Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Almost Halfway Point

A fresh day and a fresh instance. The fun of events like this is not knowing if I’ll end up scoring some high-point kills or have a total flop of a day. Since I’m doing bronze this thing could be over quite quickly. I however have been finding it quite refreshing.

Along with a fresh instance, I reset my daily. It’s always fun when going into a long grind to have a rather short-term goal that keeps you going. The first couple of daily Mayhem stages would be completed quickly. While you are only earning 1 token, 2 tokens, and so forth. Sometimes that quick hit of accomplishing something is all that is needed as you dig in for a long grind.

While I don’t always finish an entire 5-hour instance. As it is not always worth it if it will end by the time the next boss will be spawned in. Along with if other things come up in life. I ended up having quite a few hours of mostly uninterrupted play.

At the very least one thing I have always enjoyed about these instances is if I need to afk for a bit I can. Taking down a single robot is rather fast. I then can just take a couple of steps toward where the terminals are and I won’t get attacked.

500 point kill in Easter Mayhem.jpg

Quite early on in this instance, I got at the time my highest skill point kill for the Easter Mayhem event. On top of that those 500 points finished off another tier of the bronze mission. This rewarded 10.9 PED of ammo, 22 Mayhem tokens, and a massive jump in codex progress almost finishing off rank 11 of that.

Just before all of that going on. I had also finished a state of the daily. So things were quite active for me. The fun was also not stopping there.

rank 11 Easter mayhem robots codex.jpg

A few moments later I finished off rank 11 of the Easter Robot codex. I ended up going for 7.22 PED of Dexterity. That did only get me 35 Dexterity in skills. I have a feeling I’m getting close enough again to switch out for this choice of rewards I’ll be selecting. However for now I’m still fine picking dexterity. I just need to run the numbers at some point and decided when I’ll be going back to getting anatomy skills instead.

The first boss of this instance that I took down finally reward me with a 100-point kill. Something all the other bosses I’ve killed up to this point in the event had been lacking. I for sure thought this was going to be an instance loaded with some insane point gains.

78 ped global Easter mayhem.jpg

I was even more shocked when I got a 78 PED to kill. All of this had happened within the first hour of the instance. As anyone who follows along in my event runs knows I’ve said in the past that sometimes all the fun is in the first half of an instance. I however was not going to let that force my hand in wanting to get a new instance. Sometimes you are just rocking things out.

The next few points up to the next rank of the bronze codex were a tough and slow grind. I had to earn every single 1, 5, and 10-point kill I got. I was almost 3 hours into this instance and several hours since the last exciting anything happened.

At least I picked up another 10.9 PED of ammo, 55 Mayhem tokens, and an Easter egg. I was however starting to get that feeling I perhaps should have just dumped this instance and gotten a fresh one. I however had zero reasons to leave so I just kept grinding at it.

another meta codex.jpg

After a while, I got another rank in the Easter Robots codex. This time it was enough to finish off another rank of the Meta codex getting me 1 PED of Stamina. This is one of the reasons I’m grinding the codex this year is to get meta rank as the stats you get from those can be rather nice.

I also picked up a nice 8.02 PED of Dexterity from Codex rank 12. That finished off level 51 of Laser Pistoleer (Hit). While I don’t usually use pistols and have not for quite some time. I do like having a few different weapons options. As you never know when an (L) weapon on the market becomes hard to find and you need to make the switch to something else.

Beyond that, I got a couple of almost globals. They were in the 40 PED range. I thought that was going to be it for this instance. Sometimes you see those almost not quite global loots and nothing else.

This instance however was not done with me before it was time to go. I got a nice 147 PED global which I used for the cover of this post. It was quite needed as I had some rather bad loot for a while. By the time I went to repair and check out my loot global gave me my best little run as I jotted down the numbers before converting for more ammo and taking a few steps out to do some further killing.

One thing I have not talked a lot about is all the other loot I’ve been getting. Between the bronze mission, daily missions, and just looting Mayhem tokens off the robots I was up to 222 of them from this event. I also looted 33 Easter Mayhem boxes.

By the time I left that instance to get another one I was over 2.2k points. I had a couple of 25s that helped speed things up. However, nothing like that 500-point kill I got quite early on in that instance.

Annihilation Eviscerator 04 93 PED.jpg

Not even 3 minutes into the next instance I got a 93 PED global. I was rather starting to enjoy these larger globals I was getting at quite a decent rate now.

That global alone put that 200 PED of ammo cycle before I went off to repair and get more ammo into the green. While overall I was starting to dig into the red I was fairing a lot better than I was expecting at this point before adding in other things like tokens and skill gains.

This was yet another instance that felt like it was on fire. Just another couple of moments later I looted 98 Ped of shrapnel. I was also looting quite a few 7 PED and other more loot than cost kills.

I decided after I cleared out the little cluster of loot I found. That I would go around and try the best I could to at least ensure everything that spawned in at the start was killed. With how much these things move around that can be quite hard to do since I don’t have insane damage for these things. As expected I kept finding some decent loot along the way.

getting killed.jpg

I then had my first death. I had walked out too far from the area you are supposed to be in. I was looking down while trying to walk looking at how much ammo I had left (11 shots) and seeing on the radar if I could make it back to the trading terminal without getting aggression.

I laughed a little bit at how silly of a way to get killed it was. The armor I was wearing was more than enough to keep me alive for the most part. So that really would be the only way I’d get killed unless I got rather lazy.

I then went on a nice little slew of point gains. I had a 50, a few 25’s, and even a single 100-point kill. I was starting to make some decent progress at this point getting up to 2,525 of the 7k points I needed. While I was still quite a ways from finishing. There is just something about realizing soon enough I would be hitting the hallway mark.

As I’m often grinding in sessions like this I get a lot of different profession level increases. Most of the time they are not anything I care much about and not worth talking about either. I was however a bit shocked when I realized I hit rank 25 in the paramedic profession.

Leveling up healing skills in Entropia Universe can be quite a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Many just go out and buy skills from those that run businesses healing others in the game as a service.

level 25 paramedic profession.jpg

One of the bigger things that have been holding me back for a while has been my healing ability in the game. It has even become a bit expensive to find an (L) healing device as people just don’t craft many these days in my range. At some point, I’ll probably have to drop a few hundred bucks and get myself a decent unlimited healing device.

Getting more ranks in the healing profession can at the very least open up other options for me. Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to find a more affordable solution to paying high markup on a couple of healing (L) devices I can find and have to limit myself on how often I use them.

After that, I ended up having a single boss in this instance give me 100 points on killing it. The loot from them however kept being rather bad. That least put me a few kills away from finishing off the next tier of the bronze mission.

2800 mayhem points.jpg

Once I hit 2.8k points I got 10.9 PED of ammo, 22 tokens, and a nice bump to my Easter Robots codex. Not quite enough to finish it off. I was however getting close to doing so.

Shortly later, I got a profession rank in Robot looting. My robot looting skill is quite low so I was expecting to at least get a couple of ranks in that. I do however wish there were animal looter as that is the one I’m focused on skilling up the most these days. It was however a nice break to go out and hunt some robots for a change.

Final Thoughts

codex rank 13 for Easter robots.jpg

I decided I’d grind till I finished off rank 13 of the codex for 6.01 PED of perception. I then was going to call it a night. It was getting rather late. I was more than enough ahead of any kind of schedule in terms of points that I felt confident I would not have any issues finishing this event in bronze with what time I could make later on to keep playing.

I was also getting low on guns and gun amps. I would need to head off to the mall at some point and restock anyways. So that just seemed like a great stopping point.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.