Entropia Universe | Tale Of Aurli The Final Hunt

It’s not a trip up to Crystal Palace without at least stopping by Dome 2 and hunting some Kreltin before taking off. While I’ve killed a few in the past it was not that many as they are quite sparse in Dome 1. So I headed off to Dome 2.

Dome 2 always feels so small. I don’t know if it’s the trees or what. At least the Kreltin in here gave me little trouble. They did not want to give me much of anything at all. While they are a little easier to clear than Aurli. It seemed like they were not looting.

dome 2 hunting Kreltin Entropia Universe.jpg

I decided I did not care too much about getting a full rank level before I headed out. Now was not the time to start yet another long grind on a creature with so much health.

Mostly I just wanted to see what was dropping these days. My rather short run did not give me much help on that front. Other than rather small amounts of shrapnel and a little bit of alien blood. That was the bulk of it.

While I had been up on the Crystal Palace Space Station I noticed some people get decent globals off these things. On a prior night someone got 500 and the nights before that there have been some 100s.

It always seemed like when I was not getting a global they were. In reality, they are hunted a lot less than Aurli. You only needed for that time to get 7 globals to make it onto the weekly top list for globals. I’m sure if I did stick around I could have done so at some point.

basic loot.jpg

I tried moving around in the dome a bit. I was however getting the same result. Just shrapnel for the most part. If I was hunting Aurli I would have more than likely called it for a few hours and come back later. However, I got things to do elsewhere I thought perhaps if I can just find a better spot they will be dropping something.

crazy hill in here.jpg

Perhaps one of the reasons this dome feels so small is that it feels like most of it is a sloping hill going down into quite a small area. While this was not all of it. I took a look back at where I came into the dome to see just how cleared out the place now was.

At least Kreltin takes a couple of fewer shots to kill on average from what I could tell. I don’t know if they have the same or perhaps a longer re-spawn cycle than Aurli. All I know is I was not worrying about that whatsoever.

They seemed to mostly want to leave me alone. My entire time I ended up getting zero adds on me. Perhaps I just got used to walking around in these domes by now with the couple of trips I’ve made up here. Perhaps I was just killing them fast enough and moving around.

Outside of myself, the dome looked empty of anyone else up there. I also had not seen anyone else get a global on them for quite a few hours. Perhaps people who ran into here noticed how dreadful the loot was and ran away as far as they could.

Kreltin Young 107 PED .jpg

I was down so much on this run that getting this 107 PED global put me back to around break even. This could not have come at a more perfect time. I was about out of ammo anyway. While I had some backup ammo in my ship I was not feeling like using it.

It was time to pack up and head off to the planet. I triple checked I removed everything from the space station storage. I then went over to the teleport and paid the 7 PED fee to teleport down to the planet.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a place like this space station is it’s still within range of Calypso. So you can just pay a small fee to get down and don’t need to fly through loot-able PvP or higher someone to transport you safely.

While I had not run into any pirates in the two gun runs I ended up making while up at the Space Station. Knowing my luck today would somehow be the day I’d run into a pirate. It was just not worth the risk.

Once down on the planet, it was time to work out how much I was going to sell my higher markup items for. I was rather disappointed my entire time up here I only looted 7 Aurli Bone Pieces. It however seems like I was not the only one not looting many bones up there.

selling some bones.jpg

Based on the lack of any market for these. I decided to go with the average yearly price. While I’m sure I could have gone a bit higher. I did not want to sit around having to relist these weeks after week paying out a 2.36 PED auction fee or higher. That would cut quickly into any extra profits if I wanted to try and get a couple of extra PED out of these.

I even had a little bit of alien blood and some other stuff from the last time I was up here still sitting in my storage. So I added that to the pile of stuff, I’d be listing for sale.

pile of broken guns.jpg

I added my pile of broken guns and gun amps to my growing pile in storage. For now, I’ll be holding onto all the guns I break while grinding for codex this year. Not all of them are shown either as I scrolled down to the bottom where the 45s are.

Final Thoughts

Another wild adventure was completed. Hopefully, that will fill my desire to want to go back to the space station for a few months. It’s a shame I did not loot any special event items while up there. It seems I’ve gone a little while now since at least getting another Unreal token. It’s now back to hunting some much smaller creatures for a while.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.