Entropia Universe | Checking Out Khorum Coast On Planet Arkadia

One of the reasons I came to Arkadia was to check out a player-owned land area called Khorum Coast. The landowner appears quite active and use to have quite a few events and other things going on. So I thought I’d go hunting there and see what it was all about.

Khorum Coast.jpg

This place was quite easy to get to. There is even a building on the land area as well. Making this place stand out quite a lot over other player-owned land areas you find elsewhere.

The entire land area itself is off on the cold snowy portion of Arkadia. I for whatever reason always enjoy hunting in areas covered in snow. I almost felt right at home here. It’s not that small of a place either.

map of Khorum Coast.jpg

Thankfully there is a bit of a gap between this area and the loot-able PvP area on Arkadia. I always hate being anywhere near those red areas on the map. Here I don’t have to worry about venturing a tad out of the land area and it is an issue.

The taxes for the area were 3.75% for both hunting and mining at the time I was here. At the time I checked this place out there were events for both types of activities here. However, with how active a place like this can be you can expect events and other things to change quite a lot as people test out what brings the people to an area or not.

exploring around.jpg

I first did a bit of a flyover of the area to get the lay of the land. There are some hilly spots in it for sure. There are also a lot of amazing flatter lands as well.

The creatures here are the mutated forms of normal creatures. It appears to mean they have some special loot on top of what the normal versos of the creatures can drop. They are also a bit harder having higher levels and more health.

While I might return here at some point and try some mining. My first couple of times here was all for hunting. I wanted to see if I could loot any items off the creature that could be found on this land area.

Mutated Kamaldon.jpg

One nice thing I discovered while hunting out here is you do have a bit of a range of different creatures to hunt. You have things like these Mutated Kamaldon that are level 36 and up. There is also a lot of smaller stuff as well like Mutated Nusul being level 12 at the higher maturity levels.

It was also nice that creatures here appear to have a decently low aggression range. I don’t recall any of my hunting trips here getting adds on me while I was hunting something. That can make an area with some ok creature density amazing to hunt on.

While hunting here I got a few animal body parts. Such things included Hadraada Spinal Plate, Zadul Nail, and Kamaldon Lower Mandible. Most of it seemed to be around 105% markup but not much of a sales history.

So it’s hard to say with the low amount that I got if that is what they are going for and if people are even buying them. For now such items I’ll just toss it into my planetary storage for the day I end up getting enough worth trying to sell.

Headshot IV L.jpg

While also here I looted a Headshot IV(L). I thought perhaps I was about to get a little extra PED for my time. It turns out I ended up hunting here a couple of days after the last event ended where any item looted for the first time got you some extra PED you could claim was now changed into something else.

Instead, they moved to a system where there would be fewer items that would qualify for bonus PED. You would however get a lot more PED. As always as I should have done was to check in on the current contests and rules being run for the place. As now it seems months later after my visit they have done away with most of these things all together by the time I got around to writing this up.

Regardless it was still a decent little loot to have. I then knew to keep my eyes out in case I looted anything on the list. As you needed to get a screenshot of your looting and post it to get credit.

The land owner has in the past ran all-day event once a week with some prizes. I will even sometimes notice when playing that a few players can show up to compete in the events. Many are always looking for something a little extra to add on top of whatever loot they get so events like these can get popular.

hunting Nusul.jpg

There was also at one time a profit share system (which seems to have been removed 2023). Since the land owner is getting a 3.75% on hunting and mining. If you got enough global here you would get shares in that tax. While such systems are usually not enough to overcome the extra tax you end up paying to be on a player-owned land. It just seemed like another fun thing to be included in.

It seems some of these things may or may not be a thing any longer. I had visited this area quite a while before writing and making this post. As such an active land area like this things changes. They do at least keep things updated on what is going on regarding this place and events on the calypso forms under this thread.

After a fair bit of hunting I noticed I was just not getting anything in the loot that seemed worthwhile. Just a bunch of stuff I’d need to hold onto for quite some time to maybe get a couple of percent of markup if they even sold.

While I did get a global during one of my hunts that happened to be the one that dropped the Headshot IV (L) in. That was nowhere near close enough to make me want to come out here and keep trying.

looking out from the building.jpg

I enjoyed hunting the higher-level creatures here. It seems however I needed a much bigger bankroll to do so since there must be some massive swings in loot. Making it even harder to overcome since there is already a tax and not enough markup to help cover things.

While it was fun to check this place out. In the end, I have other places I rather hunt that has been a bit more kind to my PED card with a lot more markup to be found as well. It’s still always good to go out there and see what else there is. You never know if you are missing out on something big or not.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.