7 Days To Die | Upgrading Base And A Blood Moon

With all the mission grinding I have done. I have started to amass quite a lot of supplies. On top of that, I’ve been dumping stuff into the forges between runs and doing a little bit of mining. Needless to say, I can start working on a lot of crafting and upgrading the base.

organizing 7 Days To Die.jpg

One of the first things I needed to do was get some organizing done. For quite a few missions I was just quickly dumping things into misc. storage containers I have for such purposes. Not only are they all full but so far all my old chests I started with.

I even ended up changing around some of the labels of contains I have as well. I now have so much ammo that I decided I needed a different bin just for ammo spearing out from gun and gun parts. Later on, I’ll craft some auto-turrets and put the insane amount of ammo I have to good use.

Once that was done before working on upgrades for the base. I decided to spend some of the points I had on unlocking Grease Monkey which will allow me to craft the 4x4 truck. While I just recently made a motorcycle the truck is wanting I’ve been wanting to get to for a while now.

As I tend to do for a project that requires a lot of different parts to craft. I have a bin in the middle of my crafting room where I put everything I’ll need into it. I then started crafting for things like Truck Accessories.

I was however still a bit short on being able to make the Truck Chassis itself. I already had the basic components. I just needed to wait on the forge for a bit.

mining with an augor 7 Days To Die.jpg

Since I had some downtime anyways. I went down to the mine I have under my base. I’ll be needing to get all the rock and metal I can get my hands on. While down there I also picked up anything else I ran into. I never know what I’ll need next anyways.

After a fair bit of mining. I loaded up all my forges at the time and started to make a list of things I’ll need more of. One thing I realized I was just about out of was car engines. I also would not mind picking up more gas and car parts while I was at it.

using a wrench on cars.jpg

So I went for a little trip into a nearby medium-sized town with a wrench at the ready. I took apart all the cars I could find. Once the town was empty of any further cars I wandered to another city using my wrench as I went.

I ended up walking away with a few car engines. One of them would be needed now for the truck I was working on. The others would be used for a new auger and used in a generator. At some point, I wanted to set up having some electricity.

4x4 truck 7 Days To Die.jpg

Once everything was done crafting along with picking up a car engine. It was time to place down my new 4x4 truck and fill it up with gas. While I was quite tempted to go out driving it around for a while. I had a lot of work to do on the base.

I had quite a few other major things to craft while I was at it. I wanted to put to use the cement mixer schematic I had acquired. That is also when I realized I needed to expand the number of forges I have. I ended up crafting three cement mixers and four forges. That I hope will meet my needs for quite some time.

While having all these things running will surely attract a lot of unwanted attention to my base. I was about to go on a massive upgrading spree that will stop some of the bigger hordes I’ll run into at this stage of the game.

upgrading the bricks in my base 7 Days To Die.jpg

I however was unsure how far along in the upgrades I could go. I decided first to reinforce the crafting room I was in. By upgrading the building's brick into cobblestone. I then would upgrade it into cement and finally steel when I could.

Once each stage of the upgrade was done. I would then take any further materials I acquire to make such upgrades and start working on the lower floors of the base. Working my way up.

During this process, I started to realize just how much experience was worth of upgrades I was sitting on. I would quickly gain in a single day several levels. Enabling me to further invest in mining so I could get even more materials for upgrading and crafting.

This was as you could expect quite a slow process. Thankfully a few days ago into my play though I had changed my settings to increase how long every single day in the game lasts. As I was finding myself needing longer days.

upgrading the outside of the base 7 Days To Die.jpg

Once I was upgrading the outside of the base on the lower level. I also took that opportunity to make some minor repairs. Outside of some metal spikes being destroyed or heavenly damaged. There was only minor damage to the walls.

I also started the process of reinforcing the doors. Long term as I start upgrading the lower portion of the base with steel I would go around the frame of the doors and windows first. Before moving on to upgrading the back of the base that does not have a fence around it.

In between all of this, I was also going on massive mining runs when I could. As I was trying to keep seven forges, three cement mixers, two workbenches, and a chemistry station going nonstop. It was quite the challenge but I was pumping out upgrades and other materials at a rate I’d need to be ready for the next blood moon.

The main reason I was focusing on upgrading the back portion of my base too heavily is I wanted the zombies to attack from the front. I even dropped another row of iron spikes down in hopes that would help the plan out.

As far as why I wanted them to attack the front of the base I now had some SMG and shotgun auto turrets set up and wired for electricity.

I hate it when games make you place down wires to power things. It always looks so ugly. On top of that the wires in 7 Days To Die are so short. I ended up having to make a few poles and relays I’d run the wires through.

I needed to keep the wiring and other components of the best I could off the ground. In doing so hoping I could keep zombies out of there each at least for now. At some point, I’ll need to work out a better way of securing the wires or perhaps moving the auto turrets altogether.

While the base would like a total disorganized disaster from the outside. As you might have seen from the screenshot cover for this post. I managed to get what I consider the essentials done in time for the blood moon.

almost blood moon 7 Days to Die.jpg

I also tested a little bit of how I was going to upgrade the fence around the base. I decided at some point I might end up knocking it all down and putting up a different kind of fence. I’d rather make it a bit easier to shoot at targets before they break in. Then let them get so close as they would this time around.

That is however something I’ll have to work out another time. I also only worked on my escape panic room a little bit. I had a hole drilled in my crafting room so I could drop down into it. That room also had double-thick reinforced walls. I’m just missing an escape tunnel.

day 28 blood moon start 7 Days To Die.jpg

Once the blood moon started I ended up moving up to my roof. It turns out the turrets I had set up in the front of the base were so effective I did not have a good enough advantage point to kill things before they did since the fence was blocking my view.

After quite a few kills by the auto turrets and myself. I wanted to get a better understanding of how well the turrets I had set up were at dealing with the blood moon. I ended up going downstairs and outside into the front of the base.

going down out into the open 7 days to die.jpg

I wanted to make sure all the zombies would come towards me at that point instead of trying to assault the base from different sides trying to find a way in and up to me. I also did some shooting and killing for fun and experience while I was down there.

Final Thoughts

repairing some base damage from blood moon 7 days to die.jpg

It’s safe to say for the day 28 blood moon I could have gone down and out into the open and gone AFK. The auto turrets I had put in place moped the floor of the incoming zombies. The zombies never even stood a chance.

The auto turrets also ended up using a lot less ammo than I was expecting. Some of the auto turrets like the shotgun ones only used twenty to fifty ammo each. The one that was doing most of the kill the SMG I had set up used around two hundred.

At some point, the blood moons will get hard enough that will not be the case. For now, I feel my main base is advancing at such a rate I’m staying far ahead of the blood moons. I also don’t feel like I need to set up a separate special base with the focus on just blood moons during these times at least not yet.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about 7 Days To Die.