Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Massive Points

Things were just about to heat up in the points gained. It would only take a couple of large point gains to finish off this event for me. While there is always a chance I don't tend to expect them to happen.

I was already having a decent good start in a new instance. I had a couple of 40-ish PED looters. While not global yet it was more than enough to put me into the short-term green position. My shrapnel stack was also starting to slowly deplete. So any time it can go up gives me a nice little buffer as I kept grinding along.

I then got within the first half an hour my biggest point gain of the event. 1k points. Since I only needed 7k points total that alone was over 14% of the total points I needed. That more than finished off the current bronze tier I was working on and put me close to finishing off the next one as well. This also put me over 4k points now.

That one also on top of some tokens and ammo gave me another nice bump to my Easter Mayhem codex. I would still need to do some decent grinding to finish off rank 14. I however started this instance quite low into the progress bar for it.

After a fair bit more killing, I was hoping my next warlock boss kill would put me over. It however did not. It was yet another dud of a kill.

500 point kill.jpg

Shortly after I got another unexpected 500-point kill. This was now the second one I got during this event. Gaining over 7% of the total points I needed during an event and picking up some further tokens and ammo is always nice.

I then walked around to different parts of the instance for a while shooting from different sides of it. Loot was not being that kind and I somewhat wanted to clear out everything in there that I could. I then returned to my normal shooting spot.

I noticed I started to get quite a few perception gains while hunting. So I started to focus on everything around me the best I could. I was half tempted to pop a stat increase pill to increase my reload speed and critical chance so I could clear out the area faster. I however decided against the idea and saved it.

123 ped kill in Easter mayhem.jpg

It turns out I did not need to do so. After just a couple of further kills, I found the culprit. A nice 123 PED kill to add on top of all the other fun points I was getting. If I recall I might have gotten a 50-point kill off the same creature as well.

Even the boss I had killed shortly later gave me 100 points for the kill. I then went off to shoot around the instance for a bit to make sure there were no other perception checks. I then decided this half of the instance was going a little too well. I decided to drop it and get a fresh one.

daily and bronze mission tier reached.jpg

A short time later I finished off not only another tier of the bronze mission from a 10-point kill. It was also enough to finish the stage of the daily. On top of that since that tier of bronze mission awarded yet again some further codex levels it put me at 100% rank 14 for the codex.

All I needed to do was kill one further robot to finish off rank 14 of the codex. It was rather odd that I was a single kill away from having that finished off as well. I guess I’ll be hoping to get the trifecta another time.

For my Codex reward, I ended up picking up 7.02 PED of it. That gave almost 51 perceptions and a new rank in it as well. That was also more than enough to level 5 professions: level 27 mutant looter, level 34 animal looter (woot!), level 11 gardener (I never use this skill), level 12 gunner, and level 5 animal investigator. What an exciting time.

another 500 points.jpg

Not even half an hour into this instance I got myself a 500-point kill. Making it my third one for this event now. This game was rather unexpected as I had already been doing great on points. I was now 78% done with the total amount of points I needed.

This also put me rather close to getting another rank on the bronze mission. I was for sure thinking when the warlock boss spawned I’d be getting 100 points from killing it. I did not. I’d need to be grinding a fair bit off a bunch of 1 and 5-point kills.

I was however close enough it did not take that much longer. That next tier of the bronze mission netted me 22 tokens, 10.9 PED of ammo, and some bunny bronze ears. I also got another nice chunk of Easter Robot codex increase.

getting bunny ears.jpg

Now I could truly be in the spirit of the Easter Mayhem with bunny ears. Since I never got this far last year in the Easter event I never earned these. While they only have like 2 PED of markup on the auction house I’ll be holding onto these. Don’t I just look like I need a lot of booze? I decided to wear the ears for the remainder of the event.

The ears even brought enough luck that the next warlock boss I killed I got 100 points from it. The loot was still dreadful. At this point, I’ve given up on the idea of getting anything that is not a loss when killing the warlock.

I however did not care much. As a short time later hit level 56 of Laser Sniper (Hit). This is my highest profession. While I was waiting on damage professionals to catch up before I could I should use a bigger gun. It’s always fun seeing a level-up on this one.

It’s a bit of a shame I won’t get another hidden skill to unlock till Laster Sniper (hit) reaches level 70. I don’t expect that for a very long time. I expect I sometimes will go weeks or even months before I see this profession increase in a level. Even more so when I’m just hunting small creatures and not doing an event like Mayhem.

Final Thoughts

86 ped loot.jpg

Outside of getting an 86 Ped global. It seemed like everything went quite dry for quite some time. I decided I’d take it easy and rest up. I’d make one final push when I had some more time and finish this thing off.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.