Entropia Universe | Exploring Arkadia’s Moon

Immerse yourself in the unfinished feel of Arkadia's Moon. See the amazing cities and landscapes on the moon as I explore it. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience on Arkadia's Moon, only in Entropia Universe.

Arkadia’s Moon is now one of those places when I’m flying to or from Arkadia I usually make a quick trip over to it. As the moon has a daily mission that takes quite a long time to finish that I’m slowly chipping away at. Hopefully, I’ll include about that daily one day and the benefits or annoyience of it. Till then I’ll just keep working on it showing up once in a blue moon to get a little more progress in.

landing on the moon.jpg

There are surprisingly a few little cities on the moon. They were usually in a bubble like the one I was landing in once I got to the moon itself.

Since I was already heading to the moon for that anyways. I thought why not give this place a proper exploration. I’ll admit this is a moon I’ve rarely ever visited in the past. I can’t even quite recall if I was a thing back when I use to play a lot back in the day.

The moon is at least a short flight from Arkadia itself. While on the moon you can even pay a fee to teleport back loot if you like to the planet. At this point I kind of wish that was free or a lot cheaper. As there just not a whole lot to do up on the moon.

inside the dome.jpg

At one point it seemed like there were killing missions for the different creatures up here. While exploring around none of the NPCs wanted to give me any of those old missions. I’m not sure if it’s bugged or no longer an active thing. For all I know I’m missing something that unlocks it.

high above of the moon view.jpg

From far above the surface this place gives quite the alien surface feeling. I love the palette choice here. I was rather enjoying the purple-to-pinkish hues mixed in with a few other colors as I flew around checking this place out.

It is also rather shocking for it being a moon just how many roadways and pathways there are. Like some massive colonization was expected to happen that never did. While there are few NPCs around it feels like overkill with all the roads and the lack of content that I’ve at least found.

strange colors.jpg

Once down a bit closer to the surface you get a real feeling for how strange this place looks.


This place even has a temple that seems to be worshiping some rather ugly and scary-looking creatures. I think I might have run into a few of those things down on the plant itself. It’s almost like someone took creatures found on earth and mutated them.


This shot gives this moon quite a strange look with several domes for humans to live in. It also makes you wonder a little if this is some kind of nod to how future colonization would work on a moon like this.

I would say hopefully they don’t have any giant asteroids that fall here that would destroy the domes. I however do know there are some asteroids and even craters to explore on this planet. I don’t currently have the requirements to get close to some areas without getting instantly killed.


While the vast majority of this moon appears to be void of life. Some craters are filled with stuff to hunt that I can enter.

While at some point I’ll land on the surface in an area like this to do some hunting. For this trip, I was just here to do a quick thing while on my way elsewhere in the universe.


Speaking of which. It was time to land and get started on that task. I’ll be back on this moon again at some point for some hunting in the future.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.