7 Days To Die | Dishong Tower

Dishong Tower ended up being an amazing run for schematics. On top of that while I was picking up the tier 5 mission I noticed a crucible schematic was for sale which enabled me to craft a Motorcycle Chassis. Allowing me to arrive at the mission in style.

When the game was called this skyscraper 01 they were not joking. This place was quite massive with 13 floors and some stuff at the top as well. Thankfully the higher you went up the more crumbled and less building there was to search through.

Everything was quite well played out. I felt like the challenge was not finding my way to the top. It was just clearing the building. There would be on occasion times I found myself on the outside of the building. Otherwise, I was mostly going up through stairs or ladders toward the core of the building for just about every floor.

The mission I got just had me clear the building. I did not need to find any supplies. With how many floors this place has I’m sure at some point I’ll just skip over even trying to work out where I was in the building.

Info Desk Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

Dishong Tower ended up being an amazing building I more than likely would run again when it re-spawns for loot at some point. It is filled with quite a few different kinds of offices, shops, and other things. It’s almost like you can find anything in this building.

I entered the first floor with a lot fewer zombies than I was expecting. The info desk was sadly not any help. There were also quite a few different shops down on the main floor from Crack-A-Book to a Cafe.

This building ended up having quite a lot of bookshelves and other types of containers where you could find books and schematics in. I ended up making out like a bandit picking up quite a few things I had yet collected. Making this run just for that stuff is all in itself worth the effort.

The main floor had a staircase that split into two taking you up to two different sides of the next floor. There was also a divider with some barricades keeping you from just walking from one side to the other without taking the other side's staircase.

There ended up being a few more shops and businesses up there to loot. I zombies I felt were a balanced amount as well. I was also testing out using a different kind of ammo and gun for this run as well since I had an insane amount of 9mm bullets sitting in storage.

red ladder Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

This is also when I first got a gimp of the red latter going up the inner center of the building. About every other floor for quite some time I would find myself back at this red ladder. You would only be going up one floor before you reached a broken section that kept you from going up any further.

The next floor up had some business office space. Along with some meeting rooms that had quite a few zombies to clear out.

This was also the first chance I got to go through a broken window onto the outside of the building. While I had thought it was the only way forward it turns out I did not need to risk falling going this way as I could have just kept going the way I was.

I at least did pick up a massive amount of ammo from an army mutations box that was out on a balcony. I could have just gone through a different window to get it so it’s not like that was my reward for surviving walking across some planks.

falling in ceiling using as a ramp Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

The stairs that I would sometimes get to take were out. Creating a bit of an odd search yet again for me to find a driftnet way since the ladder was also not an option. I ended up going back to a room I knew had a fall in the ceiling and that ended up being my path up.

The next floor was a lot more office space. I even found an old-style massive server mainframe that one of the companies on the floor must have been using at one time. It was tempting to see if I could break it down into parts but I got distracted by some zombies and never returned.

The office space here was a lot less formal. A lot of cubicle spaces and not the nice kind either. The only cheery thing in the place was some employee photos handing up on the wall I could only assume they were executrices at whatever soulless company this must have been.

using the stairs Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

Then it was time yet for another easy way up to the next floor. The staircase was intact. There would come a point in time later on when every other floor's staircase was not damaged beyond use. Making Dishong Tower quite an enjoyable place to move around in.

The next floor up was unfinished and this would not be the last one I would run into either. This building was quite diverse in what you might find from floor to floor.

Many of the zombies up where were construction zombies. All the building supplies created some amazing spots for them to hide in and ambush. Making this floor requires a little bit of thinking as I was clearing through it.

lots of construction supplies Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

A floor like this also might be worth coming back to just to collect all the construction supplies. They were in no short supply up here. I even found a large ammo pile as well making this floor quite thrilling.

It was then time to use the red ladder again. This time an elevator cabin happened to be on this floor. With a shorter ladder in the cabin ceiling allowing up you get into the elevator shaft.

zombie pool Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

The next floor up was some kind of recreational area. There was a giant empty swimming pool on one end of it. Along with some rather nasty zombies guarding it. I must have interrupted their happy hour or something.

There was also a window that was busted out with a catwalk to walk along. This I did need to take. Thankfully there was no jumping required in this one. As I was starting to get somewhat high up on the building. I could however tell I still had quite a ways to go.

Qzo floor Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

The amount of time someone spent decorating the inside of this building must be a lot. I was kind of expecting at some point to find a more quickly done floor. Yet every time I’m greedy for the most part with something different. This floor had some higher classy-looking places.

The next several floors were more a lot of the same. Clear and look around for the stairs to see if they were usable otherwise a red ladder. If none of those was an option there was usually a collapsed ceiling that I could use as a ramp.

This was also when I started to find a lot of bookcases. One such area I explored was a law firm. Another place was a finance firm. It seemed the higher up in the building I went the more notable the firm renting office space there must have been.

There was even a tricky little part where I was in part of the building was starting to be missing. So some of the rooms were missing walls and other elements. There was even a ladder I had to get access to get up even further.

lots of zombies Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

It was at this part of the building that the staircase up it was becoming more and more intact. It was almost tempting to see if I could just run up to the top then. I however needed to clear out the whole building for the mission so trying to find the loot final loot room would need to wait.

This is also when I started to notice quite the uptick in zombies found in an area. These last floors were starting to become quite dangerous.

Along the way, I had broken my leg as well. I had been on the search for medical supplies like a splint to resolve this issue. While I had not found one of them. I did finally find some glue and had the other crafting supplies to make my own.

There also came a point where my inventory was full enough that I could not find anything I was willing to part with. While I was not happy about it I went for the long run all the back down to drop loot off at my motorcycle.

The good news at least is that my motorcycle has a bit more space than the minibike in the trunk. So I knew for certain I would not be having to come back down here to drop off loot again till I was done with the mission.

top of the building.jpg

I then finally made it. I was on top of the building. I ended up running into quite the ambush as well which caused me a lot of damage. Up till this point, I was doing decently well.

I also thought I might have located the final loot room. After taking a closer look, however, I could tell there were just construction items inside.

That told me all I needed dot know about where I suspected the loot room was. The floor below me had quite a reinforced door locking a room. So I searched around on the roof and sure enough, found a skylight that I could break open easily.

loot room Dishong Tower 7 Days To Die.jpg

I dropped down into an apartment. It was not quite feeling like a penthouse. It was however filled with lots of loot. I even had some decent stuff in the bathroom and other areas of the apartment.

Despite making it to the loot room and the roof I still had not gotten a check mark for fully clearing the place out. I ended up doing some backtracking and spending a bit more time finding the last few spawns of zombies I somehow did not run into on my way up. It was then time to head in to turn in.

When I had assembled my motorcycle I did not have a lot of gas to put into it. This thing also takes a lot of gas. On my way back I stopped off at my place to dump a bunch of loot. I also raided this Pass-N-Gas location. While it did not fill up my tank fully it would be enough to last me some time.

Final Thoughts

all the loot.jpg

I ended up racking up 45k experience and 4k tokens for finishing the mission. The reward was a bit less then others since it was only a search mission but I was fine with that. I was already thrilled with all the loot I had found while there.

Many of the consumables like the books I used along my way. So I’m not quite sure what I picked up. I do know at one point I had found schematics for a shotgun turret, basics of electricity, and a cement mixer.

Some of those are quite high-level schematics to find that will save me some points in having to spend to unlock them. The cement mixer itself was something I’ve been wanting the ability to make for quite some time. That along with being able to make smelted steel now are quite big deals moving forward.

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