Entropia Universe | Easter Mayhem 2023

Easter Mayhem 2023 started in Entropia Universe on April 5th and runs through April 25th. I was not sure if I was even going to partake in this one at all. I ended up selecting the bronze mission and seeing where it would go from there.

Last year when I entered into Easter Mayhem 2022 it was a disaster. My first few rounds of hunting were so bad the budget I had set for myself was gone and I called it early. 2022 in Entropia Universe was also a year I went quite hard on the Mayhem events. I ended up grinding the silver mission for most of the rest of the Mayhem main events. That was something I had never done before.

In 2023 with TWEN going on I put a heavy focus on grinding out codex levels on quite a few lower-level creatures. In the slights hope that I might loot a TWEN weapon or get the Unreal Tokens that are dropping.

While in Mayhem you can try and earn enough token drops to pick some quite amazing weapons. The chances of someone like me ever getting enough tokens let alone that item being in stock of something I’d want are quite slim.

Mayhem Vendor And Dreams

Mayhem weapon Entropia Universe.jpg

This year they announced restocking of the items on the Mayhem Vendor. While I’ve not been keeping track of prices. It seems from what I understand the more in-demand items that they had to restock had a price increase. Stuff people are not so willing to spend tokens on has decreased in price.

I of course can only dream of owning something like an A&S Series mayhem LR-60 Augmented weapon. There is not even a price history for them on the auction house. They also seem to be asking for quite an insane amount of tokens for it.

As if getting 80k Mayhem Tokens is not already quite crazy sounding from the level of player I am. I have yet to loot a single Rare Mayhem token ever. I can at least dream of such a crazy weapon. If I’m not mistaken based on what I could find online it's like a 160k+ PED ($16k USD) gun. So buying it from another player is out of the question as well.

While they made it clear you could loot unreal tokens from Mayhem. What has not been unclear is if TWEN weapons can drop. As such since I already had a heavy grind for months last year on Mayhem events. I’d rather save my resources for hunting things I knew there is a chance if almost a zero chance at getting a TWEN weapon.

Easter Mayhem 2023

Bronze mission Easter Mayhem.jpg

Like last year this year you have to pick which level of mission you want to work on for Easter Mayhem. The bronze mission requires only 7k points to complete all 10 tiers of it. While the highest mission requires 100k points called Redulite.

Each kill while in the Mayhem solo instance grants you between 0 to 2,500 points. You can somewhat see why just going for bronze and hoping I get a few lucky kills to end it quickly was quite appealing to me since I’m lacking time to grind and the money to spend.

While the rewards won’t be as great. It was more about setting a reachable goal. That is if I decided to even grind out that many points. It was going to come down to how my first few hunting sessions went.

They thankfully were not a dumpster fire of losses. As such I decided to set myself a 1,500 liquid of PED ($150) limit to spend on this event. Since Entropia Universe is a real cash economy game and I’ll be looting stuff from my kills it’s not like each kill will be a total loss. However, that is why I draw a limit in terms of liquidity. At some point that PED could be gone and I’m just left with bound tokens, Mayhem boxes, and skill gains that I could sell but I’d rather not as they can be quite costly and are slow to sell.

For most of this event, however, I’ll be looting a lot of shrapnel. That shrapnel I can convert for 101% of the value into non-tradable ammo so I can keep shooting. That will help fuel me going forward.

Just looting a single Rare Mayhem Token while it’s bound would be worth quite a few times over what I’m willing to spend on this event. That would more or less cover everything I’ve ever spent on Mayhem. Assuming I could get enough of other tokens and buy an item worth trying to sell.

Easter ring 2023.jpg

With every Mayhem for the remainder of the year the special Easter boxes that drop will contain a special ring. Long-term players tend to horde boxes for years when a certain event has what the community would consider quite an insane ring worth trying to get. This year’s ring for the Easter Mayhem boxes is kind of average.

While I did try opening a few Easter boxes just to see if I would get anything interesting out of them. I did not. They also cost $1 to open but you always get 10 PED of value usually in the form of no-tradable ammo.

For the lucky couple of people who have gotten the ring. It seems at the time of writing this the market has not found a selling point. There is only one buy offer on the market and they are offering less than half of the lowest seller is trying to sell for.

Many don’t seem to be that interested in this year's Easter ring. Outside of whales opening the boxes hoping for rare tokens. This seems to be a year it might be best to hold onto whatever boxes I get with the hopes that next year’s Easter will have a better ring drop.

Mayhem Annihilation 03 Instance

Mayhem Annihilation 03.jpg

I decided to take it easy and test out Instance 03 first. The instance itself can be selected anywhere in the game even on different planets. You just have to pull up the event list and click on global events. Then select which difficulty of an instance you want.

The Annihilation Eviscerator that spawns in 03 has 1,130 health. 33% of their damage is listed as electric the only gear I have that has any kind of reasonable resistance towards it is my ghost armor.

Thankfully with my ArMatrix LR-45 (L), I’ll make decently quick work from them. That gun also has a decent range. By the time they get to me, they should almost be dead. Only the spawns that you can get to spawn every 30 minutes will take a bit more effort to kill.

terminal stations.jpg

As always these instances have a repair and trade terminal in them. They however do not have a storage device. So I needed to make sure to bring in any guns, gun amps, and armor I was going to need. Thankfully I’ll be able to repair armor and buy ammo if needed so I don’t have to leave.

Each instance lasts up to 5 hours. During times I’ll know I won’t get interrupted I’ll be popping some skill increase pills I’ve been saving up since the start of the year for these kinds of events and other larger hunts. I however decided while testing out this instance to hold off on using them till later on.

checking how much of an arena i have to move around in.jpg

Before I started the event I did some walking around. While it might look like a massive area there is a boundary and if you step outside of that area you get killed after a few seconds. They at least give you a pop-up message with a warning. So I went around making sure I understood how much space I had to deal with.

To get started there is a device in the middle that you have to click on. Once you do the Annihilation Eviscerators start to spawn. The best place to give me the most range ended up being near the terminals. I do however like to move around a bit to make sure I’m fully killing everything and nothing gets stuck in the back.

first point of mayhem.jpg

I ended up having to kill a few of these robots before I even got the first point of 7k I’d need. At least the first tier of bronze only required 700 points. That points would come a bit quicker after that.

Robots are also not something I tend to hunt a lot of. As such my defense skill, the armor I have, and my looting skills for robots are not that great. At least I did not have to go out and buy new armor for this event. I’ll also be gaining a lot of specific skills for robots with how much ammo I would end up going through during this event.

To my shock the next time I ended up getting any points from a kill it was 100 points. So I quickly found myself at 101 points.

43 ped loot.jpg

The loot on the other hand ended up not being that great at least it was not awful either. I did get a non-global of 43 PED that helped keep my losses on the lower side of things. I also did not do too badly of a job holding my own. It was just not anything amazing.

You might also notice on the right upper-hand side. I do have the Easter Robot Challenge working on rank 9. Since I did not do a lot of grinding in this event last year and this is the only way to increase this specific codex. I have quite a lot of ranks to at least gain while I grind this one out.

There is also a mission called Destroy Easter Robots that you can reset daily. I still had the one from last year where I had gotten up to working on 20 tokens for the next tier completion. Since you can only get a new one once a day as you first enter a fresh instance. I decided to just grind it out and then reset it.

warlock 03.jpg

After over half an hour in the instance, I ended up getting my first boss to spawn. An Annihilation Warlock 03. They have over 3k health taking a bit longer to kill. They tend to drop 1 Mayhem box and Mayhem token. There is also a chance for them to reward 100 points on a kill.

I did not get any points for it. I however did get another 100-point kill off a random Annihilation Eviscerator not that long after. This was more than good enough for me.

rank 9 Easter Mayhem Robot Codex.jpg

After about an hour in I ended up finishing off rank 9 of the Easter Robot codex. This netted me 3.51 TT (trade terminal value) of Perception. I missed grabbing a screenshot of the reward choices. I however got 22 Perception out of it. That is one of the skill rewards I’m focusing on for the time being.

Final Thoughts

killing robots in Easter mayhem.jpg

After a couple of hours of test running 03 instances. I had enough for the night. While nothing else exciting happened for the most part during that run. It was more than decent enough that I decided I’m going for it. I’ll be trying to finish off the bronze mission for the 2023 Easter Mayhem. I would later return and try a higher-level instance.

I however first needed to head off to the mall and get some further weapons. As the one I had was going to be breaking soon. This was another Mayhem where I did not stockpile any supplies outside of pills beforehand. Thankfully the shop I knew of keeps rather decent prices and it is stocked during events for the most part. I was able to get what I needed to move forward with my plans.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.