Entropia Universe | Field Of Cornundos

I love nothing more than finding a massive area just covered in the creature I want to hunt. The views here of the ocean and hilly backdrop were not bad either. The loot on the other hand was terrible.

While I could have hunted much lower level of Cornundos I ended up finding a spot that had stuff like the provider to alpha maturity. There were also patches of young to mature as well. I mostly just needed to pay attention to what I was hitting in terms of levels.

These things are not that hard to deal with even at the harder maturity. Since I had an Armatrix LR-20 (L) the smaller ones were a bit of an overkill with it. Everything else though they were just perfect.

flying to another spot for Cornundos Entropia Universe.jpg

Perhaps the biggest downside to this spot which is southwest west of The MegaVolt along the coast is flying over some mountain ranges as a shortcut to get there. It’s not exactly close to the teleport and outpost either.

This makes resupply runs for ammo and repairs take a couple of extra minutes than I usually deal with when hunting creatures in other spots. It was however quite nice to be a bit out of the way. I also could tell based on those factors that I had found “the spot” since I ran into others here on occasion as well. As people tend to be lazy and prefer to not have to travel far.

Perhaps if I had a teleportation chip it would not have been much time at all to quickly get from the fields back to the outpost and vice versa. That is however something I’ve not reinvested back into since I returned. I’ve also attempted to loot my own without any luck. Not to mention the tier 1 of them would be way too short for something like this.

location of the field Cornundos Entropia Universe.jpg

At the very least it only took me checking out a couple of locations before I ran into this one. This place was so much better than any other I had checked out. That I did not need to go look for others.

I was also rather shocked by just how many Cornundos there were in this area. On top of that on either end of this massive field, I would on occasion find another player grinding away on these. Many seemed to just enjoy sitting on the hill banks and shooting down below into the madness.

hunting in the middle of a field of cornundos Entropia Universe.jpg

What made these even more perfect is Cornundos have quite a low aggression range. You can see on the radar I’m just standing in the middle of the pack that I’ve slowly been clearing through. While I would sometimes get an add or two it happened a lot less than you would think it would with this many around.

While I’ve hunted a couple of Cornundos in the past it was such a low amount that my codex level for them only had the first rank finished. So I ended up gaining quite a few codex levels in a rather short amount of time.

While these are much low health creatures and rank 2 reward for instance was only 0.1875 PED. These were a great way to grind up some meta codex in a decent amount of time.

Since these were so poor looting I did try and hunt these on a few different days and even times. It for whatever reason seemed to have mattered very little. Of the seven separate runs I ran on these only one where in the green and just barely most of the time not even coming close to helping cover the losses of the other runs.

In total, I killed around 1116 Cornundos. While these would be decently in relative terms to many other creatures to grind up past rank 10. I just did not get anything in the loot that made me want to do so. Even if they had performed better at breaking even wise.

looting a starkhov L on Cornundos in Entropia Universe.jpg

I did loot a couple of what I thought were interesting items off Cornundos. They however failed to sell a few times after spending weeks trying to sell it. One of them was Cornundos which can be used for textures in fashion. The other was some Starkhov LPR-3 (L) guns that I did loot on a couple of occasions. They also failed to sell and don’t have much of a sales volume.

What I loved most was just the massive difference you get between the day and night cycle. Since you have quite a massive wide-open area you get a decent view.

day time hunting Cornundos Entropia Universe.jpg

This place lives up during the daytime. Although I’ll admit I enjoyed the nightly chill of the evening vibe this place gives off when hunting Cornundos.

I have also not spent much time on this side of the map in the game. The nearest outpost The MegaVol always has a decent crowd of people afking at it. I’m not quite sure what in the area has made that occur. Perhaps further exploring might reveal some other amazing spots to hunt some creatures.

rank 6 on Cornundos Entropia Universe.jpg

While the rewards for these were not getting into anything impressive by the time I finished off rank 6 of the codex. 0.75 PED of Dexterity is still nice to get. This was also around when I decided to do a massive push to see how close to finishing off towards rank 10 I could get. Since I was starting to get that feeling I was closing in on that goal.

Final Thoughts

looking into the waters Cornundos Entropia Universe.jpg

Most of the time I was running around clearing from one end to the other end of this massive field till I ran out of ammo. There would be occasions when I enjoyed the tranquility of just staring off into the water on the beach as I just cleared out any Cornundos around me. I would then just wait for them to re-spawn without a care in the world of getting adds on myself.

It’s more chilling hunts like these that can make Entropia Universe a great way to wind down after a busy day. I don’t always have to hunt huge things and I’ve been having a blast focusing on quite a lot of smaller creatures to hunt this year for the most part.

After quite a lot of kills, I did end up finishing off at rank 10. In total, I ended up getting 4.4528 PED of skills from the main codex for Cornundos. I also got 1 PED of Stamina from the Meta codex which is something I need a lot more of since my health is rather unimpressive in this game. So I was rather thrilled about that one.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.