Entropia Universe | Next Island The Magical Forest Unlock, Key, and Instance Run

The Magical Forest on Next Island is an instance that requires you to complete a mission to enter and have a key to do so. In this guide, I’ll be going over the three missions you need to complete to be able to enter The Magical Forest. Next being able to craft your own key. Finally a run of the instance itself.

Solving An Old Next Island Mystery

Solving An Old Next Island Mystery Mission Start Next Island Entropia.jpg

This mission chain itself is required for being able to enter the Magical Forest. Thankfully it is also the easiest of the missions to do as you are just running around to different locations.

You can pick up the mission Solving An Old Next Island Mystery in Conq’s Rest. Inside the large building will be a display case with a pyramid in it. Clicking on the display case at (132311, 95584) will start the mission.

Solving an Old Next Island Mystery find the pyramid Entropia Universe.jpg

Next, you need to find the pyramid which can be found around (128052, 85075). After a little bit of text, you will be instructed to find a lonely ape called The Hermit Ape.

Next Island the Hermit Ape Solving An Old Next Island Mystery Entropia Universe.jpg

The Hermit Ape can be found on a bit of a ledge at (132470, 93892). He is not that far away from the Death Valley teleport. He is just North north-east down a couple of steps on the ramp.

After that, you head back to the Pyramid. After a little bit more text you head back yet again to the Hermit Ape.

You then need to find the mysterious pillars which are around (126038, 89357). Once you arrive you have now finished Solving An Old Next Island Mystery mission. You can now walk up close to the glowing mushroom.

The second requirement to enter the Magical Forest is a key called Decorative Magic Flower that gets consumed on use. It needs to be repaired fully and can usually be bought from other players for TT + 1 or 2 PED.

It is cheaper just to buy it from other players and then go through two further mission chains to unlock the blueprint itself. If however, you are like me you rather be able to craft the key yourself. The next two sections will be going over that. For those that plan to buy the key, you can skip over those sections and go to the instance run itself for an overview.

Magical Flowers

NPC Frederick on Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

The mission that gives you the blueprint to craft Decorative Magic Flower has a prerequisite called Magical Flowers. Frederick in Tanzanite View who can be found at (135347, 88526) will give both missions. For the first mission Magical Flowers you need to collect 50 flowers that can be found spawned throughout Next Island.

Magical Flowers Mission Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

This is the kind of flower you need to find and click on. There are some important things to note. First, if you do not have the mission clicking on them will be a waste. Second, when someone clicks on one they take a while to respawn before someone else clicks on it. Lastly, you just need to click on 50 of these they can be the same ones.

For those who have all the teleports on Next Island, this mission will be rather easy for you. For those who don’t have all teleporters on Next Island discovered yet you are about to have most of them! Flowers for the most part spawn rather close to different teleports around Next Island.

Magical Flowers mission 1 Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

Here are some examples so you can get a better understanding of the places they like to spawn.

Magical Flowers mission 2 Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

A lot of the time in areas with these kinds of tents close to teleports you can find a flower if it is up behind the tent.

Do not click on this flower Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

The only flowers you should not be touching are this one that tells you not to. Also, some shop owners place flowers on the ground for sale. Those don’t count and I assume since you are running this mission yourself you intend to craft your key for the Magical Forest instance. So keep an eye out for those.

Thankfully you don’t need to run around like a headless chicken looking for these flowers. A massive location waypoint list has already been compiled by a few different people and that can be found here.

For those who chose to use that list here are some helpful hints. Start at a random one on the list. Most flowers at the top of the list and bottom tend to be not up. When you do find a flower remove it from your list (while yes you can still click on it again when respawns and get further credit it takes a while to respawn). Once you have gone through your list of areas you have not found a flower in yet go back to the places you already have and start looking over again.

I ended up doing the bulk of this mission late at night when the server population was low. Even then quite a few flowers were down. After about two or so hours and picking up a lot of teleports I did not have. I found 50 Magical Flowers.

Haruspex Sleep Pants Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

Once you are done return to Frederick in Tanzanite View for the next mission. For finding 50 Magical Flowers you do get limited blueprint rewards (not the one we need for the instance) of a male or female version of clothing with 10 clicks on it. These kinds of blueprints tend to have some decent markup on them.

Now that you meet the prerequisites you can start the Magical Flower Bonus challenge.

Magical Flower Bonus challenge

NPC Frederick on Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

Frederick in Tanzanite View who can be found at (135347, 88526) gives this mission Magical Flower Bonus after you finished the prerequisite listed above. The reward is a blueprint to craft an item called Decorative Magic Flower which is the key you need to enter the Magical Forest.

You will need to loot 100 of each of the following crafting ingredients: Boar Tails, Cyclops Pouch, Rhodonite, and Azurite. You cannot pre-loot these ahead of time. So hopefully you are stacking this mission with a bunch of creature killing you need to do on stuff that drops these items.

While there are in some instances quite a few different creatures that can drop these ingredients. I’ll just be listing the one I ended up farming for each crafting ingredient. Keep in mind if you are not having any luck looting one of these at least every 10 kills if not at a higher rate try switching to something else or trying again an hour later.

Make sure to save all of these crafting ingredients as you will need them in a later section for crafting.

Cyclops bandit on Next Island for Cyclops Pouch Magical Flower Bonus Challenge Entropia Universe .jpg

In Ancient Greece, you can find Cyclops that will drop Cyclops Pouch. You can find a bunch of lower-level ones at around (35204, 19703). For me, these would sometimes dry up on dropping the pouches for a while. As such I just worked on other things and check back in on them later by killing a few to see if they were dropping again.

While you could hunt higher levels once I noticed I was getting about the same amount if not more off killing the level 1 and level 2 cyclops. They were also easy to deal with Z12 Barbarella and whatever gear you have around if you even want to wear gear.

Hunting Mutant Boars for Boar tails Magical Flower Bonus Challenge Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

On Next Island Boar tails can be looted off a few different creatures. I ended up hunting Mutant Boars as I was farming for some other drops as well. You can find a bunch around (129220, 84882) along a mountainside and in giant open fields in that region.

At least for the boar, I choose to hunt. These were the highest health creatures out of all the ones I would be farming for this mission. I ended up wearing Adjusted Pixie and taking a couple of shots with my Armatrix LR 35 (L) before finishing them off with a lower-level gun. That gun is quite overkilled and you can use something less powerful like an LR 20.

Rhodonite Crystals off Red Papoo Magical Flower Bonus Challenge Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

Rhodonite Crystals can be found off Red Papoo on Next Island around (127076, 82722). Since I had yet to run my daily Stalker Challenge of hunting 50 Red Papoo Stalkers for 2.5 PED of ammo I also worked on that at the same time. By the time I was down with the 50 kills I had around 30 Rhodonite left to be looted.

If you are doing what I did just use a higher-level gun that won’t 1 shot the Papoo Stalkers and then use the finisher gun required to get the mission. I’ve talked about this in a past post.

Brown Papoo Magical Flower Bonus Challenge Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

At least for me, Azurite Crystals gave me the biggest issue. I ended up rotating on Next Island between Yellow Papoo (136258, 84782), Grey Papoo (136258, 84782), and Brown Papoo (137288, 93717). I ended up getting the bulk of Azurite Crystals off Brown Papoo.

All these are super easy to kill with just an A12 Barbarella gun. The biggest struggle here is getting a few of them aggression on you all at once. I prefer to use guns with range so that was never an issue for me.

Hopefully with a little luck on your side getting 100 of each of these materials won’t take long. I was not so lucky on the Azurite Crystals and Cyclops Pouches.

Decorative magic Flower Blueprint reward Magical Flower Bonus Challenge Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

Once you are all done return to Frederick in Tanzanite View for the mission turn-in. He will give you a Decorative Magic Flower Blueprint.

Crafting Decorative Magic Flower

Crafting Decorative magic Flower Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

The nice thing about how they require you to get the Decorative Magic Flower Blueprint is you have all but one of the crafting ingredients. All you are missing is Lesser Elysia which you can buy that blueprint off a vendor and I’ve talked about it in a past post.

The Decorative Magic Flower blueprint itself is also a level 0 carpenter blueprint. So even someone like myself who is not a crafter normally did not have much of an issue crafting up a few of these.

Once you make as many as you want it’s time to move on to the next section as Decorative Magic Flower when repaired to full TT is the key to entering into the Magical Forest Instance.

Magical Forest Instance

key turn in for The Magical Forest instance Next Island.jpg

Now that you have completed Solving An Old Next Island Mystery mission and have either bought a Decorative Magic Flower and repaired it to full TT or crafted your own. You can now run the instance itself.

Once you get close enough to the Magic Forest instance at around (126032, 89329) you will be asked to turn in a full TT Decorative magic Flower which will then get consumed. If you don’t you get removed from the area.

Once you have done that you just run up to the giant mushroom and click on it to enter the instance itself.

The instance itself has two different kinds of creatures inside. It lasts for 6 hours. There is also a TT and repair station inside so you can stay for quite some time if you choose.

I will be wearing Gremlin with 5B Plating. This gear was not the most ideal but I was able to survive without too much of an issue. I did not have any other types of gear or anything better to try and test what would have worked better.

I will also be using an ArMatrix LR 35 (L). While a higher damage gun would have been better. This was more than enough. I only brought 500PED worth of ammo with me using around 320 of it before calling it a night. With a lot of time left on the instance if I wanted to keep going.

As far as the creatures themselves there is only one maturity of each and they both have 1200 health, some health regen, and appear to drop similar items. One is a lot easier to kill than the other despite them being rather equal otherwise for health and damage.

Ghostly Screecher Magical Forest Instance Next Island.jpg

The Ghostly Screecher moves quite slowly. At the max range with an Armatrix LR-35 (L) and taking a couple of steps backward sometimes. I could kill these before they reached me most of the time unless I missed quite a few shots. A bigger gun would deal better with the health regen and make them even easier.

The other creature in here is a Giant Ghostly Screecher. These things run quite fast and I was not able to use the same tactics as I used on the other creature. These if I took them on required some healing as they were hitting me in the 30s sometimes.

clicking on the cactus Magical Forest.jpg

Clicking on the Cactus had the side effect of taking me to the TT, repair, and exit for the instance. It’s amazing what a thing like death can do for you. If you don’t want to take such a direct route just run around the outer edge of the instance where it is safe and free of creatures till you find the campsite.

camp site for repairing and getting ammo in Magical Forest Instance Next Island.jpg

It’s a shame not all long instances in Entropia Universe have at least these basics to keep you going if they require a key to enter. The only thing it did not have was storage. This is a bit of a shame as if you sat here for 6 hours I assume you would become overweight with loot. Not to mention you might break a gun during that time.

looting drakescale in Magical Forest instance Next Island.jpg

As far as the loot. There are a couple of higher markup items that can drop off these special creatures. These items can be found outside of the instance. Of those drops, I mostly got different kinds of drake scales which you can get off Drake outside of the instance. For me at least those drakes are a lot harder to kill.

Keep in mind each scale has a base of .02 PED. So while they do have a high markup. For a 1200 health creature, the bulk of the loot is oils and shrapnel as you tend to only loot 2 to 3 drakescales when you do loot them. You also can’t target farm just one type of drakescale over another you get one of the four different types.

loot from Magical Forest.jpg

You can also find at quite a frequent rate things like chimera heart, amazon leg, Daudaormur skin, and a few other items that tend to have some markup on them. The loot shown here was after 310 Ammo was used.

LARA plushie looted in Magical Forest Next Island.jpg

I also lucked out in my time in there and looted a L.A.R.A. Plushie. As far as I can tell they are just for decoration and the markup on them appears to indicate that. While there could be other things in there this is at least what I got for the time I spent in there.
Port out of Magical Forest Next Island.jpg

Once you are done and want to exit just head towards the portal next to the repair station at around (346, 124). Once you enter it you will zone out of the instance.

Final Thoughts

87 PED global from a Giant Ghostly Screecher Magical Forest Instance Next Island.jpg

Getting to this instance is not so bad if you are just willing to buy a key for next to nothing. This ended up being quite a longer adventure than I was expecting to get the blueprint to craft my own. It was however quite fun to check out this instance and be able to go back whenever I want.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.