Path of Exile | May Flashback Event Days 6-9


It has been a couple of days since the last update. I went back and completed some things I’ve skipped over. I’ve also been running quite a few lower level maps as of late. Was wanting to be a bit further in progress on the Atlas for being this far in. I have changed my tactics a little bit in how I acquire currency than my normal route. All the leagues running in this Flashback event has sure made the markets interesting, to say the least. I mainly need to get a 6-link to want progress further than I am.

Labyrinth Runs


For whatever reason I never go out of my way to pick up the unlocks for these while I’m out leveling. By time maps roll around I noticed I’ve yet to even run the first one. As such, I ran normal, cruel, and merciless Labyrinths without issue. Nothing amazing drop and I did not get any good boot, glove, or helm enchants from reaching the end either.


I’ve ascended to a trickster and picked up Harness of the void that gives a percent chance for my non-chaos damage to be extra chaos damage. Since many things do not have resistance for that it is very helpful. I also got Swift Killer that gives me chances for frenzy charge and power charge with how fast you tend to kill it's easy to have a small stack of that running all the time. Finally, Weave the Arcane for no movement skill cost and reduced damage taken after spending mana.



I’ve spent a modest 20 Chaos Orbs to upgrade a few pieces of gear. I’ve decided to save up for a decent 6-link chest. Since I’m not currently trying to push the map into the higher tires. More damage, for now, is not a high priory. On top of that, the resell value on a rare 6-link chest will be next to nothing by the time I get a unique chest. Prices, however, keep dropping to the point I might soon enough since it won’t be a major setback. Would even be worthwhile than in the increased clear speed.

While it’s not the best gear ever had its good enough for now. I did not even bother to make my offhand a three socket or switch the colors in my helm to run a skill setup up there. These lower levels I just don’t have a need to. I have some gems still leveling up on my offset for when I do find my more endgame gear for those slots.

I’m sure if I was willing to spend some time I could find some much better upgrades or at very least get some better flasks. Been a little pressed for time so I’ve just been focused on mapping for now. Should have some time next week to take a better look at what is for sale and get some decent upgrades for cheap by the time the market has a further downward price. The onehanded voided scepter I’m wearing on the left-hand slot I found myself. I doubt I’ll find better till I get into higher maps.


My skill gems themselves are now level 19. I also have a couple of same skill gem as my main skill Blade Vortex leveling up in my offset as well. I never have much luck in getting a good level 21 gem when corrupting. I tend to just buy off the market. I thought why not try there not many for sale and they are a bit high in what I’m willing to pay at this time.

Currency Holding


The kind of chest I want tends to run between 6 to 9 Exalted Orbs. Currently, I have found zero Exalted and even worse I’ve not been converting my currency up into it. The value of Chaos Orbs drops further this weekend more than I was expecting in value it was between 75- 85 depending on the time of day. In that screenshot, I have 180 Chaos Orbs.

I have quite a large amount of stacks of currency. Most times to trade you end up contacting resellers who wait till they have both sides of the trade. They just want to make a profit of margin trading and last thing they want to be doing is holding a massive supply of one thing or another. Nothing worse than market going in an unpredicted direction and holding the wrong currency. I’m going spend Sunday night or early Monday doing some trades. It usually takes a few hours to convert this much. Many are very picky and only deal with the amount they have listed (not wanting hold too much), while others just ignore or contact you hour later to see if you still want to do that trade (they were waiting for someone else on another end to reduce their risk).


I’ve never been one to collect and turn in for the Chaos recipe. I’ve always just looked at it like too much effort for how much it would seem to slow you done. I did some rethinking and created some effect storing methods to keep things organized enough (as seen in the screenshot.) It is a rare 2 weapon(s)/shield(s) (or 2h weapon), helmet, body armor, gloves, boots, belt, amulet, and 2 rings all with iLevel between 60 to 74. In other words a full rare set.

Steem Monsters referal


Hence in part why I’ve been sticking to lower maps just easy to clear on a budget and they drop the needed items. On top of that when everything is not identified its 2 Chaos Orbs instead of one. I’m always just missing an amulet so when I fill up my tabs with a few sets of each I just stop picking up the junk. While it’s tempting to just buy off the market the amulets I kind of like not stopping and picking up every item as well. I also do not have any magic find gear at this time. While I was thinking about picking up some I’m not really sure how worthwhile I would be. Most of that kind of gear gets very expensive as well.


My map pool is not doing that great by the end of day 9. I had the other day a few hundred Tier 1 and Tier 2 maps but I upgraded them all wanting to do some higher runs. I’ve mostly just been focusing on running Burial Chambers and Strand maps when I get them. Not sure how I’ve still not looted all the Tier 3 maps yet. Still, missing Cells might just buy that off the market if it does not show up on the Master Cartographer NPC.

Final Thoughts Day 9


All in all funniest event I’ve run in Path of Exile since Legacy League. Which to be fair was not that long ago. I might be working on some new player kind of guides for a couple of things somewhat like my Thinking About Pantheon that I wrote last week. They do take me some time to get around as naturally, I want to play the event as well. Not quite sure when anything like that will be out I’m hoping next week some time. Have a great week and may the RNG gods not smite you like they have for me!

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