Entropia Universe | Hogglo And A Strange Piece Of Loot

I have looted quite some strange items off creatures in video games before. This one ended up topping things as it does not fit whatsoever with hunting something like a Hogglo. It’s also a shame I have no use for it at this time.

My hunting sprees on Hogglo were about to turn decent for a little while. By hunting something like this you either need some globals on a single run or quite a few decently sized loots. Both ended up having one evening. Where I was doing my normal hunting cycle of ammo before coming back to repair and restock.

One thing I had been enjoying a lot since being able to get a better (L) healing device even though I would later break it. I was hunting up to Hogglo Old without much of an issue. I was able to easily out heal the damage and put more time on dealing damage.

31 ped loot.jpg

I started to notice the loot was turning around for me. Throughout this, I was hoping to see a lot more 31 PED or so loots than I was getting. It was just shrapnel in this instance so I would just convert it into ammo later on for 101%. While that is not going to do much for me. It was at least something, anything.

It was a rather insane feeling at least for me up till this point I had yet to get a single global on a Hogglo. While sure I’ve done other hunts months before and gotten globals. These things were not giving much of anything.

It just felt like they were way overdue for something. With an event going as well that had all the big players spending insane amounts of PED. A lot of the bigger creatures in the game were getting some massive loots as a result.

hogglo mature.jpg

So I kept at it. I ended up doing most of my hunt on these during the early hours. Hunting them during higher peak hours in the game was not working out for me. So I would start after midnight and sometimes go till 3 AM or so.

almost a global.jpg

. This one was yet again almost global. While not much markup which tends to be how the general loot for these things go. It was at least a lot more than shrapnel.

24 ped loot.jpg

At this point, I was also just happy to see loots like these that were 24 PED loots. While this did not mean I was running profitable runs unless I got a couple of these in a single hunt. With all the skill gains I was getting and progress on my codex they were starting to be more reasonable runs.

Hogglo Young 56 PED.jpg

It then finally happened. A dang global. It was also quite a small one. I ended up looting a worthless (L) gun and it was not even full TT either. I would later sell it to the vendor. While sure the market shows something like 108% markup. It was not worth trying to sell since the auction house fee would eat up most of it if I had to relist it again if it failed to sell in the first week.

Hogglo Young 53 PED.jpg

A couple of kills later another global. Yet again that darn gun and not enough value on it to want to sell either. I even double-checked the auction and notice there were a few for sale for next to nothing and almost no buying volume. Off to the vender for the base value, it would go as well.

Hogglo Mature 125 PED.jpg

Later on another global this time for 125 PED. It also had perhaps one of the more strange things I’ve looted off a creature in a game a Gray Armchair. Furniture items drop off creatures in this game and sometimes they can be a worth fair amount.

This kill was kind of a funny one. As you can see in the screenshot I had a death waypoint. This Hogglo did kill me. I had to fly back to finish it off. I was also almost out of ammo and was going to be done with this run.

markup on the chair.jpg

As far as the chair itself I don’t own a shop or an apartment to place it in. While the monthly did show they were going for 56 PED on average. It seems I was not the only one getting Gray Armchair for loot. There were a few others listed for sale for around 5 PED.

I had a feeling this was not one of those future pieces that might go for hundreds or thousands of ped. As it was just a chair and a rather boring looking one from the best I could tell. It was the first time that I can recall that I looted a future item in this game.

Final Thoughts

Hogglo Provider.jpg

I would later go on some further hunts but the loot had dried back up. The (L) healing device I was using that made these hunts a lot easier broke and it was time to call it on these. I will however be keeping that chair as a trophy of sorts to remember the insanity of hunting Hogglo to the extent I did.
If I wanted to go quite insane on hunting these things again. I would go out and find some better armor for them. The issue is at least from what I could tell any (L) armor that was better enough than the UL gremlin I have had quite a high markup on it. Not to mention a high TT value for an entire set. Making it quite pricy to get locked into armor I might only ever use on Hogglo.

I also got my codex on these up to rank 7. This for me with how much they cost to kill is more than good enough for quite some time. I do enjoy hunting them in this cold place all alone without a soul in sight. I however need a lot better gear if I’m going to do this again.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.