Splinterlands | Time To Think About End Of Season Pushing


A big part of the game has been having patience and planning ahead when you can. As many have learned from past seasons if you want to farm the dallies and don’t have decent comparable decks to what your main deck is you hold back somewhat. Yes, those who can come up with cleaver builds can still do rather decent even with lower cards. In fact, that is part of the fun and planning this game takes to get ahead in.

Since matches take longer and progression can take longer as well it’s time to look at your own decks and ask is it time to push?

Before dailies where a thing many would just try and rank as high as they could right away. Then dailies where introduced. That method for most did not work so well anymore if they wanted to do their dailies which resulted in spamming matches to get down in rank to start winning again. After one or two seasons many players learned how to take advantage of farming both for dailies and the season reward.

What I noticed is many players tends to take 1 or 2 seasons to adapt just in time for the game to get a major update. Then they still find themselves being behind in how they approach the game. Many are still in the mindset they can wait 24 or 48 hours and then make that big push to get up into diamond or champion. With how long matches take now to set up and not all of them having the splinter(s) and combat rules you want. You need to think ahead in how much time you need. Even more so now since another old method of waiting for the combat rules you want to make that final push is no longer such an option.


There is now less than 4 days left. I myself was still in bronze before getting a few more games in. My own cards among all my splinter are more than capable of being in silver. While they are not all max cap or better with the summoner level limits in place for silver. I can still get in one more daily without much struggle and start to set myself up for that final push.

In the end, it will be a balancing act risk vs reward. Sure you can get 1 more daily but at what cost? If you think you can finish in campion league but run out of time in the end then that one extra booster pack at the cost of 4 to 14 was not worth it. We are also heading into the weekend when players tend to have the time to play more.


Have you started to push? Will you wait till last few hours like before? Did you go for max league rewards right away and are now just chilling doing dallies?

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