Entropia Universe | Hunting Pupugi

With the TWEN Event event going on I set out to hunt some smaller creatures to grind out codex levels. There is this one location I wanted to find and grind in for quite some time. A cave called Tidewater Caverns. Inside is quite an annoying insect of a creature called Pupugi.

If I recall right I usually run into Pupugi in a swamp mixed in with quite a lot of other creatures. These annoying things fly all over the place and make me a bit dizzy as my character spins all over the place trying to shoot at them. On top of that they deal 100% stab damage which I don’t have the best gear for. Making them extra annoying.

I already have a codex level done of these things. One of the nice things about the cave I went off looking for is there are dense spawns of only them. I do love just finding a grinding spot with only the same creature in it. So you can easily farm what you are after.

On top of that, this cave has a lot of the higher levels including the Stalker maturity of Pupugi. That means for a couple of levels each kill will give quite a decent chunk of codex credit.

location to Tidewater Caverns.jpg

Tidewater Caverns can be found on a tiny island northwest of Half Moon Cove. That made getting there quite an easy thing to do. However once inside it was like walking through a maze. It appears to be quite a large cave. I noticed there were many other players inside grinding away as well.

exploring tidwater caverns.jpg

If it was not for the Pupugi in this cave I could have spent a lot of time just wandering around lost. It did look like my kind of place. These things however appeared to be thick everywhere.

I also did not make it as far into the cave as I was expecting. At one point I came across a decent opening of Pupugi and these things were not kind to me whatsoever. They also seem to re-spawn quite fast. So I ended up making it my camping spot.

It did not take long before I decided to make quite a few adjustments to my setup. The gun I thought I would be using which would be great for the lower-level Pupugi was not so great for what I faced in this cave. So I had to move some weapon attachments around to a different gun I had on me. Thankful I carry so many different ranges of guns on me just in case something like this happens.

The other issue is I was taking 20 points of damage per hit. That is a lot of damage. I was wearing my adjusted pixie with 2A plating. It's quite the wrong setup for a stab-damaged creature like this one. While I did not want to put on something like my ghost armor. I ended up swamping out for my 5B plates that have some stab protection and putting them on my adjusted pixie.

While I always find it annoying swapping out the entire set of platting in armor. That is at least something you can do in this game. Which allows different pieces of armor and plating to have quite a lot of different uses.

This ended up taking off a lot of the damage I was getting hit with. Requiring me to heal a lot less often. Lowering my risk of getting killed which almost happened when I walked into the opening in the cave.

I then sat in the little opening I was in pulling into the tunnel that had nothing else in it. These creatures fly around, banging along cave walls, and even getting stuck. This did get a bit annoying after quite some time.

Pupugi Prowler 24 PED.jpg

After hunting in there for a while I ended up hitting a nice pocket of loot. I noticed instead of half a PED or less in loot. I had gotten a couple of 2 PED kills and then this 24 PED kill.

I ended up looting a gun but nothing from the event. It was just an uncommon (L) drop from these. It however made up 20 PED of the loot and I ended up selling it for 2 PED over the base price on auction later on. For a small amount of markup.

While most creatures in Entropia Universe have a global minimum of 50 PED. Since Pupugi is a lot lower in health and level they have a much lower trigger for a global. I thought it was only 5 PED but a few times that I got that much loot it did not happen. It must be 10 PED or even a bit higher I’m unsure.

I ended up using around 240 PED in ammo on this hunt. I brought with me 200 to start. I then covered 100 PED of shrapnel and ended up using another 40 PED to get to a stopping point I was decently happy with in the codex for these creatures.

Pupugi Stalker 25 PED.jpg

I got one final global while I was there. It ended up occurring again as I looted a different (L) gun. Again not what I would be hoping for. However, this kind of loot off these things went a long way to being slightly ahead on this hunt.

While grinding there for the amount of time I did I went from rank 2 to rank 9 in the codex for Pupugi. It was tempting to go for rank 10 I however was getting quite dizzy from hunting these things. On top of that, my weapon amp was about to break.

Final Thoughts


Needless to say for walking into Tidewater Caverns expecting to fight a much lower-level creature I ended up staying for longer than I was expecting. I ended returning a few days later there to get the last 100-200 kills I’ll need for another rank.

This is also when I looted a lower level piece of armor. It was of course (F) for female only armor. The cures of not looing any (M) armor which I need continues. Since it's only worth a PED or so it's not a big deal.

This at least for now won’t be a creature I want to invest the time into getting to the max rank of 25 in the codex. I just find fighting these things too annoying. At least now I know a decent spot and who knows there might even be a better area in Tidewater Caverns to fight them in.

I get to check this off one of the many creatures I wanted to grind out the codex for. I had fun getting to explore a little bit of a cave I’ve never been in. I also walked away slightly up which is in itself a win.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.