Path of Exile | Intention To Compete In SSF Hardcore 24 Hour Blight Race


Ladies and Necromancers it is the returning level 51 Duelist champion from a race with some friends in the past.

I am here to inform you of my intent in competing for wining, dining, and dying. With a little glass of brandy on the side or the whole bottle.

How do you like my ax? It’s quite big, isn’t it? Why yes, it did help in my winning straightly from the former race. This time around like many I’m just going wing it. I’m quite busy at this time. There is a certain individual in my life taking up a lot of that time. Don’t worry I’ll share about that person down below.

I know what your thinking have I come to defend my champion’s belt? Well no, I, Ummm, never ascended into being a champion last time. That be quite silly to defend something I was not. I, however, do love melee so you never know if I’ll be playing that, a shadow, or maybe the court jester (ranger.)

Just The Tip

If you have never played Path of Exile before there are some free tips I’m going give you. I know who does not like free unless it comes with a bunch of side effects like rain and high winds.

Tip 1


We love a massive stash. Who does not love a massive stash?

That’s right our cash shop allows us to buy all kinds of storage space. May the inner packrat in you blow a months’ worth of income lagging out the game with how massive of a stash you have. Some would say we go too far others not far enough. You could have storage for currency, maps, cards, why there just so many different types to buy. Who does not love a massive stash? Best $20 I ever spent and not even required to play the game.

Tip 2

You might find the gear you can loot to rather lackluster. Almost like it was left in a pile of heaping trash for far too long. It’s true we like to smell the new players a mile away. This is also why most players never leave their hideouts. The new player smell!

There is no pay to win items in the cash shop. That’s right whales in this game can’t just buy victory from the store. They might have more sparkles than a pride march but no pay to win items here. If you really want to go out that be like $500 to look so amazing.


Why do I smell and look like a plebe? Well, you see I’m a newer player as well. Only 2000 hours played. That makes me quite new.

Wait 2000 hours? Umm I mean 20,000. Yes, 20k hours! 2k hours whoever played so little in a game that must be fake news. 2000000000000000000000000 hours played.

Tip 3

I have a metric ton of content. You should consider checking some of it out if you like. No, really I put too much time in each league to write overviews and other stuff. I can’t pawn this stuff off quick enough to new players.

Now, do you want to play in this league? I think it will be fun.

Nothing to fear about me though if you are new. 99.87% of my game time is spent in softcore. In fact, I have a rather dicey relationship with hardcore. I’ve died a lot of times in these. Most of the times coming away with a consolation prize of pity when there was one.

If you happen to like reading them I’ll be putting out a couple of articles this league as well. If that did not quench your thirst since you live in a desert and never played this game before. Don’t worry my index page is loaded with a bunch of my better ones. Just make sure to search the Path of Exile section. Some links might be out to a dapp I stop using on the Steem blockchain. I’ve run out of time to find the correct ones and replace them due to that certain individual in my life at this time. As such you will just have to make due or don’t. They will just sit there collecting dust unread for days at a time between search results.

Is this entire post just to lure in more readers? Sounds like fake news to me. Remember and repeat after me “Enjar is not in a secret organization of Path of Exile player on the Steem blockchain.”

Say it louder our poecamp cult does not believe you “Enjar is not in a secret organization of Path of Exile player on the Steem blockchain.”

Ok now that we got that out of the way time to talk about the new individual in my life.

Tip 4

Don’t get involved with people who enjoy lots of blow. Dorian, she is one heck of a party animal.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. How could this have happened to your Enjar? Well, it’s quite simple I was just minding my own business. I should really consider my own wellbeing when it comes to this stuff.

I live in a state that it can happen in. It’s almost like a pandemic these days. You really got be careful out there.

Hey, wait a moment? I’m not quite sure we are on the same page here. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about blow as in winds. Hurricane Dorian. She is not a big fan of mine and is getting the heck out of the state. I hear she might be going up to Maine.

As such if I don’t happen to make it into this race I’m just floating in my pool. I know what you’re thinking. But Enjar, are you not always floating in your pool during these races? So what is different? This time I have snacks and a bottle brandy. The blow itself is off the coast and it’s only a category 2 the last time I looked. Thankfully no longer a cat 5. That is just way too many cats to love them all!

Cheers, I hope to see you at the race or not it’s solo self-found hardcore after all. The game is free you can get it on Steam if you like. It really is one of the better RPG out there or I’d be able to stop playing it after this long!

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