Splinterlands | What Are Your Favorite Rules Of Combat?


For me, it has to be the one going on right now-- Melee Mayhem. Since I enjoy playing the fire splinter the most it really just goes well with our bonus to melee attack.

What is Melee Mayhem? It lets melee attack from anywhere and is amazing!


As far as my strategy goes I like it with a large mana cap as well so I can fit in two tanks. Along with a slow and a weaken which some overlook which I feel adds a nice value-add even if it goes down after the first round or two. Finally, like to have something with blast ability so you are working on what people have in their second slot. That gives it a nice one-two punch.

Since Serpent of the Flame has armor, poison, and retaliate I like to have him up front.

By the time my Serpent goes down if he even dies. My Pit Ogre is enraged and hitting like a truck depending on what happened to hit him. While it is tempting to put him on the end I rather have the fight long over before it comes down to needing to resort to that.

I’ve seen some field a team of all tanks and that to me seems to be going overboard just a tad on that. On top of that many like to put their second tank as the last one. While that seems great if they are putting ranged that have some health already in front of that tank well that just seems like a waste once they drop into the first slot and cannot attack. Even more so if they already have the health to soak up any damage that could be facing by being in the very back.

I happened to get fire for my daily today. While I was not looking to go from Gold I to Diamond II it has been a while since I’ve just unleashed since I’m only doing dailies at this time. My other decks are starting to shape up enough to be ok with the current meta of many holding back. We also don’t’ know how Season III is going start point wise so I thought why not go on a win streak instead of trying break it up with a level 1 team to lose.

So what rules of combat do you enjoy the post? Do you have a certain mana cap in mind for it? Are there any splinters you really enjoy with it?

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