Entropia Universe | The Triple Spot Codex Farming

I ended up finding a rather unusual spot that ended up working to my advantage. Usually, I prefer an area to just have lots of a single creature. So that way I’m not killing a bunch of stuff I don’t want to. This area instead has clusters of three different creatures. All of which after looking into my codex I wanted to work on.

I was looking through my codex to see what creature I wanted to finish rank 10 on next. I realized I had Foul at a decent level already. I however did not want to hunt in the low maturity area I have in the past.

So I did quite a bit of exploring around. Every area I found had almost no foul in it at all. I also avoided looking into any area that might have been taxed land. While I doubt those areas would still have foul in them why pay extra taxes when you don’t have to I thought.

I ended up landing in this rather odd area. I found a couple of clusters of Fouls in the area. There were however quite a lot of other creatures. I decided to look through my codex to see if maybe I should just settle in an area that has three different clusters of creatures in them.

hunting berycled old alpha in Entropia Universe.jpg

While in the foul area, I could clear out and have to wait a while for the re-spawn. I could at least then go work on the other creatures in the area. I realized I had Berycled almost finished. While I know a few spots with a bunch of lower-level ones this place had some old alpha maturity. That seemed like fun.

The long-term issue however was going to be that I was going to end up finishing rank 10 of Berycled within a hunting cycle or two here. So as I killed them waiting for re-spawns I ended up discovering Snarksnot alphas were in the area as well. I was working on rank 4 of those at the time. That seemed perfect.

So I ended up dropping a few waypoints and going around in almost a circle. I would take out a couple of Foul in the area. Clear out any Berycled that got in my way that are sometimes mixed in with the foul. I would then head over to the Snarksnot and kill a few of those while waiting around.

Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 3 L Entropia Universe.jpg

One of the fun things about hunting some higher-level maturity creatures than the lower-level counterparts is seeing loot I would not often if at all get to see. For instance, early on in the hunt, I ended up looting a Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 3 (L).

While I’m not a mind-force user and attack chips don’t have the greatest markup. I did at least get a little bit of markup off it. While not a lot of them sell in a given month it seems a couple of players are skilling up their skills and looking for these lower-level chips.

It was almost tempting to keep the attack chip myself. Since I am going to be mostly grinding on a lot of low-level creatures. I am somewhat tempted to skill up on some weapon types that I don’t usually do to get a bunch of skills I don’t tend to get. That however will be something I’ll have to consider for another time. As I just stuck with using my ArMatrix LR 20 (L) for hunting these.

berycled rank 10 Entropia Universe.jpg
A couple of resupply trips later and I ended up finishing off the Berycled rank 10. While these are a bit mixed into the area of the foul I hunt. For the most part, I can avoid getting aggression on these for the remainder of my hunt here. So it was not a huge deal I had finished these long before everything else.

While there was some other loot I got quite uncommonly that had a little bit of markup as well on it. For the most part, the four runs I ended up grinding out these codes for did not go well even remotely.

rank 1 done of plumatergus Entropia Universe.jpg

I however decided to keep grinding it out since I was able to work on two other codexes in the area. Oddly enough while exploring around and waiting on some foul re-spawns I ended up finding Plumatergus and finishing off the next rank on those quickly.

There were however not that dense of an area of Plumatergus otherwise I would have added them to my hunting rotation in the area. Since those are also low-level health creatures I have added them to my list to find a better spot to hunt them in the future.

While finding an area as diverse as this was quite nice. I kind of knew at one point that if I was not close to finishing off foul as well they alone due to having to wait a while for re-spawns would not be worth sticking around only for them.

You would think I would not be able to catch the Snarksnot codex up to their levels and surpass it so quickly. They are however quite low creatures and this area not only had a nice dense area of them they also had quite a high maturity level. So I was gaining quite a lot progression-wise per kill compared to the Foul.

Snarksnot rank 10 Entropia Universe.jpg

That point then happened. I finished off the Snarkshot. I still had several ranks of Foul to go. While I did stick around for a short while hunting Foul further it was not worth my time with the long re-spawns and nothing else worth hunting. Not to mention I would sometimes run into the random Berycled that I’d end up killing which I no longer wanted at least for now.

Final Thoughts

Snarksnot rank 10 Entropia Universe.jpg

I decided it was time to call it and move on to something else to hunt. While I did try and find another decent spot for higher-level Foul other places came up rather short. While I could always head back to my one spot that works great if no one else is there they are quite a low-level Foul and it would take forever to finish off rank 10.

By my best guess, I ended up killing around 672 creatures among all the different creatures I hunted in the area. I also managed to finish off 10 ranks of different codex between four different creatures. Which was amazing as I ended up finishing off two Meta codex and one of them gave me another 1 PED of stamina. The other 2.777 PED of codex rewards towards alertness, perception, and dexterity were nice as well.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.