Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Was It Worth It

With Entropia Universe being a real cash economy game many often have questions about the numbers on the financial side of things. With Mayhems usually being longer events I tend to do a lot of grinding in. I tend to be a little more open about those numbers and making posts like these.

For this event I declared quite early on I had a $150 limit I had imposed on myself (1,500 PED) of liquidity. For those that read the last post you know I almost ran out of liquidity. Things were however not as bad as they seemed. Even more so with how amazing the last hour or so went when I finished off the bronze mission.

Yes, I did only go for the bronze mission this year. Coming off Merry Mayhem Silver I grinded for an insane amount of time and spent way too much money. I wanted to take this one a bit easier. It ended up not being as easy as I was hoping. It seems however I did a lot better than I was expecting once I ran through all the numbers.

Let’s first talk about the $150 or 1,500 PED. In this game every $1 = 10 PED. For the remainder of this post, I’ll be talking in terms of PED as that is just how I see it being such a longer-term player as I have been in this game off and on again over the years.

For completing all 10 tiers of the bronze mission. I ended up getting 109 PED of Universal ammo (UA). While it is true UA can’t be traded or sold. Since I do a lot of hunting and I’ve already used that ammo. I’ve included that in my first initial numbers in terms of liquidity.

Once I add in any ammo I have left, shrapnel (including conversion markup), and items I know will be easy to sell. On top of any remaining TT (trade terminal value) in PED on my remaining gun, gun amp, gun extender, 2 laser sights, 1 scope. I was down a total of 1,091.86 PED.

While being -1,091.86 PED from an event might sound bad. That is just what I consider to be the liquidity side of the equation. There are many other large factors in why someone might even grind out Mayhem in the first place.

One thing I also looted but have not attempted to sell yet are Eastern boxes. In the past, I believe people value them around 1.4 PED each if I’m not mistaken. I looted 90 and will be holding onto them for now being valued at around 129 PED.

That puts me at - 962.86 PED. This is also where I would consider anything short to the medium of things I might sell. Anything beyond this point is directly liquidable and is a bit harder to move.

One of the bigger reasons would be for Rare Mayhem Tokens. While they are not tradeable the items they can be are. I did not loot any. Just a single one of those would be worth more than my total losses for this event and any other events I’ve done. They are considered to be worth a lot.

Speaking in further non-tradeable tokens. There are also the normal Mayhem tokens. I looted in total from the bronze mission, daily missions, and robots 607. People seem to value them at around .6 or higher if I’m not mistaken. There are also items you can buy from the vendor that has been restocked that do not require Rare tokens.

So I got about 364.2 PED worth of tokens. While there is another token that is also dropping during this event called Unreal Tokens. I did not loot any of those either. The loot gods were asleep I can only assume while I was hunting.

That puts me at - 598.66 PED. Not amazing but for how much grinding I did with not getting anything great that is rather reasonable. However, there are still further things to consider.

Another big chunk of gains my account got was in the form of skills. I was both grinding out the codex; along with, running skill booster pills for normal skill gains. This I’ll be breaking into two different parts.

The skill value amounts I gained from codex gains were quite easy to keep track of. I simply wrote down the TT value of my different rewards. I then can multiply them by the average to sell those skills on the market.

That would be around 541.01 PED worth of skills gained. Granted if I was going to sell those skills I would be getting a lot smaller profit since you need an ESI and they are costly to put the skills on. However, all these skills I need and I did not have to buy them from other players. As such I see that as a full value add to my overall account.

That puts me at -57.65. It is mind-blowing just how much value in skills you end up gaining. This is however not where skills end either.

While I have in the past written down my exact skill amounts and kept track of over 25 skills manually including checking the PED value increases. That is quite a pain in the behind. Thankfully I have enough data from doing this a few times in the past I have a great average I can apply for each of the 50 200 ammo PED rounds I did record.

While this is not exactly the number I got was 656.5 PED in value gained in skills. This seems to be on par with my data. There was also not any new skill unlocks during this event for me that I acquired. So I feel this is a reasonable assumption of skill gains.

This puts me at +598.85. As always I do put a giant asterisk on this number. As that is not all a liquidity gain and the costs to sell off a large number of skills would yield a lot less.

During this event, I also did gain a couple of levels of Robot looting. They are not something I hunt a lot. However, they increase my loot ever so slightly. Not enough to ever notice how many levels I got. It however is quite a long-term improvement. Along with the single level of animal looting I acquired as well.

I also did finish off enough codexes to complete a single meta codex. That netted me 1 PED of Stamina. While I’m still a bit away from gaining another point of health. Getting those points over the long run is quite a big deal.

Easter bunny.jpg

There is also one final thing. That Easter bunny I looted from finishing off bronze. While you can’t directly sell them on the auction house. I do believe this is the first year they have been included as a reward.

I have no idea what its value is at. It is the lowest possible one you can get since I only did bronze. This is also the only way to get one. What I do know is some people are trying to sell the higher-tier Redulite bunny for 1,500 PED. I of course only have a bronze and it’s just far too early for the markets to decide what any of these things are worth.

I doubt mine would be anywhere near that amount. I also don’t know much about the differences between the different tiers. Could my bunny be worth 100 PED? Maybe nothing at all. Hard to say even more so if it’s the same reward next year as that would further lower the value which is also quite an unknown.

Final Thoughts

globals on Mayhem Easter event.png

With all that said I did end up shooting 10,000 PED of ammo. My decay for armor and healing was around 1% which is where I like to have it if not lower. Once you add in all the ammo, guns, decay, and markup paid on the guns I spent 10,787.05 PED.

Numbers wise things could have been slightly better. I had an amazing time during this event. Shame I did not get any Unreal tokens or some (L) items drops that tend to have some markup on them. I however did spend a lot less than I have on other events. I more than likely got a little lucky with the 1k and 500-point kills I got a couple of times.

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