7 Days To Die | Shamway Foods Factory

After running some rather tall tier 5 POIs I was rather thrilled to get a factory to check out. While the main loot was just food which I did not care much for. It is always the experience of running these for the first time. This place was a bit different than other POIs I’ve run up to now.

Entry way Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

The entryway for this place set the overall feeling quite well. I also noticed a few things just walking in the door other than any zombies I dealt with.

One of the more strange things is not only are many of the doors are extra fortified. They also have iron bars over them. More or less making it not worth my time trying to break it open. Rather annoying however on the other side they have not barred the same way so busting open a door just to find it was bared like that on the other side did happen.

This factory also felt quite run down. I find the name of the place rather funny as well. My character has indeed been eating mostly Shamway Foods foods. I had no idea it was “meat-like” products –yuk.

factory floor Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

After clearing out the entryway I in the main factory floor itself. This place had a lot of zombies hiding in different places and ways. You might notice just how strange that cardboard box is busted open.

Above me were also the remaining floors viewable of the building. This place required a lot more thinking of how to get to the next possible point. Things were not rather straightforward here. I ended up wandering around the main factory floor and some side areas for quite some time.

lots of zombies Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

I also ended up running into quite a nasty ambush. I found the factory cafeteria. The zombie spawns waited till I was decently in the room before they started to appear. Many fall from above.

I ended up run running out of that room and fairways a bit. On occasion turning around to fire off some bullets killing the nearest zombies to me. This was quite a close call. I thought for a moment

I was about to get killed in this ambush. That would then cause me to fail the mission and I’d be done running this place till I got the mission again at some point in time. I however succeeded in the end.

After I cleared out the nasty horde of zombies I explored the area. It took me a couple of passes to realize that this factory was going to have a bunch of jumping puzzles to solve to get around. Sometimes I would wonder if I could make a jump and would be wrong falling to the bottom and having to start over.

jumping up to the next floor Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

At least these first few jumps were not that bad. I had somewhat wondered why the first time I had passed the drinks machine why it was not working. That I guess was supposed to be a context clue to take a deeper look at the situation going on with the piping, vent, and box to help get me up there.

Once up there I found myself on the false ceiling that many of the zombies I had run into were waiting to drop down from. I also discovered while walking over some spots that many of the titles to the ceiling were loose and fell shortly after I stepped off them.

I even had one instance where did fell and had to start all over again. Just in this section of the bigger puzzle maze that made up this factory.

more jumping Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

After exploring that area a few times I realized I’d have to take a gamble. It almost looked like I could jump from where I was onto the window. Then from there on to the next floor.

I went for the jump and I missed it. I missed the topmost floor I was hoping to land on. I at least did land on the second lower railing. My best guess is that was what was supposed to happen. So I explored around there looking for my next path forward.

There were also a few offices and other areas I explored. I even in fact while walking over to the spot having the entire section of the floor giveaway. I then was ambushed by quite a few zombies waiting below me.

There was however a broken floor ramp to get back up. I was starting to be a little shocked by just how many zombies I’d kept getting ambushed by. This place seemed to be making up for its lack of size by just cramming all the zombies into a few select areas.

broken window Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

While exploring around I ended up finding a broken window. This leads me to the outside. There was also some jumping involved. That lead me up to the fire-escape stairs that were missing a few steps blow and I was able to go up further on.

Going up lead me up to the rooftop. Along with another way to get back into the building. While I thought I explored everything decently up there I did miss something I believe. It was however the best for the short term.

trying to find a way forward Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up going back inside the factory building to quite a mess of places I could try and jump to. I even tested a few of them that ended up being not the correct way to go about things. At least I did not die but I do hate having to rerun areas I’ve already been to.

I was also getting a bit tilted beyond just falling again. At one point in this run, I had just been within two or so meters of finding the supplies I am looking for. At this point in the run, I seem to be getting further and further away from it.

I started to wonder if I somehow missed a location the supplies were hiding in. I however did not want to start over again. So I gave up on the idea of finding it for now and now started to look out for the final loot room.

I did find another broken window and a jumping puzzle across the outside of the building that lead me to another rooftop and some other spots.

courier satchel supplies found Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

While I was up on one of these rooftops I noticed I was again almost two metros away from the supplies. I ended up breaking open a side of a cooling unit and there it was. I had not missed it. I was also somewhat confused about how down on the floor it showed I was so close which I was not.

A few more jumps and rooftops later I found myself back inside the building. One of the rooms had two nasty super-infected zombies that took quite a lot of bullets to take out.

At that time I was also looking for some medical supplies. Some of the hits that I took a while back were now infected with over 10%. This however was not as bad as it could have been. I did at one point at least find some medication to reduce it. I however hate letting it just go up like that.

i can see the end but can't get to it Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

I then got to a point where the game popped up a bunch of yellow dots on my compass. This was to indicate I was nearing fully clearing out the building itself and getting that checked off for the mission. The issue was how would I get up there.

It also turned out to be where the final loot was for this run. While I did manage to jump my way up another floor closer. I just could never quite get onto that final platform.

Up there is also when I ran into yet another nasty ambush. Perhaps for the best, I was not on the final platform yet. As most of those zombies came jumping down after me. None of them however gave any hits on how I was going get up there.

After everything was dead I started to wander around for quite some time. I did end up finding some spots I had missed. For one was a giant tower that I had come across before. I could see down it but up till that point I never found a way to get down to the bottom to loot what was down there.

Once I did however I almost thought it was quite a waste of time of how many ladders I had to climb down to get to this spot. What I had looted was not that great.

Hidden Stash Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

I however noticed a floorboard was blocking a hole in the wall. I broke it and found a hidden stash. What was in it? A robotic drone! Even better it had quite a few inventory slots so I could free up my bag since I did not dare make a run to my motorcycle as I did not want to run through this entire place.

Since I don’t have the skills to even craft a drone. This was quite a shocking find as I never assumed I’d have one. I still don’t know much about them. Something I’ll have to work on another time. For now, I had to get back to finishing this place.

I then did a lot more exploring. I had been in the factory so long I had considered just skipping looting the final loot or going and getting supplies to build myself a ramp-up to it. Thankfully I did not need to do either of those two things.

way to the loot room Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

I ended up finding this on the roof while wandering around like I was lost. This took me to the final spot I wanted to go so I could finish this factory.

Final Thoughts

Final loot Shamway Foods Factory 7 Days To Die.jpg

Needless to say, I was quite thrilled to finally be on the final platform in the factory and to get all this loot. I was also just happy to be done as this was not a POI I ended up enjoying much as others with all the jumping involved.

Once everything was looted I got out of the factory quite quickly and went to turn in the mission. I then decided I was going to take a bit of a break from running missions. I had quite a lot of sorting of loot to do and crafting I wanted to get around to before I would return to running further missions.

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