World Of Warcraft: I Been Gold Farming


Gold making is one of those things that just takes time to learn what to look for. You always have to be willing to adapting to the changing market conditions. Even more so once someone with an audience starts sharing about how they earn a truck ton of gold. As everyone rushes into those new spots or ways of farming. Thankfully this also means it can be worthwhile to check up on the markets and see if there are any opportunity created as people switch and reinvest in other things.

People Are Getting Ready For Harder Content


Right now a lot of people are buying up almost any crafting supply they can find on the auction house. The time to act is more or less over by now. If you think going out and buying something that was going for 100 gold that is now at 300 gold each is a good idea. Chances are the ship has already sailed. While it is still a very speculative market the price is already building up to an anticipated amount.

Best way to see what your server might be into is just seeing what the bulk buyers want. You will see them spamming away in trade chat all day long looking to buy in bulk at a decent or sometimes reduced price. Many times they are working with a collection of crafters or even a guild. What that means for you is a fixed price if you get in on their good side. If I can’t get a better price on the auction house I know some people I can just request a price from and mail crafting supplies too.

Sometimes they are paying better than auction house prices as people are just playing undercut games wanting a fast sale. Other times they want a discount rate on buying in bulk. Networking and having good people skills can come in handy. Will I share the guy I know? No way I’m greedy!

Get Rich Quick Or Not!


Avoiding those silly “make 100k+ an hour” nonsense that everyone wants to tell you about. It really is about driving in clicks and is sold to gamers like swamp land is sold in Florida. Sure there could be money to be made in those spots but everyone is now rushing to them. Not to mention its server specific depending on price more times than not.

This 100k+ gold an hour spot? Well, it was like 5k an hour until you get that mount drop. Good luck with that! I don’t know anyone who got that Dune Scavenger mount and it’s not worth what it used to be. It was fun to grind there for a few hours and just laugh at how bad it was.

Stack Size


Just because some guy is telling you he is selling full stacks of 200 items at 4-6 times the market price –omg! Does not mean it's not true he's just forgetting to mention turnover rate when claiming such things. Yes, I myself have been selling full stacks on the server I play on at 2.5x to 3x. They take longer to sell. I’m also not farming 10 hours a day, so, I’m moving enough product at that price point that makes sense to me. If I was farming three times as much I might only be getting double the price smaller stacks are.

Still stack size when selling is important. I like to look at the market with an addon called Trade Skill Master (tsm) and see where the cluster in pricing is at for 20, 50, 100, 200 stack sizes.

Importance Of Bank Space


If you have empty bank space fill it. You never know exactly what next week will bring and where the market will be. While you should not have a fear of missing out on either. Just try to avoid being that sucker that vendors something for 3 silver instead of getting thousands per stack a day later. You can always go in there and clean out the lesser valued crafting mats for the better ones once it has become full.

With that said also don’t be that guy who buys out an entire market out just to fill bank space. Without fully understanding just how easy or hard something is to get; unless you are expecting drop rate nerfs. Some people right now see things doubling and tripling in price so they are buying 100% flooded markets at bottom prices. They are then trying to get 12x right away. While it sounds smart it does not work like that.

Other night a guy started buying up some test stacks I had on the auction house to keep track of market movements. While it was only 500 gold a stack once I was at an auction house I noticed some guy was buying up all of it. So I unloaded the over 40 stacks at a higher than normal prices right into his waiting hands.

The guy in question is not going move that crafting supplies anytime soon. He also going be taking up massive bank space and I assume a guild bank to hold it all. The market was back to normal prices in hours with him having massive 200+ stacks listed at insane prices.

Understanding The Process


It is always important to understand where the supply and demand come from for a given item. If you are buying blind like the formation person you more than likely will just lose a lot of gold. Many people try and do this by just reading Wowhead or whatever they find online. While that is a great way to start you also need firsthand experience by going out and doing.

I’m on a very high population server in my region. Right now with the profession I have, there is very little profit selling the find product end. I still went out and experience firsthand what was required to make them and how things are being done. Sure I could have looked it up on Wowhead but then I would not have required steps already done if I detect profit in those professions either.

Right now for crafting the process is creating an Expulsom generator. The item itself is a bind on pickup meaning you can’t just trade it. As such the crafters need a way to make massive tons of it to craft gear weapons, and other stuff.


On my server that is done the cheapest by crafting leather bracers. Then grind up the braces for a chance at Expulsom. The grinder is near this location in Zuldazar. That is due to how many people are mass skinning areas for the large quaintness of the needed supplies: blood-stained bones and coarse leather. The leather is cheap and the bones this week were selling for as much as 40 gold each on my server. Unless you were selling at the lowest price on the auction house at 12 gold each. May those people never know they sold at a bad price for no reason.

Is leatherworking on most servers probable right now? Not that I’m aware of this is mostly due to how cheap it is to level it up. Most are already mass producing the braces for other things so that gets you part way. After a while, you unlock Hardened Tempted Hide. Which on my server cost less than 1 gold in supplies to buy per craft. I already had them so I spent zero.

I spent more buying the all the crafting recipes for leatherworking then I spent getting it to max level 150. This is a bit unfair to say as I was farming the bones and I also used the bracers to level up enchanting. As such it did cost a fair amount in supplies but at the time bones were going down in price e as everyone was s not aware of how great they were.

There was also a point in time where the green bracers I was crafting was selling for at or double the price it cost to craft. Since everyone knows a good way now those prices are long gone. It is opportunities like that you keep an eye out for. You also don’t know about them without going out and doing.

What I Was Farming


Since the cat being out of the bag for a while now I don’t mind sharing this anymore. I made around 400k gold farming this spot from time to time. No, it was not the make 3000000 trillion gold an hour or whatever nonsense people want to sell you on. Even more so after the herd of sheep started showing up over past few days and crashing the market. It is still a decent little spot depending on your server. So if this helps someone make a little bit of gold I don’t mind talking about it now.

You need the skinning skill for this and yes do the questing to unlock all three tiers for at least the bone gathering. That is where most of your profit is coming from. That does require you to do a dungeon but it's very easy to do so even if you only farm gold just get it done. You might as well unlock it for everything else skinning related as well just in case.


In addition, buy the glove enchant Zandalari Skinning off the auction house for your gloves. In my case, I had a bunch from leveling lower levels of enchanting. Don’t be a cheapskate it should be 1-3 gold depending on your server. It reduces skinning time. Worth every gold spent.


Since I’m a horde that is the area I enjoy. The alliance might have better spots but since I’ve seen them show up here as well I guess they just like this even more then what they have. Yes, there are other spots but I’m only giving this one way. They really are not hard to find or think about once you have gone out and experienced things. That is your take away from all this. Not so much the spot but things you are looking for.


In Zuldazar you fly out to a spot called Nesingwary’s Gameland. From there you just go down the hill to the west where you see a bunch of eggs. You pop the eggs open with damage and area of effect kill them down. Loot, skin, and repeat. Solo I like to get 2-4 eggs depending on how active the area is. If you are in a group you need to learn how far you can pull from. Many people just come out here to solo farm which is great for us farmers who don’t like needing a group all the time.


The hatchlings that pop out of the eggs have low health, low damage, and you get a nice cluster of them for easy and fast killing and mass skinning. Perfect for skinning and something to be on the lookout for in the future.

I’ll farm up around 1k bones and then go and sell them in a batch. This makes sure I’m not sitting on a massive amount prefer certain people crash the price for the day. I never tried to time this as I’m always multitasking so my collection rate was never fast.


What certain people you might ask? I call him Bob the Botter and I’m looking at him form a distance he is the one in the upper top of the screenshot. He likes to emote spits on you so I keep my distance! He will kill what you’re killing, and ninja skin everything he gets his tools near. Confirmed by a bunch of different farmers on my server to be on 24/7 from what we can tell. Reported by dozens and still, nothing was done. He unloads 200 stacks of 200 onto the auction house crashing prices. That or he is some bored kid who really needs to stop grinding for 36 hours straight on and off while using a somewhat questionable mod I’m not including in this. Either way do not be like Bob the Botter.

I hope your gold making has been fun and amazing. Can’t wait to see what impact raids will have on the markets.

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