Entropia Universe | Chasing the Argonaut The Outpost

Like a lot of creatures, I would go out hunting codex for I never had an amazing spot known to me beforehand. Sometimes like Argonaut, one spot I’ve hunted them at before and never went looking further to see what else was out there. Before doing a massive grind on these creatures I thought I’d take a quick look around.

I already knew the spot I have hunted Argonaut in the past was going to be quite hard to beat. Back in the day when we had a special grinding mission called irons, I grinned my brains out on Argonaut. That was however back before we had codex to work on. I’m not quite sure if I ever reached the final grinding stages. Some of them back then were insane like 10k kills or so. I however did kill a lot.

After scouting out a few spots I came up rather short. One place I checked ended up being quite dreadful. The Argonaut spawn was mixed in with other stuff. There were a lot not a lot of them. On top of that the terrain to go around was a disaster.

So I thought it best after a couple of failures to move on to an amazing spot. It turns out I would find an even better spot in that area than I could have dreamed of. Sometimes there is no other better spot than one that got recommended to you years ago.

an amazing spot to hunt Argonaut in Entropia Universe.jpg

To get to this location I would take the teleport to Twin Peaks. I would then end up heading northeast. While I could not recall the exact location I just know I use to hunt between some mountains. That place I arrived at seemed to fit the bill nicely.

While I could have just flown to the spot shown on the map. I decided to just follow the road clearing out Argonaut as I went. There seemed to be even some familiar features about the place as I ran along the dirt road shooting as I went.

One of the reasons I picked to hunt Argonaut was because I only needed a couple of ranks left till I could finish off rank 10. While those final couple of ranks to that goal would end up costing the most ammo instead of selecting something that I had not hunted yet. I wanted to knock a few of these out.

hunting Argonaut along a road.jpg

The other reason is they seemed to be decent to hunt with ArMatrix LR-20 (L)s that I had stocked up on. I was getting them a little below market average and I took that opportunity would I could. I rather wish I had picked up more but I did not have that kind of budget to go big into just a gun.

Entropia Universe in general just has some insane-looking mountains. Along with the most bizarre trees I’ve seen in a game that is as old as this game is. These amazing backdrops to look at as I wander around lifted my spirits as I went deeper and deeper into this grind.

Since I had already started rather close to finishing off rank 6 it did not take that long before I would be collecting the read of 1.5 PED of Dexterity. While I suspect the one I’ll be changing what rewards I end up picking out of the codex it will be a lot of the same for at least a few more hunts.

I do however run the math on occasion just to be double sure I am picking the best option for my long-term goals that I’m using codex skill reward to try and boost up. There will be a time when I end up switching back to picking anatomy over dexterity but that time has yet to arrive.

rank 6 argonaut reward.jpg

The codex rewards were a bit better than a lot of creatures I’ll end up hunting at some point. While that means it costs more ammo as well to finish off each rank. Being as close as I was willing to spend the extra costs.

By my best guess, I was killing around 214 Argonauts hunting these lower-level ones per session. There came a point where I ended up running out of ammo I had brought. While some people love to load up with insane amounts of ammo. I have a set amount I like to bring along as I find when runs out it’s a decent time to repair armor as well.

Back in the day, I can recall that I would always just fly back to Twin Peaks and restock, sell, and place things on the auction house as needed. I however thought why not press T and see what kind of revival spot it takes to me?

I found a outpost to hunt around in Entropia.jpg

I was expecting to end back up at Twin Peaks but instead, I found an outpost. While there was no auction house there it had everything else I needed. I also was not going to place anything up for sale anyways till I was done hunting this creature anyways.

My first hunt was a bit of a bust. It was however rather expected with the number of health points for the creature I was hunting. It’s moments when I came back with quite a lot less loot than this I start to get a little concerned.

getting to a safe spot to hunt further.jpg

Even better when I emerged from the outpost I found myself surrounded by Argonaut. This area was quite dense with them and at the lower levels, I was looking to hunt as well. The only issue was clearing myself a path to get back in.

The outpost has a turret and if you get too close it will start killing everything it can reach. To make sure that did not happen I’d run out and ended up getting a decent little pack of Argonaut on me. Once the turret stopped shooting I knew I was far enough away that I would not risk losing a kill to it.

It also did not seem to matter much which direction I left the outpost for the most part. The area was just covered in Argonaut. I did however make it a habit to try and go in a different direction. I was rather looking for any spot that seemed to be looting slightly better than the rest.

Over the long run that did not seem to be the case. Sometimes I would try and run around in a circle so I would end up back at the outpost by the time I would be out of ammo. Other times I would just be pressing T and waiting out the teleport timer to get sent back.

Final Thoughts

walking around hunting.jpg

I was hoping I could have done these couple of codex levels in one sitting. It, however, dragged on for quite some time since I had already spent a decent amount of time looking for a better location. It was also quite apparent to me that the number of weapons I brought along would not be enough.

At some point, I’d need to make a trip back to the main city and buy further weapons and amps from the auction house. I felt that was a good stopping point to enjoy a nice break before moving onto a much longer grinding session on just Argonauts.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.