression for Access Crystal Palace Cave. While that bar has moved slightly from where I started on this trip. By the end of this, it’s going to look around 50%.

Up to this part of the trip, I’m now 6 globals into it. The largest ended up being 89 PED which is a bit disappointing. It did however drop a regeneration L chip and some tier components. Any global with some markup in them is always good.

Of things, I was also not getting a lot of luck on looting. It was like someone was hiding the tier components. I think I ended up selling the ones I looted during this trip for over 300% markup. I just wish I had looted a boatload more than would have helped things.

standing in a deadly area to hunt some Aurli Entropia Universe.jpg

Since I’ve hunted Aurli a decent amount now I’ve gotten decent at trying to predict if I’m at risk of getting aggression on an add. Granted the random add spawning right next to me is not always that helpful.

At the very least I’ve gained a lot more confidence to be standing in the sea of them like this. Just plucking away at a bunch taking a sun bath on this hill here.

Aurli tends to move around a lot. Even more so when you or someone else starts to get close to them. They tend to spawn next to the walls of the dome. They then wander down the hills into the center part.

I’ve seen quite a few players in this dome while I was up here get mulled to death by a half dozen or more Aurli. They try and sit in an area too long and then they move around and you find yourself in a bad way with no chance of getting out alive!

I managed to fight myself out of a such situation before they got too dire to have more than 3 Aurli on me at once. That is still however quite a lot more armor decay than I would care for.

Most of the time when you see a player just standing in the sea of Aurli they either got insane armor or do some insane damage. One night a guy came in here and I swear he was killing them in a few seconds. I just noticed lots of red dots fad off the mini-radar as a green dot walked slowly to the back of the dome.

I can only dream that could one day be me. Granted if I had that kind of firepower I doubt I’d be spending any time in the dome. I’d be off in the cave. One day I hope to show what is in there. Hopefully, by then I’ll be able to survive in there as well once I get access.

Aurli solider on the edge of the dome 1 Entropia Universe.jpg

Like a lot of my different hunting sessions up here. I’d just go around the wall for most of the dome. It’s about as safe as you can get in here. That is till you can get to the back. At least when I was up here the back area had some nice spots to just chill in without getting mobbed to death.

One of these days I got to get myself a teleportation chip. That way I can be cool and just appear back there. I however do rather enjoy just clearing my way around. Most of the time I’ll just clear back the other way till I run out of ammo. I don’t always spend a lot of time in the back.

I had one entire day this place was in the dumps I only had two total globals for that day. I’d go check out the global data and I’ll just see I was the last one to get a global for quite a few hours. On other days this place would just be rocking any global I’d get would soon not be seen on the list.

level 55 laser sniper hit.jpg

While up here I did reach level 55 Laser Sniper Hit. This profession however is a bit ahead of my damaged profession yet again. Till I get that one up to level 55 as well I’ll have to hold off on using Armatrix LR-50 (L) guns. They do cost a lot as well so I doubt I’ll use them. In my 45’s I can get 118% or better. In the ’50s on the other hand I’ve seen 130% or even higher. They must have some crazy costing crafting ingredient or just not enough people who use them along with blueprint drops.

Looting a combustive attack nanochip 7 L off an aurli in Entropia Universe.jpg

Perhaps one of the more nice things about this trip was the trip of me seeing items drop I don’t quite recall ever getting up here. I ended up finding myself looting a Combustive Nanochip 7 (L). Sadly it was far from being TT. Despite that, since the TWEN event is going on it sold within the first day I listed it for sale. Although the markup for these is like 108% so I did not make a lot extra of it.

The nice thing about that global is a couple of kills later after I pulled another 200 PED out of my ship and tucked away what I looted to keep track of it. I ended up getting my biggest global yet for this trip of 170 PED.

Aurli Weak 170 PED Entropia Universe.jpg

Funny enough I was quite tired at the time. I was tempted to just call it an evening. I however told myself I was not going to finish my goal here if I was being that lazy. That single loot almost covered the remaining of that session. I walked away slightly in the green for the day but not for the trip. It however helped a lot.

One thing I noticed a lot while I was up there is I was not getting much of any decently sized no-global loot. You would expect creatures with this much health to at least be drooping some smaller stacks of the goods. For the most part, though it was global or bust run after run.

On quite rare occasions I’d find myself with loot like this. Not only was it a decent non-global PED amount of loot. I even managed to get some tier components. I’m already drooling over the markup on those things!

The Alien Blood was not bad either. All in all, this was a good drop. If only it had some bones in it.

Perhaps one day I’ll save up some of the drops like the bones and pay for someone to make up some better 5B plates. People tend to give you a decent discount if you bring your supplies the best you can. There tends to be a lack of bones on the market for crafting the plates.

With a few of them, I could then upgrade them if I got some other stuff that drops off in the cave one day. I doubt however I’d upgrade them more than once or twice as far as the 5B plates go.

They end up consuming a lot of materials like further 5B plates and another bone required. This is one of the reasons the ubers tend to grind up here for the bones. Many of them all want the maxed-out version Mk. 5B, Modified. Not only do they come with better resistance but they have a block chance as well.

That tends to mean even the bone piece you can get outside of the cave which I ended up getting a couple of tends to stay in high demand. So many people want them.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes in these long grinds just breaking even is more than you can ask for. I am gaining a lot of skills while I am up here as well. On top of the codex rewards. While it was tempting to bring some skill pills up here with me that would have helped boost me even further. I decided I wanted to stockpile till I get a decent amount again.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.