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Jurra Plateau is starting to turn into one of my favorite places to go. It’s usually where I go hunting Atrox but I’ve known for a while there are many other things to hunt in the area. While in the past I’ve hunted Kerberos near a fort I wanted to give this location a try.

Kerberos is yet another creature I’ve hunted somewhat in the past. I was already up to rank 6 on them and I wanted to take them to rank 10. Like quite a few of these hunts, I’ve been on I wanted to hunt some of the higher ones as well.

Since there is a chance to get special event items from creatures. I’ve been mostly focusing on things I can get a decent amount of kills per hour on. The Kerberos in this area was around level 6 or so. My ArMatrix LR-20 (L) made quick work of them.

hunting kerberos out by a mountain range Entropia Universe.jpg

At the time I was hunting these, there ended up being quite a few other people in the area. As such, I just kept clearing from the start not that far away from the Jurra Plateau till I got to this valley mountain range.

While there are Kerberos above and they sometimes fall below. I felt this was the perfect place to allow the terrain to create a natural barrier for the area I was hunting in. This made it rather easy to somewhat stay in the same spot.

Since I’ve been pulling some long grinding sessions on quite a few different creatures. It was at this point in the grind I was feeling like I was never going to get decent loot again. I don’t know why I get that kind of feeling. It just feels like you are in a bit of a rut and you do nothing but take lots of losses.

While I had been doing a lot better than it felt. As I do love to hunt and get global. That is something you often don’t get when hunting a lot of lower-health creatures. Even more so if they are set up that way.

Kerberos on the other hand is not like that at all. They are quite known for people getting globals. I’ve gotten a few in the past and I ended up breaking my bad steak at the time of getting a few this time around to turn some profit.

rank 6 reward for kerberos Entropia Universe.jpg

While the codex rewards are not that amazing. I was quite set on at least getting to 100 Meta early on in the year. I was at Meta 89 at the time so I was getting closer to this goal being done. You get one Meta for every 5 codex levels you gain. While I still needed a lot of codex levels it’s the goals like these that tend to keep me going.

Towards the midway point of the first hunt out of four on Kerberos is when I got a global of 149 PED that I used for the cover for this post. It has been far too long since I've gotten something even that size in terms of a hunting global.

That was more than enough to run that first hunt into a profitable one of 152.71 PED. Since these are quite low creatures there was a decent chance that a single global alone would make my entire grind to finish off codex level 10 a profitable one as well.

While I had plans to just call it a day. Once I ran out of ammo I more than had enough shrapnel from the global and other kills to just covert it into ammo. I also did not think I took enough armor damage to go back for repairs. So I kept hunting.

Kerberos Dominant 58 PED Entropia Universe.jpg

Not even two kills into the next cycle. While I was still messing around with my inventory working out how I wanted to sort out my last run and the new one I just started. I ended up getting a global. On top of that, I finished off not only another codex but a Meta codex as well.

This was quite an exciting little burst of action. While the loot was nothing to speak of. That would be again more than enough to almost ensure this next hunting trip I was embarking on would also end up being in the green.

As far as the codex rewards I ended up picking up 0.6875 of Dexterity. While I was expecting the codex grinding to slow way down I was still getting a decent percentage gain per kill even after getting another rank.

decent non global looter Entropia Universe.jpg

A little while later I ended up getting a decent non-global of 37 PED PED. It would be loot like that I would expect to see a lot more off these lower-level creatures if I had not already known that Kerberos tend to be one of those creatures that are known globals.

I also must have picked a perfect time to hunt these. The place was still littered with people. At this point, I was kind of defending my little pocket of Kerberos with the mountain behind me. I was picking off what Kerberos I could and then I would run back to my little clearing area.

Once or twice I would have someone move into my little bubble. Since I was usually waiting on respawns people did not hang out long before running off my radar again to take out the giant pocket of Kerberos leading put this point or flying up above and taking them out by the little mountain hill.

Toward the end of another hunt, I ended up finishing off codex 8. I went for 0.5156 PED of perception. While this was starting to net me only 3.0508 gains in perception. The other options were not to my liking.

day time hunting Kerberos.jpg

I had been hunting these for so long that the night cycle of the game turned into a rather bright day. If I kept going for much longer that was perhaps how my day was going to go as well. I was however having too much fun that I kept grinding these away. The loot was just too good to want to leave.

After that, the remaining hunts ended up being slight losses. I had a feeling the loot would dry up at some point. They were however so small of losses that it felt well worth staying. The day slowly creeps into the night and I head back in for a long break long into the night cycle of the game finishing codex rank 10 for Kerberos.

Final Thoughts

almost done with the codex.jpg

I ended up being up 222.97 PED hunting Kerberos just in loot alone. In total, I killed around 520 of them across four different hunts. I ended up gaining 2.1483 PED of skills just off the codex alone that are worth around 30.64 PED of value not that I’d be selling them or making that much profit off those skills if I did.

All in all, it was an amazing hunt. These might make my list of creatures to come back to for grinding perhaps up to codex level 20 or even 25 one day. they certainly know how to keep my attention.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.