Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023 Annihilation 04

With a couple of guns at the ready and a bag full of ammo, it was time to head into Eater Mayhem Annihilation 04 instance. I wanted to see how hard those robots in there would be for me to take down. It turns out I felt they were a decent match for me and I ended up staying in this level of instance moving forward.

Mayhem annihilation 4 going into the instance.jpg

The Annihilation Eviscerators in 04 instances would have almost 1.4k health. A little bit of a step up from what I was fighting before. They however felt like a decent match. Most of the time before one got to me I’d have it over half dead. On the rare occasion, I had some decent critical hits it would be dead right before it hit me once.

I also decided to pop some boost pills I had been holding onto. At least some of the non-tradable lower-level ones I had. That would give me some reload, crit, and other stats to help make things go a bit faster.

I somewhat knew before going into this instance that I would not be killing enough Annihilation Eviscerators quick enough within 30 minutes to keep a 30-minute pace to get the boss to spawn. So any extra help I can get that not costing me much I’ll take it while I can.

I do however save a lot of the better consumables I have for some unknown future use. I’m sure one day I’ll attempt something rather hard to hunt and they will come in handy then. It’s not like I have a huge stockpile of the stuff either.

Not that far into the run I reached level 54 of Ranged Laser (DMG). This is the profession that is holding me back from getting another tier higher gun and having it maxed out. I just need one more profession level.

ranged laser profession increase Entropia universe.jpg

Granted, I’m not sure how often I would use an ArMatrix LR-50 (L) over the 45s I use now. They have a bit of a jump in markup. I however might end up not being so lazy and switching over to using a pistol once things get in range and I have high enough skills to use a 50 pistol. As it seems the LRs are quite a lot more expensive.

Up to this point, I had yet to get a single global. I was not doing horrible or anything. I was however hoping since I switched up to a higher instance I might get something decent. While it was not something crazy I ended up getting a 126 PED global.

Annihilation Eviscerator 04 73 PED.jpg

It was then followed by a 73 Ped global a kill or two later. This ended up putting me into the green for quite a while during this event. That was amazing as I knew the budget I had set while not unreasonable would be pushing my luck a bit. This seemed like I’d be on track to stay within the budget for this event.

These globals also came at the perfect timing. After that kill, I was about to be out of ammo. I pulled and had to convert a little bit of ammo to finish off what I should have reframed from pulling.

I then went off to the area in this instance to repair my armor and take down some quick numbers. I also converted some shrapnel into ammo and went back out. Since the repair station is not that far away I rather like to keep my armor topped off for the best protection.

While I had a bunch of stat boots from the pill I had used. I almost did not have to heal at all. In part, I was killing them quite quickly. I also had a much higher health regen rate that was almost keeping up with any damage I took. That in turn reduced my decay costs.

warlock boss spawn.jpg

Even with the help of the extra reload speed and critical damage I was dealing with. I was a bit behind on trying to get the boss to spawn at 30 minutes. While this was almost a sign I should have gone down to the instant level below this one. It seemed like a lot of people based on the globals I was seeing were hunting in 04 instances. So I felt I’d rather stick with this one since I was not taking much decay from damage anyways.

Easter Mayhem bronze tier 1 reward.jpg

While the boss did not give me a 100-point kill and instead 0 points. Not that long later I ended up getting my second 50-point kill for the run which put me over 700 points for the first bronze mission tier. This netted me 10.9 PED of ammo, 22 Mayhem Tokens, and an Easter Egg.

Shortly after that, I ended up getting some 25, 10, and even a few 5-point kills. It seems I have found a nice little cluster of points. I ended up moving around a little bit to make sure I cleared out anything remotely close to the robots that were giving me points. After a short while they all moved around too much that I felt I got what I could and moved back to the entryway of the instance for better range.

The next boss killed a fair bit later did not yield any points and it was yet another cheap boss as well. Just dropping less than the cost to kill in shrapnel, a mayhem token, and a box. This ended up being quite the theme for a lot of the bosses I would kill later on.

stage 5 of the daily mayhem event for easter.jpg

I finished off stage 5 of the daily Mayhem mission. This got me a nice 20 Mayhem tokens. I then dropped the mission since I would not be finishing off stage 6. I however would not be getting a new mission till I left and re-entered a fresh instance. I however did not want to quite leave just yet.

Rank 10 Easter Robots.jpg

Not even 10 minutes later I finished ranked 10 on the Easter robots codex. This was one possible stopping point for this event I had considered. Rank 10 is something I’ve been working on getting a lot of creatures too. I was however doing well enough during this event I decided to push past it.

Annihilation Eviscerator 04 72 PED.jpg

15 minutes later I ended up getting yet another global of 72 PED. This instance was rocking for me. I wish other days were as kind as this one was. I’ll take good days like this when I can get them.

Gaining points from kills was also going a lot better than I was expecting. I ended up getting another 50-point kill and quite a few 5 and 10-point kills. I ended up breaking 1k points at a decent rate. I felt with a little bit of luck I would be done a lot sooner than I’d expected with this event.

Final Thoughts

another robot kill.jpg

I ended up grinding for a while more in this instance. However, nothing else that interesting happened. I ended up going on a little dry spell for points and loot. It was not unexpected as I had been doing quite decent up to this point. I ended up just slightly in the red in terms of raw TT.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.